Valentine's Day Design Roundup 2015 - Part 1

We made the call to our vendors for lovely and inspiring Valentine’s Day designs early last week ~ and whoa, did they deliver!

We’ve got it all this year, from traditional and beautiful to clean and modern to quirky and fun.

It’s just so awesome to see such creative talent and unique designs, and we know that you lovebirds are going to adore what we’ve got in stall for you in the upcoming days. :)

Be sure to check back with us on Wednesday for Part 2 and Friday for Part 3 of our Valentine’s Day Design Roundup for 2015!

Valentine’s Day Roundups Part 1:

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Valentine's Day Card Design Roundup

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! My partner’s mother is visiting during the holiday so we’re going to “celebrate” it a week later — and honestly I’m so pleased to have an extra week to prepare my gift. If you’re looking for the perfect stationery still (like I am), check out these lovely designs by stationers from our WeddingLovely Vendor Guide!

See all the lovely designs after the cut…

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