Invitation by Cartoules Press

The wedding invitations will be the first thing your guests will see, so make a good impression. Start as you mean to go on, as they say. Unless you have a particular theme in mind, it’s a good idea to tie in with the fact that your ceremony is taking place abroad. Here are just a few ideas for designing your wedding invitations:


Invitations by Anthologie Press

Luggage Tag

Better suited to ‘save-the-date’s, rather than full blown wedding invites, luggage tags are ideal for a small slip of information: location, date, and who is invited. Decorate them as you will, but stick to the theme for consistency. You don’t even have to order these invites because they’re so simple to make at home – saving money is always a bonus. We love these ocean liner luggage tags by Thea Kennedy for a New York wedding.


Invitation by Quite Like It Design


There’s nothing that says ‘travel’ quite like a retro map. You may want to go East India Company and seal your envelopes with red wax, stamped with a heart or your initials. You can even mark the area where you plan to tie the knot.


Creating an elaborate passport can be a lot of fun. Not only is it simple to include as much information as possible, but you can also snatch some photographs of the guests off Facebook and make it appear like their pass to your wedding.


Invitation by Evenstar Paperie

Winter Wonderland

Although many couples take off for sunnier shores, those who have chosen a romantic winter wonderland as the setting of their wedding will want to reflect this in the invitations. If you’re not a fan of glitter, evoke the snow by decorating with lace paper and tie with a ribbon.


Invitation by Marit Hanson Weddings

Plane Ticket

You’ve probably heard of cinema ticket invitations, but plane tickets work just as well for a destination wedding. You can tuck this into a boarding pass slip, so there’s more room for all those travel details that are crucial for your guests. Include an RSVP postcard to send back, containing all their meal choices. These plane ticket wedding invitations to Jamaica look like the real thing!


Invitation by Ice Cream Social


Using a red, white, and blue colour theme, create a nautical design from striped borders. Use seashells and starfishes to create an underwater feel. Also, using anchors can symbolise how you’re each other’s “rock” and the support within your relationship.


Very Edwardian, a cloth handkerchief, printed with your wedding details, is the perfect invitation for a family of blubberers. If you know your parents and siblings won’t be able to hold back the tears (of joy, you hope!), this may be for you. Also, it stays within the realms of destination weddings, as it’s an old fashioned way of saying adieu.

Message in a Bottle

You may not be able to fit them through letterboxes, but corked bottles containing wedding invitations are a great way to get in touch with everyone. Just hand them out to family members and they’ll get them to the right people. For a unique touch, use a different bottle for each invite; perhaps of your favourite drinks.

This post has been contributed to WeddingLovely by Zoe, a British blogger and freelance writer. She has written this post for, a stunning stately home wedding venue near Liverpool. Got any more invitation ideas for a wedding abroad? Get creative in the comments below!