Today’s guest post comes to us from Danisa Rais. Danisa is a photo retoucher at Image Masking Service. Enjoy!

Recording or taking photographs of a wedding in itself is extremely time-consuming and a huge task. It regularly requires at least 12 or more hours of coverage during you should be innovative and practical consistently. Be that as it may, wedding photography doesn’t stop when the big day closes. The next step is culling and editing. It’s probably the part where event photographers spend most of their time and probably it is the only portion they do not like. However, these guys should be happy as there are a lot of organizations which provide wedding photography post production service. They offer different image editing services which may decrease a wedding photographer’s workload.

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Why does a wedding photographer need help?

The first years of business, a photographer usually does everything themselves. Initially, they do not to have enough financial ability to hire someone for editing or post-production work. Moreover, a wedding photographer may feel that he should learn everything about photography at first. They sometimes think that no one could do a better job than them. However, all of these reasons are far from the reality.


Some wedding photographer may think that doing post-production work with a graphic design firm may be money consuming. It is actually a wrong concept. The numerous hours spent editing or retouching are precious hours which can be used for finding new clients or business planning or learning a new skill. The actual price of culling and editing service is not very much high and by taking help from this service, it is possible to deliver the final work within deadline. But it may take a long time if a photographer tries to do the post-production work by himself. Instead of that what can be done in these 2 days? How many venues you could call to ask for referrals, how many blog posts you could get ready to improve your SEO, how many emails you could send out to potential clients, or how many books or videos you could read/watch to learn and refining your craft? A photographer may think that he or she can do all these works during off-season but if s/he can these works all the year round by transferring his/her post-production work, they may get huge customers or referrals.

If a wedding photographer is specialized in wedding photography, he should not focus on running a wedding photography business. He should concentrate on the photography part of his business and hand-over as much of the other tasks as possible, retouching included. Retouching and photography are two very different jobs. So one should not be overloaded.


Over-confidence, myth and others

Generally, photographers tend to like to think that they do everything better than others — until they spend time looking at our competitors’ websites — they are often afraid to send their retouching work to someone. This is probably the most often heard excuse for not transferring the work: “They will never get it like I want it to be.” The truth is, more than likely a good retoucher will edit the images to look like a photographer wants them to be. A great retoucher will take your pictures to the next level.

Graphic design companies offer portrait retouching services and often provide better editing to be better, more consistent on others’ pictures. It’s much easier for these companies to see, or admit, what is wrong with an image which may not be seen by a photographer, thus much simpler to correct the images. It takes quite some time to come to this realization, or at least accept it. It’s not an easy task to let go of a photographer’s “cherished images,” but once someone tries it, he will never look back.


Choose the Right Company for You

Choosing a right graphic design firm for wedding photography post-production work should be about freeing more time for a photographer to work on other things, but it should also be about taking his/her work to the next level. Meaning a photographer must find an image editing service provider or an editor with whom communication is easy, who can match and improve the current style, and who can be trusted.

Danisa Rais is a senior photo retoucher at Image Masking Service, part time blogger, reader  and fun-lover. For more information about Image Masking Service, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.