Over the last few months I’ve been working on a major update to WeddingLovely’s directories (currently WeddingInviteLove, WeddingPlannerLove, WeddingPhotoLove, WeddingVenueLove, and WeddingVideoLove). Essentially, there has been a ton of behind the scenes work to make everything way more efficient, and I finally finished up the last piece. Of course, I decided to celebrate that by launching it with some major design and feature updates as well!

All screenshots taken from WeddingInviteLove but they apply to the rest of our directories too!

New Profile Page Design

Seen at the top! The entire site designs got a facelift, but the profile page got a complete overhaul. It’s cleaner, easier to read, classier, and faster. The profile page is the most important part for our vendors — they’re amazing, so the profile page should be too! Lots of additional design tweaks to the vendor contact page, the vendor’s edit page, and more as well.



Vendor Recommendations

My long-term goal for the WeddingLovely vendor directories is to promote the best people in the business. The best way for me to find out who those people are is by vendor recommendations — vendors recommending others that they know, love, and recommend as a great company. If you’re working with a stationer, it’s incredibly valuable to know what planners, photographers, etc. that they recommend — because they work with them over and over for events, and have a ton of experience. Obviously this is a bit limited since we only have our current five directories, but that’ll be changing ASAP. ;)

I’m also prepping for a customer review overhaul — stay tuned!



Better Search Pages

Now you can narrow down the vendor results in the search pages more easily without reloading. This also allows me to add even more filtering options, which’ll be coming soon!



Pinterest Link for Upgraded Accounts

One of those head-smackers I can’t believe I didn’t do before. Along with adding their Facebook and Twitter accounts, upgraded accounts can now link out to their Pinterest account as well!

There are a lot more little things that have been tweaked and made better, but these are my major updates. Like mentioned before, this is the last piece in a really big puzzle I’ve been working on for the last few months behind the scenes, so new features, updates, and directories will be coming a lot more quickly now!

What do you think? Take a poke around our directories and let me know what you like or think still needs a bit more work!

WeddingInviteLove for stationers, WeddingPlannerLove for planners, WeddingPhotoLove for photographers, WeddingVenueLove for venues, and WeddingVideoLove for videographers.