The WeddingLovely Vendor Guide

I’m so pleased to announce WeddingLovely’s latest launch — the WeddingLovely Vendor Guide, a comprehensive all-in-one wedding vendor directory listing all of our vendors from our specialized directories, and opening up support for every vendor type!

We love our specialized directories (like our first, WeddingInviteLove, and our most recent, WeddingMusicLove) but after launching eight separate specialized directories (whew!) it was time to launch our general all-in-one directory. Our specialized sites are still near and dear to our heart, but now we can support every wedding vendor, no matter what vertical!

Check out the WeddingLovely Vendor Guide here:

For vendors, all listings from our specialized directories are automatically reflected in the new site — no need to do anything else! Interested in joining our vendor network? Join here! (Basic accounts are free, and use VENDORGUIDELAUNCH as a coupon for 20% off for an upgraded account, which is normally $270 — coupon ends 12/31!)

I’m excited about growing the WeddingLovely network of vendors, and continuing to help engaged couples to find the perfect vendors near them. Please let me know what you think in the comments!


-Tracy, founder