Holiday Design Card Roundup: Simple & Traditional

We’ve rounded up our fav quirky designs, and now it’s time for the opposite — lovely simple, traditional cards! There’s no harm in wanting a simple and traditional holiday card design — these designers have married simple with gorgeous, creating cards that any family would love.

See all the gorgeous card designs after the cut…

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Holiday Card Design Roundup: Quirky Designs

Thanksgiving is over, bellies have been stuffed, trees are being ordered… and now it’s time for holiday cards! WeddingLovely works with over 800 amazing stationers through our dedicated wedding stationer directory, WeddingInviteLove, and many (if not most!) of those designers are offering beautifully designed holiday cards as well. This week we’re highlighting our favorites, starting with these quirky and fun designs!

See all the great designs after the cut…

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Now for our third part in our Valentine’s Card Design Roundup — see part 1 and part 2 here! Only one more day to go until the big day, are you excited? Whatever you’re doing, enjoy these pretty designs!

Valentine's Card Design Roundup

Designs by, from top: Cedar+Gray, Puddle Jumpin’ Cards, Oddly DesignRafftruck Designs, and Pink Orchid Press.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, are you ready? My “real” Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend is rescheduled for a week after, so we can enjoy some time out without dealing with couples and raised prices and craziness.

We have a tradition of always writing notes to each other (we call them “lufflets”), and I wish I had all of the designs below to give him! Stay tuned for Part 2 soon,

WeddingLovely Valentine's Card Design Roundup

Designs by, from top: Michelle Hickey Design, Milkfed Press, Dream Tree Design, Erica Rothchild, and Iron Leaf Press.


Another beautiful invitation roundup is coming your way, this time courtesy of Raleigh, North Carolina-based stationers! Being from the west coast, I had no idea what kind of design mecca that Raleigh was until the stationers started pouring in to WeddingInviteLove. Not just that, but the quality of the design based in Raleigh is so high. I love this roundup — enjoy!


Whimsical Prints

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Last but not least, our last Holiday Card roundup! See part 1, part 2, and part 3 here. Enjoy these beautiful images from WeddingInviteLove vendors!

Little Bit Heart (website):

We just put these up in our shop ( All of the wording is customizable, so they’d work for New Year’s cards too. :)

See the rest of the holiday card designs after the jump!

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Our third holiday card roundup — last but not least coming out next week! Check out Part 1 and Part 2 too.

622 Press (website)

I put together a full collection for Holiday 2012 and I’ve attached a selection of images to share with you! Each is printed individually by hand on my 1882 letterpress. You can find out more about the studio at and I sell my work in a few boutiques in the Madison, Wis. area as well as online at

See the rest of the holiday card designs after the jump!

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Another holiday card design roundup today — see part 1 here!

Fourteen Forty (website)

From Patricia:

 The beaded tags are really special! They’re made in collaboration with Thea Bloch-Neal of hushedCOMMOTION – she’s a very talented bridal accessories designer. I haven’t seen anything like them on the market – each one is a mini work of art!

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