Bachelorette Party Dos and Donts
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Who says you absolutely need bottle service in a limo on the way to “da club” or cutesy custom matching outfits? Sure, it might be nice, but this simple list of do’s and don’ts gets rid of all of the extras and strips it back to basics. You know, stuff like expectations, communication, respect, planning… the essentials, really! Enjoy:

For the Bride:

DO be crystal clear about your expectations and comfort level (low-key, no stripper, etc.)
DON’T leave it all up to your ladies and then be a total party pooper

DO be respectful of your soon-to-be’s comfort level, too
DON’T expect them to be totally down for another man’s junk in your face

DO offer to pitch in if you want a weekend getaway to Jamaica
DON’T be inconsiderate about your gals’ wallets as they may start to resent you

DO allow your bridesmaids creative freedom once you’ve discussed expectations
DON’T try to take over planning and micromanage everything

DO give your bridesmaids your preferred guest list + contact details
DON’T assume your bridesmaids know who you want to invite

DO have an intimate event with your closest of girlfriends
DON’T invite every girl on your wedding guest list

DO a courtesy check-in with your love on the night to calm his nerves
DON’T be glued to your phone with your boo and totally ignore your girlfriends

DO bring a small (or big) token of appreciation
DON’T show up empty handed or you may be perceived as ungrateful

DO relax, unwind and let loose
DON’T do anything to disrespect your partner

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For the Maid of Honor/Bridesmaids:

DO respect the bride’s wishes (no stripper means no stripper!)
DON’T make her feel miserable/uncomfortable just because you want a fiyah fireman

DO plan ahead and save with early bird airfares/deals + give everyone ample time
DON’T wait until the last minute to send out save the dates and invitations

DO be communicative and completely upfront
DON’T be ambiguous about costs, activities, attire etc.

DO create and adhere to a planning timeline (or check out this infographic)
DON’T rely purely on your memory as it can (and most likely will) fail you

DO plan fun party games, especially if she wants to keep it low-key
DON’T just wing it or plan to just party – hello, you can do that any night

DO get snap happy (yay for memories!)
DON’T post on social media without her consent

DO (try) to separate the bachelorette from the wedding weekend
DON’T have a Hangover moment


WeddingLovely and Wedding Forward teamed up to share with brides + bridesmaids this partnered list of the simplest of do’s and don’ts for bachelorette parties.