How to Get Rid of Wedding Stress

Today’s lovely partnered post is written by Holly Ashby at Will Williams Meditation, a meditation centre who help people achieve a state of calm and reduce anxiety through Vedic meditation in London. Enjoy!

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t have a wobble while wedding planning. Apart from the stress of wedding planning, you can worry that you simply aren’t up to the job or that everyone will be bored or something will go wrong on your big day. Many brides also feel a lot of pressure to look inhumanly lovely, find the perfect dress, and put on the best event anyone has ever been invited to. With such big expectations, it can be hard to avoid a crisis of confidence! A bit of a confidence boost as you prepare to get married could be just the thing you need.

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Confidence boosters

The general advice when you need a bit of extra confidence is “fake it till you make it”, but this is hardly the easiest thing in the world. How are you meant to feign confidence when your self-esteem is on the floor and you are racked with all sorts of anxieties? Rather than trying to pretend you are feeling great, and getting all tired and stressed in the process, here are some things that may well give you some authentic fearlessness.

Minimizing Wedding Planning Anxiety

Boogie on down

There’s much to be said for putting on your favourite tunes and dancing around the house – whether that’s alone, with your partner or with a bunch of mates. It’s an instant way to feel one hundred times better, shaking away your worries and transforming your mood – so you can forget whatever it was that was worrying you in the first place.

Banishing Wedding Day Worries and Boosting Your Confidence


Meditation helps us clear our minds, and quietens down all those worried thoughts which impact how confident we are feeling. The self-talk which tells us something is bound to go wrong, or we aren’t good enough in some way, is markedly lessened through meditation. Once you have been practising for a little while, meditation will also help you become far more resilient to stress and anxiety, with an easy way to deeply relax that you can fall back on when you are feeling a little shaken.

It also reduces the hormones which play havoc with your skin, weight and even hair, helping you to bring out your natural best (because FYI, you’re gorgeous already).

Celebrate small achievements

When you’re shooting for the moon, you may forget to congratulation yourself on completing the small steps that will get you there. Make sure you acknowledge the small achievements because they all add up – and showing yourself a little appreciation every now and then can never hurt!

Staying Calm When Wedding Planning

Put a stop sign over the rabbit hole

When you’ve got something on your mind, it’s easy to fall down a rabbit-hole of worry which isn’t helpful or productive – it just perpetuates itself and makes you feel terrible. One thing you can do to help avoid this is to identify your triggers – the thoughts which always begin a stretch of worried introspection – and stop them from going too far.

You can think “ah yes, there’s that worry about the venue again” and just let it go past without engaging with it – perhaps blasting out a song or doing a bit of exercise to help you set your thoughts on a more pleasant path. If you can’t do anything to solve your worries – they are all “what ifs” and things you can’t change – then it’s simply better to avoid ruminating on them.

Reducing Wedding Planning Stress

Whatever happens, you are going to look beautiful on your wedding day, and everyone is going to have a brilliant time. The glow that comes with sweeping down the aisle towards a future with the love of your life is incomparable, and a day with all your loved ones together will be wonderful. Cheers to saying goodbye to those pesky worries and keeping your spirits high!

WeddingLovely and Will Williams Meditation teamed up to share with couples this partnered list of ways to banish wedding day worries and boost confidence.