Jessica from Odd Duck Press put together this post to make sure you stay on track when it comes to your wedding stationery. Thanks so much Jessica, your posts are so helpful!

Odd Duck Press WeddingInviteLoveGet the timeline after the jump…

10-12 months before the wedding:

If you know that you want to send out save the date cards and you want your entire suite to match, start researching invitation designers.

6-8 months before the wedding:

Send out save the date cards.  If you are not going to send out save the date cards, about 6 months before the wedding is a good time to start researching stationers.

4-6 months before the wedding:

During this time, you will choose your invitation design as well as any other enclosure cards.  If any of your day of items will need to be sent to a calligrapher (such as place cards) order these as well.  If you need help finding a calligrapher, your invitation designer can help.

3-5 months before the wedding:

Order any remaining day of items such as programs, menus or escort cards.  You may also want to order thank you cards now.

8-12 weeks before the wedding:

Address the invitation and reply card envelopes. Now is also the time to buy postage.  You may want to consider custom stamps.

6-10 weeks before the wedding:

Mail your invitations.

Within 3 months after the wedding:

Send out thank you cards. Live Happily Ever After!

Thanks Jessica! Go see Odd Duck Press‘s website for more beautiful invitations.