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With an infinite amount of options to choose from, deciding on a wedding invitation is tricky. Choosing whether to go with an album invitation or a custom invitation can make the decision even more of a challenge!

What do we mean by an album invitation? Persnickety is pleased to offer several lines of invitation designs from different national manufacturers, including Carlson Craft, Designers’ Fine Press, William Arthur, and Crane brands.

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We have 40+ albums of predesigned invitation sets from these manufacturers that a bride can order in our studio. There’s less customization involved in some of these designs, but there is an enormous variety of styles, themes, and pricing. It’s an excellent place to start your wedding invitation search!

You absolutely cannot go wrong with an album or a custom invitation, but sometimes brides are unsure of which path to take. To help, Persnickety has compiled some of the top reasons that we feel are why brides ultimately decide to order a custom invitation.

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You want a unique invitation customized just for you.

Custom invitations are unique in that they have limitless customizations for paper choices, graphics, and embellishments. They are designed exactly for you, and this is a major reason why brides opt for custom invitations.

Brides are looking for specific elements that reflect their personality or their wedding day, and this sometimes can be more challenging to convey through an album invitation that acts more of a template and has less customization available.

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You haven’t fallen in love with an album invitation.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You should have an invitation for this event that you absolutely love.

If you’ve searched through many invitation albums and nothing jumps out to you as “the One,” it might be time to meet with a designer to discuss a custom invitation.  You may as well get an invitation you love instead of settling for something you just like.

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You prefer or need full service for your invitations.

Wedding planning, combined with everything else you need to do in your life, can often lead to a stressed out bride that is fondly known as a “Bridezilla.” Persnickety wants to help brides avoid becoming one of these!

We are happy to offer our brides full-service custom invitations if the bride prefers to be hands-off regarding her wedding stationery, or if the bride lives out of town but still wants to work with us.

Besides the consultation, design, and proofing of the custom invitation, our full service includes assembly, stuffing, stamping, and mailing of your invitations. Though there is still a time commitment required for you to meet with a designer, it is a lot less of a commitment than having to assemble, stuff, and mail invitations by yourself.

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You have specific format, style, or language considerations.

Sometimes, national retailers are ill-equipped to handle unique weddings, such as destination or multi-cultural weddings. These events might require extra inserts or might need to be written in a second language.

Persnickety will help you create an invitation that suits your specific needs, regardless of how detailed or unusual they might be.

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You need your entire stationery set and accessories to match perfectly.

If your ideal wedding includes elements that are consistent throughout the entire event, it is wise to go with a custom invitation. The national retailers do offer a wide array of matching items for your wedding, such as menus, save the dates, and thank you cards.

But for the items these retailers do not carry you’ll have to order elsewhere, and you run the risk of some of your items only sort of matching.

Our designers can match your colors, typestyles, and artwork from your custom invitation and incorporate them into your accessories, including table numbers, seating charts, favor tags, water bottle labels, guest bags… well, you get the idea! This assures that all pieces match perfectly.

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You want to work one-on-one with a designer instead of a national retailer.

Because Persnickety limits their staff to a small number of specialists and graphic designers, a minimal number of people will be working on your custom invitations start to finish.

There is much more opportunity to develop a one-on-one relationship with the person responsible for the creation and production of your wedding stationery. If you have questions or concerns, you know who to contact directly, something that isn’t really possible in a large company.

Persnickety always personalizes every wedding invitation, including our album invitations, and you will receive a higher level of personalized service the second you step into our studio.

For some brides, it helps put them at ease to know that this personalized service includes working with a graphic designer.

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Persnickety Invitation Studio offers beautiful custom invitations and stationery in a comfortable retail atmosphere in our shop in York, Pennsylvania. Our on-staff specialists and graphic designers work one-on-one with you throughout the entire planning process, from designing a totally custom invitation, to creating a seating chart, favors, programs and more. Stop by and browse in our studio to choose your perfect invitation.

For brides out of the area, we are happy to work via phone, mail and email!