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Lacey Blackwood is here with us today to share a couple of fun DIY projects that make thoughtful bridesmaid gifts. Enjoy!

Picture this. Your bridal party gathers around a table. They are helping you iron out the seating arrangements for the formal dinner. An exhausting endeavor considering your family is full of clashing personalities. At the end of a long and frustrating session, the bridal party successfully manages to come up with a seating plan that will keep the peace. This is just one moment out of dozens where they have made your life far easier during this stressful and exciting period. How do you repay that kind of commitment and loyalty?

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The truth is that repayment is unnecessary. Your bridesmaids are friends or family members who care about you. They want to be the ones to help you create a perfect wedding. Expensive gifts will not change anything. That being said they will appreciate small commemorative tokens that will help them remember your wedding. DIY projects can be inexpensive and meaningful gifts that will allow your bridal party to see your gratitude.

Bridal Party Clothing

That’s when you think of it. You remember that the bridal party in The Hangover had rhinestone bridesmaid shirts created by a site called Just Jen. While you could definitely just purchase your whole wedding party a t-shirt from Just Jen, I would suggest that a crafty bride could decorate her own bridal party t-shirts, although you might want to check out the site for some inspiration. This will allow you to individualize each t-shirt and save you some money.

 Bridesmaid Gifts: 2 DIY Gifts That Your Bridal Party Will Love to Have

1) You start by purchasing the clothing. Depending on your preference you can purchase plain t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies. The shirts should be 100% cotton, and should be around $5 for each t-shirt.

2) After purchasing you should wash your t-shirts. This will ensure that the paint and adhesive glue will attach to the t-shirt correctly. Purchase rhinestones, adhesive glue, and fabric paint.

3) Before you start painting the t-shirt, slide a piece of cardboard inside the shirt. This will stretch the fabric and make it easier to paint.

 Bridesmaid Gifts: 2 DIY Gifts That Your Bridal Party Will Love to Have

4) Draw your design ideas. This can be images like a wedding cake or a bride. Your design can also be words like bridesmaid, bridal entourage, or Bridesmaid 2013.

5) Begin painting the design onto the t-shirt. You can make this easier by tracing your paper design with a permanent marker. If your shirt is a light color, you can slip the image under the t-shirt. This will create a guide for you to paint. Finish by attaching rhinestones with adhesive fabric glue.

Home-Made Candles

That’s when you think of it. You saw these cute little homemade candles a few years ago. Who doesn’t love candles? They’re soothing, smell lovely, and are great at creating a relaxing atmosphere. Something that your bridesmaid really need after dealing with your weekly transformation into Bridezilla—something you really can’t help sometimes. Here’s how you create a candle to die for.

 Bridesmaid Gifts: 2 DIY Gifts That Your Bridal Party Will Love to Have


1. Purchase Crème wax, block or liquid dye, a liquid scent, and candle wicks. Look for cheap glass containers to place the wax in. For fun and creative candles use old shot or wine glasses.

 Bridesmaid Gifts: 2 DIY Gifts That Your Bridal Party Will Love to Have

2. Fill a pot with water and boil. Grab an old metal bowl or a large can that you washed out. Place the wax into the bowl or can. Put the metal bowl over the pot of boiling water.

3. Cut the wax into small pieces. Place the wax into the metal bowl or can. The wax will melt as the water boils. Add the scents and coloring to the wax.

 Bridesmaid Gifts: 2 DIY Gifts That Your Bridal Party Will Love to Have

4. The wick should be placed in the middle of the shot glass. You can make sure it stays in place with an adhesive. Wind the upper part of the wick around a pencil, pen, or place it though a clip. This will keep the wick centered.

5. Pour the wax into the glass. As you pour you can decorate with flower pedals, glitter, or any other memorable item.

 Bridesmaid Gifts: 2 DIY Gifts That Your Bridal Party Will Love to Have

6. Let the wax sit. When it has dried, you should cut the wick.

The final step of both projects is the best! Present your goodies to your bridal party. Have them model their t-shirts or test out their candles. Spend a few moments thanking them for their hard work. That moment is theirs. The next day you’ll be on the quest to obtain wedding perfection.

Lacey Blackwood has been a bridesmaid three times. She never received a soothing candle or a trendy tee to commemorate the occasion, but she she still had a blast.

Thanks so much Lacey!

Are you planning to DIY your bridal party’s thank you gifts? What will you make for them? Let us know in the comments!