a variety of signature cocktails

Jyl Deering of Chancey Charm Boston put together some great tips for creating signature drinks for your wedding! These lovely photos are by Melissa Schollaert Photography and the cocktails were crafted by Michael Searles, Beverage Manager of Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC. Enjoy!

1. Name your drinks after something fun and uniquely you to truly make them a signature drink. A favorite idea is naming a drink after each of your pets. Ordering a “Lucy” will make people smile, especially if they know your pets, and get the conversation going.

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2. Always have signage of what the drinks are, so guests know the ingredients and what exactly they’re ordering! It’s a cute way to display them for photo opportunities and guests (and your bartender) will thank you for making it easier on them. Talk to your calligrapher or signage vendor about designing a chalkboard or wood sign that matches the rest of your decor.

beautiful signature cocktail and signage

3. Another popular idea, especially in the past year or so is using native or local ingredients, and also ingredients that are in season. Think fresh blueberries in the summer, Bourbon if you are in the South, locally crafted spirits, etc.

4. Theming your drink by color can also be really fun, and look beautiful in your wedding pictures. Plus, if you’re looking for ways to tie in your favorite wedding colors, this will help bring your vision full circle. You can even garnish your signature drinks with fruits or fun stir sticks or straws in the color palette.

signature cocktail tips

5. Think of ingredients that a majority of adults will enjoy. A vodka themed drink, or champagne cocktail is always popular. Some ideas, while fun and beautiful – like that cotton candy cocktail all over Pinterest – aren’t always going to be crowdpleasers.

6. Dream up signature drinks that are easy to make! Save the bartenders time and wait time in line for your guests at the bar, and don’t have muddled drinks, frozen or blended beverages. Trust us, you’ll thank us later! If you do plan on incorporating drinks that require a little more time to make, consider having more bartenders or another bar so guests don’t have to wait in line too long.

signature cocktail

7. Don’t forget about the vessel! Be mindful of what your venue has for glassware, or when you rent glassware, as not every venue has copper mugs, for example for Moscow Mules.

8. Signature drinks to reflect the season are great and appreciated, such as a Tipsy Arnold Palmer Ice Tea/Lemonade in the hot months of Summer or a Spiked Warm Apple Cider in October!

refreshing, minty signature cocktails

Jyl Deering serves as Chancey Charm’s Boston Wedding Planner, planning and designing events in Boston, Cape Cod and all of New England. Jyl has over a decade of experience working with some of the nation’s top luxury wedding talent. Her expert planning advice has been featured on numerous top wedding and lifestyle websites and her planning work has graced the blog pages of some of the most loved publications. To learn more about Chancey Charm, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor guide profile or head straight to their website.