Black diamond engagement rings are very distinctive and are ideal for those buyers who are looking for something that’s a little bit different. A black diamond, paired with white gold can look stunning and still very sparkly – they also look great when complemented with white diamonds.

Making their way into the limelight, they are now used in women’s jewelry more than ever before. So, with these diamond engagement rings becoming ever so more popular, keep in mind that black is a color that symbolizes:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Passion

What better ring design to showcase your love for your soon-to-be? There are a limited amount of jewelers offering black diamonds making them even more special.

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What makes them black?

Naturally colored black diamonds come from large quantities or clouds of minute mineral inclusions, such as; graphite, pyrite or hematite all of which run throughout the stone. They also have cleavages or fractures which are stained black due to graphitization. The concentrations within the internal features are responsible for the coloration and in actual fact, the original body color of a black diamond may be near-colorless to brown or an olive green.

Anything you need to consider?

If you are choosing this ring for your partner without their knowledge, you need to play very close attention to their preferred color palette when it comes to style. Do they wear black clothing, or accessorize with dark colors? All these things work together, so you need to get them right.  Black diamond engagement rings are edgier and considered a strong alternative to your usual engagement ring style, as they offer something very different to a traditional design.

If they have never worn any sort of black jewelry before, then really think hard about whether this style would suit your partner. For those of you looking for something a little unique and out of the ordinary, check out this article by Hitched on alternative engagement rings.

How do you care for black diamonds?

The care and cleaning of black diamonds are the same as how you would look after any delicate gemstone; you should never use-steam or ultrasonic cleaners because they will cause damage.

  1. Soak the diamond in hot water for 10-15 minutes
  2. Make a black diamond cleaning solution which includes, diluted ammonia to three parts water – soak the diamond in this for an hour
  3. Use a new, soft bristle toothbrush to scrub the diamond
  4. Rinse under hot water
  5. Dry it using a lint-free cloth

Why black diamonds?

Black diamonds are a result of lots of imperfections within the stone – something most people actually attempt to avoid when purchasing a diamond. Black diamonds can be found naturally, albeit rarely, and so most are curated in a lab with the diamond stone undergoing high amounts of pressure and heat to encourage inclusions to occur in the stone. On average, black diamond engagement rings tend to be cheaper than white diamonds. You’re looking at a price range from about £300 for a simple design and then up to £2,000 for something more complicated.

When choosing and buying the perfect black diamond ring for you, it will pay off to look at as many rings as possible before choosing one. A high street collection is a lot more limited compared to those you can find online, as the internet offers us a much better range making it easier for us to find the one that matches the personality of your partner.

WeddingLovely and Diamonds Factory UK teamed up to share with couples a unique alternative to traditional diamonds with this partnered back to black post.