Blogging & Social Media for Wedding Vendors eCourse

I’ve been working hard on building the content for the Blogging & Social Media for Wedding Vendors eCourse, and I’m here today to share the course outline with you!

The course is devoted to helping wedding vendors promote their products/projects in the wedding industry in a time-efficient and actionable way to attract more customers, get more leads, and connect with and network with other wedding vendors. In addition to an online private classroom to discuss and collaborate with your classmates and weekly chat sessions with myself for questions, I’ll be sharing PDFs of information twice weekly (with homework).

The goals of the course are to help you:

  • Grow your monthly blog and website views from hundreds to thousands.
  • Increase your followers on each social media account to hundreds or more.
  • Help you track and continue to increase all these measurements after the course has ended.
  • Do all of this without spending too much time so you can concentrate on your business!

Essentially, learn how to spend just an hour each week to promote your business through blogging and the main social networks.

It’s worth noting that this course will be useful to both product vendors (such as stationers) as well as service vendors (such as planners and photographers).

Introduction to the course & blogging

  • Goals of the course.
  • Why every wedding vendor should have a blog.
  • Introduction to social media, specifically Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest
  • Essentials of blogging — what every post should contain.
  • How to blog and promote your products without spending hours on a post.
  • What you should blog.
  • How often you should blog.
  • How to get more pageviews for your posts.
  • Crossposting your work in wedding networks.
  • Intro to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


  • Why you should use Twitter and what it is best for.
  • Best practices and rules of tweeting.
  • How to tweet — using and apps for managing your Twitter posts and account.
  • Reviews of helper 3rd party Twitter apps to improve your Twitter experience.
  • How to get more relevant followers (not just buying fake followers).
  • How to find accounts to follow and how to network with others using Twitter.
  • Efficiency tactics to make your Twitter account look active without spending time on it.
  • Overview of Twitter Ads and how you can use it to promote your business.


  • Why you should use Facebook and what it is best for.
  • The basics of building a beautiful Facebook business page.
  • How to improve your view counts.
  • Building beautiful posts that entice customers to “like” and click-though.
  • How to advertise effectively using Facebook Ads and promoted posts.


  • Why you should use Pinterest and what it is best for.
  • How to use Pinterest & best practices.
  • How to get more likes and repins to help your content go viral.
  • Making it easy for followers to pin your content.
  • Tactics to get more followers.

The Big Picture.

  • Using the above in combination to promote your business.
  • Time-saving tactics to tie everything together.
  • How to spend just an hour a week on your blogging and social media.
  • Promoting your content to engaged couples without advertising.

Anything I missed and that you’d like to see me cover? Leave a comment and I can add it to the plan!

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