Altitude Summit Day 2: Building Offline Events

I was majorly interested in this session at Alt Summit, mainly due to the few events (big and small) that I’ve run through WeddingLovely! I always feel a bit like I don’t know what I’m doing, so it was great to get some advice from the big-wigs, who were Laura MayesStacey FergusonMegan Gilger, and Danielle Krysa!

Why should you run offline events?

Obviously, there should be some sort of purpose here — what do you want to get out of running an event? Some of the reasons brought up were:

  • Extend your brand. Take what you provide online and bring it offline. You can tie your brand together with others — look for the perfect collaborations, where you work with brands you love and it feels natural and seamless.
  • You can turn your online community (comments) into offline conversation.
  • Promote your readers — bring your readers something real, actionable, and helpful.
  • You can also use events to make money, connect with vendors and other companies, etc. Most importantly, don’t just think, “I want to do an event,” — have a purpose.

Who to run the event for?

Obviously, your readers! So how will your online experience translate to an offline experience?

Keep in mind the kind of readers you have — so if you’re charging a fee, make sure it’s within your readers’ limits!

If you have a sponsor for your event, keep in mind that your other client, other than your readers, is the sponsor.

What kind of event?

What works best for you? Again, think of the brand extension. Are you a big party type of person, or a local, intimate meetup?

If you work with others on an event, work with like-minded people, and people who are willing to take a risk for you.


Collaborate with people who inspire you — choose the right people and use an event as an opportunity. Make it mutually beneficial for everyone!

If you’re running an event in a city other than the one you live in, find someone local who you can ask questions — such as, where the best resources are, such as venue, catering, etc. While planning, make sure to tweet/FB everything and someone awesome might step up! You can also get an intern in that city who can coordinate the event in exchange for a free spot to the event or workshop. Basically — don’t be afraid to ask for help!

If you have sponsors, make sure they know exactly what they’re going to get in exchange for sponsoring the event — 5 tweets, mentioned in materials, etc. Don’t ask them what they want — tell them what they’ll get.

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