A Case for Wacky Weddings and Novel Nuptials

Today’s guest post comes to us from Lydia Mondy, a freelance writer with an event-planning background who loves any excuse to dress up like an 1860’s gold miner. Or Tank Girl. When she’s not reorganizing her vintage Dodgers paraphernalia, you can find her blogging about everything from weddings to Evel Knievel.

Imagine the scene: a pair of lovers swoon, staring into each other’s eyes as they profess their mutual eternal love in front of gathered family and friends. Then they turn, hand in hand…and bungee jump off a cliff. The classic, matrimonial lip-lock takes place dangling upside down over a craggy canyon.

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Yep, wacky weddings are all the rage. Among the most popular of these novelty weddings could be considered a variant of playing “dress up”. In the news lately, throwing a costumed affair seems to trump other elaborate theme weddings. Exchanging vows in zero gravity or an underwater shark cage (the bride donned a white wet-suit, naturally) are wild locales and originality will garner you a great deal of attention. But it’s the memories made that will last a lifetime.

An original premise for a wedding can take your big day from average to extraordinary for you, your spouse, your guests and the matrimonial progeny that lives on through photographs and video. It could even provide you (or your vendors) the 15-minutes-of-fame sought after by one and all (I see you there in the corner, pretending you don’t want your mug plastered on the Today Show – you’re lying!).

A Case for Wacky Weddings and Novel Nuptials

Photo Credit: Justin Winokur Photography

I wouldn’t knock, say, throwing your reception in a $1 store or gas station just for the sake of being silly – or it was love-at-first-sight over the dry goods rack? Hosting a shindig with a really fun, unique motif can be more fun (and a memory held dear in perpetuity) for everyone involved, from the bride all the way down to the cater-waiters.

If you’ve already eschewed the idea of a tastefully buttoned-up ceremony in a favored church, you’re probably more interested in throwing an awesome party than falling in line with tradition. Extended family and childhood buddies might not be as excited for your Hello Kitty or cast of Scooby Doo themed wedding as you are, but it’s your wedding, darnit.

Customizing this day to your liking is the point. The fact that your grandmother isn’t thrilled by the prospect of dressing up like a duck hunter shouldn’t stop you from going forward with the weird kernel in the back of your brain telling you, “This is a good idea”. Do it! Go wild!

A Case for Wacky Weddings and Novel Nuptials

If you’re someone in the ‘wedding industry’ – caterers, DJ’s, rental vendors, florists, etc. – get ready, because these people are probably your dream clients. Not only are they more likely to be fun and flexible, there might even be a little free publicity involved. Eh? Eh?

Wrapping it up, whether you’re the blushing bride or a pint-sized ringbearer, throwing (or attending) a madcap theme wedding might be the most fun you’ll have this year. Be a pal and take a lot of pictures.

Thanks Lydia, that was fun! You can connect with Lydia on Google+.

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