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We love wedding websites — such a great online way to showcase your wedding! We’ve partnered with wedding website provider Riley & Grey to let you know some great tips and tricks to make your wedding website shine. Enjoy!

Yep, wedding websites are the new norm. And just FYI, that’s a good thing. Long gone are the days of scrolling through endless email chains and manually counting collected RSVP after RSVP after RS— you get the picture. Ultimately, your wedding website should significantly relieve your planning stress, not add to it. If you pick the right provider, editing your wedsite should actually be, dare we say, fun (think: an easy, electronic wedding DIY).

But you know, a few pointers never hurt, so here are some of our insider tips and shortcuts for creating an amazing wedding website.

Source social media for photos

Trying to collect pictures of your bridesmaids or groomsmen for your wedding party page and in a bit of a bind? Swiping your friend’s #TBT snaps from social media is a great solution. It’s funny, cute, and can even add a vintage vibe to this section, especially if you throw on a classic film filter.

Hype your VIPs so your guests can get to know them

Speaking of your wedding party page, a picture speaks a thousand words, but don’t forget text if you’d like your guests to get to know your favorite people before your event. No need to scribe your bestie’s life story. Just ask each loved one to answer a quirky question or complete a personality-centered sentence (i.e. If I could bring one thing to a desert island it would be…). Better yet, go yearbook and assign superlatives to your family and friends — It’s so high school (in a good way).

Suggested activities page

Keep ‘em busy with a suggested activities page

If your celebration spans multiple days or you’re having a destination wedding, you’ll want to keep your guests occupied between festivities. Non-locals will appreciate a page that includes suggested restaurants, shops, and other activities. When sourcing recommendations, don’t just google “best restaurant in…” Consult travel sites such as Fathom that conveniently compact this info into trusty weekend guides. Remember, don’t succumb to the common mistake of going overboard with your recs – it doesn’t make things easier on you or your guests.

Wedding website questions

Make your invite interactive

Wedding websites excel in collecting info you wouldn’t want cluttering up your formal paper invites. Using your site to take song requests for your reception etc. takes out guesswork and gets guests hyped for the party. (Disclaimer: though we can’t guarantee this will keep your tipsy uncle from repeatedly requesting “Shout” from the dance floor). Something else to consider, many Riley & Grey users capitalize on their custom RSVP question to collect marital advice or well wishes normally reserved for a guestbook, except this way they start feeling the love on the days leading up to their vows.

Complete your suite by making your website and invites coordinate

So you want to have your stunning wedding website and paper invites too? We get it! And why not? By no means are the two exclusive. Concerned with keeping your off and online suites coherent? There’s no need to be matchy-matchy, but try keeping at least one design element, such as font or color, consistent while staying within your theme (i.e. botanical, deco, tropical etc.).

Thanks lovelies! For more about Riley & Grey and their wedding websites, check out their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile, or head straight to their website.

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