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Does the thought of having your photo taken make you feel self-conscious? If so, today’s wonderful guest post by James Arnia Photography is for you! Read on to learn some expert tips for feeling at ease in front of the camera:

Very few brides are confident to get their candid photos taken on their big day, but whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest, chances are you’ll find yourself trapped in the camera of your candid wedding photographer. So, it’s better to know how to look flawless in those pictures without ‘trying too hard’! Having shot more than 300 weddings for over a decade now, I reveal my secret tips to ensure that you look absolutely flawless and candid in your wedding pictures.

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1. Take Inspiration From Celebrity Poses

Ever wondered how celebrities look their fittest in every click!? No, they’re not perfect; they just know the right postures for their figures. It’s always good to seek inspiration from wherever it comes and a celebrity who’s got similar body proportions is the right edge to get started. Take mental notes of that ever famous pose with both hands on hip, letting the silhouettes do the talking! This is enough to make you look slender and picturesque. If you don’t wanna go oh-so-dramatic, one hand would do just fine. Another thing to keep in mind is that you walk around with a naturally straight shoulder frame. This will make you look confident and quaint in all your candid pictures.

2. Smile With Your Eyes

Let your eyes talk out loud! The excitement, the delight, the joy and the eagerness, eyes have a lot to speak! The depth of your eyes will forever be a reminder to you of what the zest of the moment was. So whenever you look into the camera, don’t hold yourself back and let the natural expressions be captured. Your candid pictures will be 10x better if you walk around freely without worrying about a lens following you. Trust me on this and you’ll thank me later!

3. Avoid Orange-y Makeup

Yes, you definitely want a little tint on your cheeks, but try keeping off bright orangey hues. It’s always better to choose a pinkish blush for natural-looking pictures. Also, avoid cake-y makeup and glittery eyes. Go for matte skin and a little shimmer on your eyes instead. It will make you look flawless and more natural in your candid pictures!

photo of a bride during the wedding ceremony

4. Relax Your Face

It’s your wedding day and little nervousness is acceptable. Just make sure you don’t let it prevail all over your face. Lifting your brows, smirking or faking a smile is not going to work. You know how happy you feel, so let it take over the nervousness. Relax your face and be yourself!

5. Chin Up, Princess!

Round face? Umm..I feel your reluctance for the lens! Knowing your best angles and features can help a lot! Try a slight chin up; it will make your nose and neck look elongated and add dimensions to your features. Your eyes will appear bigger and your face will catch the better light! Also, slightly tilt your face for a better angle. The picture will come out a lot better than if you faced the camera square in the lens. This is all that is required for a perfect picture and flawless memories!

outdoor wedding portrait

6. Fake Sleek Arms

Never, ever block your figure with your arm. It will look heavier than it actually is, every single time. If you’re posing sideways, make sure your arm isn’t stuck to your body. Let it free, or simply rest it on your waist for a slender pose.If you’re posing against a pillar or a wall, don’t shove your arm against it. It’s the best trick to fake sleek arms!

7. Laughter Is The Best Medicine, Even For Pictures

When you absolutely don’t know what to do, laugh it off! It’s definitely the best thing that you can do. No matter how conscious you are of the way your teeth appear in pictures, trust me you’re going to love it after a decade or two. It’ll be the best example of how you felt deep inside, on your big day. Keep it natural and smile or laugh with all your heart, and aim for the best picture of your life!

elegant bride and groom walking together

8. Don’t Try Too Hard Not To Blink

Because it will only result in a pretentious picture with your eyes noticeably wide. Your face won’t be relaxed and your smile will appear artificial. So if you want to blink, just blink! Your photographer will delete it, it’s no big deal. But don’t try too hard to ‘not blink’!

So now when you know, what to do and what to avoid on your wedding day for flawlessly candid pictures, take mental notes and prepare yourself. Remember that the most beautiful pictures are the ones that are un-posed and candid. It’s all about being natural and feeling confident the way you are. Don’t try too hard, you’ll rock. Be you!

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