There is no lacking in design, style, color scheme, and aesthetic inspiration when it comes to wedding invitations, but what’s not always mentioned is wedding invitation assembly and wording etiquette. Designing is the easy part especially when you use an online stationery vendor like Basic Invite, but what’s even better is the resources they are providing us today when it comes to not only the design aspect but the insider tips and tricks to the not so glamorous side of creating invitations.

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First up is etiquette.

Etiquette is simple – if you are well mannered, have accurate and up to date demographics on your guests, or if you’ve ever seen a wedding invitation before you probably have a general sense of what wedding invitation etiquette means.

With that said, there are certain instances that can get tricky but fear not because Basic Invite is laying it all out.


The way a wedding invitation is addressed has taken a much more relaxed turn. And no, we aren’t taking handwritten envelopes vs. printed – we are talking the sometimes dreadful “to whom it may concern”. With modern families, ill-informed guest info, and the pressure to be politically correct, it’s important to keep in mind to consider each guest individually and address them and their needs accurately. If that means a deeper inquiry into certain guest’s business then be coy about it, but at the end of the day, your guests just want to see you tie the knot so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


The most important part of invitation etiquette is following an appropriate timeline. Your guests need time to plan and prepare for your wedding. Consider where your wedding is taking place, the length of your engagement, and the guest list. Realistically the sooner you get invitations out, the better, but 3 months out is the sweet spot!

Following Up:

Be sure to send a polite reminder to those who haven’t RSVP’d. If it’s a month before your wedding and you still have some stragglers no worries! Assign someone to make a quick phone call or send a nice text message. Things happen and it isn’t against etiquette to reach out to your guests. As long as you’ve given amble response time!

Next is assembly.

This is where you can get as creative as you would like or stick to a more traditional approach. Design and style are where your creativity or personality will show and you can feel free to carry that over into the assembly. Choose a pocket invitation rather than a standard suite setup or choose a bold envelope that stands out with perfectly printed addresses. There are tons of ways to make your assembly your own just as long as you have the information correct the presentation will shine! Here are a few examples:

Pocket vs. Suite:

Pocket invitations are great because they will keep your cards organized and intact all the way to the mailbox. Your wedding invitation will stand on the left inside pocket while your enclosure cards will be stacked on the right. If you’re utilizing multiple colors or going for a more formal look a pocket invitation is a great idea! Standard suites are just as beautiful and are usually put together in the envelopes from largest (being the wedding invitation) to the smallest enclosure card you create. Hold your invitation suite together with a bellyband or cute ribbon and place your invite face up.


Choosing an envelope color is crucial to assembly because it’s not only what your guests will see first, but it will set the tone for what’s inside. Choose a color that not only suites you as a couple but one that matches the gorgeous paper inside. It’s all in the details!

Address Printing:

The final step to flawless assembly… address printing. Unless you are planning on hiring a calligrapher, collecting guest addresses and uploading them onto your wedding invitations through Basic invite’s address printing services is 100% the way to go! No hand cramping or uneven lines – just beautifully printed ink for a clean look.

Utilizing Basic Invite’s free wedding websites is a great starting point for ensuring you have proper invitation etiquette and perfect assembly. You can collect your guest’s addresses and they can even rsvp through your wedding website! How cool is that? Head over to Basic Invite and check them out then choose a matching suite and put your new found skills to work!

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WeddingLovely and Basic Invite teamed up to share this partnered list of tips on invitation etiquette and assembly