These WeddingInviteLove stationers were at the National Stationery Show this week. Tracy and I had a blast walking around and visiting all the amazing booths and meeting such wonderful people. We hope to see many more of you there next year!

Bella Figura WeddingInviteLoveBella Figura


Clover Creek WeddingInviteLoveClover Creek


Dingbat Press WeddingInviteLoveDingbat Press


Fine Day Press WeddingInviteLoveFine Day Press


Flywheel Press WeddingInviteLoveFlywheel Press


Lillywillow Paper and Press WeddingInviteLoveLilywillow Paper and Press


Lynn Graham Designs WeddingInviteLoveLynn Graham Designs


Oblation WeddingInviteLove Oblation Papers & Press


Page Stationery WeddingInviteLovePage Stationery


Paper Cut Industries WeddingInviteLovePaper Cut Industries


Pickett's Press WeddingInviteLove
Pickett’s Press


Smock WeddingInviteLoveSmock


Two Paperdolls WeddingInviteLove
Two Paperdolls


This week, I’d like to do something a little different for the design roundup. Typically, I search WeddingInviteLove for designs that have a similar theme – today I am going to show you an array of invitations from our newest stationers and calligraphers. Let’s give a warm WeddingLovely welcome to these talented folks:

Shh My Darling WeddingInviteLove


See the work of more new WeddingInviteLove designers after the jump… Continue reading

This week, I’ve rounded up a collection of alternative designs! These stationers have taken it a step further to create a unique invitation that your guests will not forget. You’re going to love these, I just know it.


Faye and Co WeddingInviteLove

Faye and Co.


Akimbo WeddingInviteLoveAkimbo


Something Green Weddings WeddingInviteLoveSomething Green Weddings


How Sweet WeddingInviteLoveHow Sweet


DuchessCK Events WeddingInviteLoveDuchessCK Designs


The Stylish Scribe WeddingInviteLoveThe Stylish Scribe


Benign Objects WeddingInviteLoveBenign Objects


Hoot Invitations WeddingInviteLoveHoot Invitations


Southern Fried Paper WeddingInviteLoveSouthern Fried Paper

Want to do something different for your table numbers too? Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest!

I love Wednesdays! It’s so much fun to go through WeddingInviteLove and look at all the amazing designs from our vendors. This week, I have chosen stripes to be the focus. Enjoy!

Preppy Paperie WeddingInviteLovePreppy Paperie


Merrymint Designs WeddingInviteLoveMerrymint Designs


Foglio Press WeddingInviteLoveFoglio Press


inspiraDESIGNS WeddingInviteLoveinspiraDESIGNS


Marit Hanson Weddings WeddingInviteLoveMarit Hanson Weddings


Printable Paperie WeddingInviteLovePrintable Paperie


Alannah Rose WeddingInviteLoveAlannah Rose


Stripes are such a simple design element that can seamlessly be used throughout your wedding theme. I’ve gathered a bunch of ideas for you on Pinterest!