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Today’s guest post comes to us from Jenny Wescott who works on behalf of The Diamond Ring Company. Jenny is passionate about all things wedding related and loves to read, write and share anything to do with enhancing amorous environments.

Autumn is a magical time of year. The change in seasons brings golden tones to fallen leaves, and rich reds to sunsets. It’s the perfect backdrop to a rustic, earthy, post-summer wedding. But you don’t need to swap your sandals for scarves just yet. Britain usually enjoys an Indian summer, where the temperature stays warm through to the middle of October. Popular wedding venues are also cheaper after August, and you don’t have to worry about friends or family being away on holiday. The new school term starts, so most people are back at home. There are plenty of quintessentially autumnal trends that are present in weddings during this time of year. From rich, sumptuous shades, to rustic room decorations, read on to find out what you should include for your special day.

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Food and drink

Set the scene indoors with your menu design. Popular menu choices for this time of year include lamb and beef. These rich meats are hearty and filling, ideal for filling your guests on cool evenings. Autumn is also an excellent time for classic, British fruits. Dessert menus should reflect this and include options such as warm apple pie paired with trendy vanilla macaroons. Homemade blackcurrant jams and chutneys make seasonal and practical wedding favours. You could even swap the traditional glass of toasting champagne for a mug of hot apple cider!

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Flowers and foliage

Orange gerberas and rich, red roses are classic autumn bouquet staples, but they’re not the only flowers to wow your guests on the big day. Chrysanthemums, arranged around a large leucospernum flower, will create a divine smelling seasonal bouquet. Add hypericum berries and dyed red oak leaves, and your bouquet will make an unforgettable statement at your wedding. A few berries and sprigs of woodland foliage can look simple in a buttonhole and will complement the bride’s bouquet beautifully. If the wedding is around Halloween, why not include a few pumpkins as part of the décor? Traditional flower girls’ baskets could be replaced with small pumpkins, filled with seasonal blooms. A large pumpkin, engraved with the date also makes a striking centre piece and is sure to be a hot topic of conversation.

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Scenery and décor

Autumn weddings often conjure up images of wooden beams, distressed furniture and earthy shades. This doesn’t always have to be the case though. If you’re turned off by traditional orange and deep red shades, you can opt for something lighter. Fairy lights hung majestically in trees make a dreamy backdrop for brides and grooms. Fairy lights also provide soft, flattering lighting and are easily adjustable, so you can achieve many different looks for photographs. Supervised children with sparklers can also make for cheeky and magical photographic moments. The natural scenery at this time of year is exquisite and people will want to go outside. Keep guests’ teeth from chattering by introducing cleverly placed outdoor heaters to take the chill out of the air.

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Early autumn weddings can be held outside as it’s still warm and the evenings are light. Brides can get away with sleeveless dresses, although it’s best to have a shawl on hand, just in case. Deep, aubergine purples and burnt oranges are classic autumnal colours and work well for bridal party colours. Bridesmaids can be protected from the elements with a co-ordinating pashmina or wrap. If you’re not keen on warm reds, dusky pinks or forest greens work equally well. You can create an enchanted woodland look by styling bridesmaids’ hair with white flowers braided into plaits, or create a simple headpiece made from natural elements.

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Autumn wedding jewellery is no exception to the warm shades. A chocolate diamond wedding ring is an unusual twist on the traditional design and matches the season perfectly. You could also stay on-trend by saying “I do” with a pink and grey diamond wedding ring. The soft colours pair well with natural browns and slate colours that accompany the season.

Classic diamond rings work well all year round as they are a neutral shade and match every style and accent. Diamonds are also timeless, so your wedding ring will never go out of fashion.

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Autumn is a time to say goodbye to the past and make way for the new. This makes it an inspiring time to get married. Couple this with the stunning array of natural beauty and flavoursome foods on offer, and you have the perfect combination for a spectacular wedding event.

Thanks for sharing theses great ideas Jenny!  Are you planning an Autumn wedding? What details are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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