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This was a topic I was super interested in—I use a calendar for my WeddingLovely Blog posts and it makes life so much easier. That said, my calendar (seen below) is just short-term stuff and I’m always looking for ways to improve—thus attending this session!

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Other topics included advisory boards, passive income, representation, and pitching. Panelists were Helen JaneAmy AndersonSusan Petersen, and Whitney Johnson.

Advanced Editorial Calendars

If you really want to be serious about blogging, you must have a calendar—otherwise you’ll be influenced by the blogs you read and your blog won’t be your own voice. Calendars help you push your content further and you can develop your content without influence.

Creating a calendar is easy when you work backwards from pivotal moments, such as holidays, travel, and vacations. Plan your content backwards from these dates. Also, plan your sponsors, your amplifications (social media), and of course, content, all at the same time.

Assembling an Advisory Board

(Editor note: Perhaps because this was the last session of the day, I didn’t quite understand the *why* of advisory boards and my notes are a bit thin—apologies.)

Your advisory board is your “date t0 dream team”, and you should assemble one if you’d like to scale your small business. Ask yourself: What jobs need to be done that I can’t do? Beware of your own blind-spots, such as “things you’ll do later”—advisory boards need to complement what you don’t do well.

How do you compensate advisory board members (other than moola)? You could do the Kickstarter method (pay increases as the benefit increases), trade, etc.

Passive Income

If you create a system for passive income, make sure to make it scalable. Whatever system you have, make sure to trim the fat (anything unnecessary or that can be done better), and then teach that lean system to someone else. Essentially, you want to do what you do best, and hire out for the rest (hiring out frees your time up for other things). Recommended is the “E Myth“— you can’t be both entrepreneur and the engineer on your own company (editor note: to which I say pfffftttt.)

The Art of Representation / The Art of the Pitch

(Editor note: More terrible notes. My apologies.)

Representation consists of your agent, your PR rep, and your manager.

When it comes to pitching, make sure to research before reaching out. Find out who people are working with and who they used to work with.

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