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A classic beach getaway will never go out of style, but you’ve probably already been there and done that. Newlyweds are venturing into new territory when it comes to honeymoon plans — make yours more memorable by trying any of these 8 honeymoon trends that are sure to inspire your post-wedding plans.

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Because one person’s “crazy” can be another’s version of “beautiful.” Buddy-moons are exactly as they sound: group honeymoons with your gathered friends. Though it may seem strange at first, consider how much fun you have with your friends, and remember how difficult it can be to get everybody together. A honeymoon is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so this could be the perfect opportunity to bring your friends along for the ride, whether they’re on their own honeymoon or not.

Fear not: intimate moments between you and your beaux will not be in short supply just because your buddies are around. A bonus incentive for the buddy-moon trip comes into play if you’re having a destination wedding. Tack on your honeymoon experience somewhere close to your destination locale, bring along your favorite few friends, and let the real fun begin.

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All the beauty and spirit of the great outdoors can be yours without the hassle of roughing it in the woods. Glamping is the luxurious version of camping, where tents and sleeping bags are traded for spacious canopies and comfy beds. Hot water and other hote-level honeymoon amenities like on-site restaurants and guided activities are included. Sleep under the stars in Indonesia, in the trees of Sweden, atop a Swiss mountain in an igloo, or among elephants in Africa — where glamping first originated.


You’ve just agreed to share your life with somebody else, so why not stay in the spirit of giving by aiding others during your honeymoon? A “honey-teer” experience can bond you and your life partner together while your combined efforts benefit an environment and its inhabitants. Contributing to a greater cause while exploring new frontiers — what’s not to like? Consider home repairs in Peru with Global Volunteers, reconnecting with nature by cleaning up parks across America with the American Hiking Society, coral reef preservation and scuba diving on a Thai Island with Kaya, or learn about sustainable farming while enjoying the simple pleasures of country living with WWOOF. After all that attention from the wedding, this could be just the balancing act that you both need.

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A safari excursion is sure to crank up the exhilaration of your honeymoon experience. Whether you walk with lions, ride elephants through the bush, sail into the sunset on a canoe, take a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti, or just rest on the grounds while enjoying five-star meals with unbelievable views, an African safari trip is an unforgettable way to enjoy an exciting honeymoon. Luxury lodging and stellar service can be combined with wild adventures and even conservation efforts. Tailor your perfect trip with The Luxury Safari Company.

Train Tripping

Harkening back to a classic era of travel, luxurious train trips are deservedly making a comeback. Today’s sleeper trains feature private, cozy accommodations with panoramic windows for watching the world go by, gourmet all-inclusive food and beverage offerings, and even butler service, all aimed to rekindle the romance of rail travel. There’s something ground about shacking up aboard a moving vehicle with your partner, free from any decision-making or obligations beyond which cart to enjoy your next drink in. Cross the Canadian Rockies aboard VIA Rail’s historic Canadian, see Japan from the appropriately lavish Seven Stars train, or ride far East from Moscow with the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest line on the planet. Check out a few of our other favorite rail adventures for more inspiration.


Usually 2 to 5 days in length, the perfect mini-moon is a much-needed mental break after your wedding. Typically domestic trips close to home or the wedding destination, mini-moons know no real boundaries, and that’s exactly why we love them. Consider them as a condensed honeymoon, merging romance and adventure with a price tag and schedule that just works in conjunction with all your wedding planning. They can be had solo, as the definitive honeymoon, or in combination with a lengthier trip that just isn’t planned yet or is still simmering on the backburner while finances are being sorted. Like a spiced-up weekend getaway, mini-moons are the perfect opportunity to pack up the car and head for a road trip, visit a nearby capital city that’s been on your radar, or even splurge for a fancy staycation.

Global Scavenger Hunt

For daring couples looking to shoot their honeymoon extremities way off the scale, there exist Amazing Race style scavenger hunts. Each year, Global Scavenger Hunt selects couples to take part in its 23-day adventure of a lifetime. Couples travel together through multiple destinations, seeing different sights, exploring unexpected places, and trusting strangers in strange lands before completing their quest. Filled with cultural insights across fun and engaging moments, and fueled by a mission to help others help themselves, a scavenger hunt is a surefire way to get you and your new partner working together (and fast!) while making your way across this wondrous globe.

YOLO Honeymoons

While we wish every honeymoon to be celebrated a la YOLO honeymoon, sometimes even the most extravagant trip of your life is still rooted in the realities of finances, scheduling, and sheer geographic limitation. A YOLO honeymoon tosses reality right off the airplane and watches it sink to the ground down below, because you do only live once, after all. Think of the honeymoon you originally envisioned, and now multiply that with a trip that the movie star version of yourself might take. This is the YOLO honeymoon mentality.

Head to Zambia to plunge into the largest falling stream of water on the planet. Stay in a bungalow over the ocean in Bora Bora for so long that you forget what life on land actually feels like. Or spend your waking moments snorkeling among colorful fish in the Maldives. Longer trips, more exoitic locations, more adventurous itineraries, and yes — inflated budgets. Thankfully, there’s a honeymoon registry to help make it all happen.

Chris Platis is a writer for Traveler’s Joy, the largest honeymoon registry in the country. Traveler’s Joy offers several tools to help engaged couples customize a registry page that shares their honeymoon and allows friends and family to give a once in a lifetime gift. Couples collect their gifts at any time and are off on the honeymoon of their dreams! Chris enjoys traveling and writing about various activities and destinations from stinky French cheese shops in Paris to zip-lining adventures through the Mexican jungle and beyond.


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