Our fanciful featured invitation this week comes to us all the way from Australia! Stephanie at Stelloberry Designs writes:

This invitation set is called ‘Cotton Candy’ and was inspired by my love for polka dots and pretty pinks. My aim was to create an invitation suite that was pretty and elegant, but also playful and lots of fun, for couples that wanted wedding invitations that are a little different to the norm.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer stelloberry designs

When coming up with this design, I wanted to add in something special and symbolic for the soon-to-be married couple, so I included a circular wedding logo with the couple’s names and the date of their big day set on a backdrop of flourishes.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer stelloberry designs

I used navy as an accent colour to complement the pink shades – this colour combo is one of my absolute favourites at the moment, so it was an easy choice!

weddinginvitelove invitation designer stelloberry designs

This suite is very easily adaptable and can be made to suit a particular theme with the addition of rhinestones, ribbon, twine and corner features.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer stelloberry designs

I’m looking forward to working with couples to make this design a unique reflection of their special day!

weddinginvitelove invitation designer stelloberry designs

Take a look at Stelloberry Designs’ WeddingInviteLove profile or go straight to their website here!

I love these invitations that we’re featuring today: beautiful typography and a nod to classical design! Sarah from Foglio Press shares:

The design was inspired by typography and the simple yet powerful style of magazine layouts.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer foglio press

I’ve been enamored with magazines and the photography and design therein since I can remember, and I think this invitation is a great ode to classic understated style with just a bit of graphic detail in the striped border.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer foglio press

I’ve attached some images here, and you can also check out the listing in my shop, along with the listing for a coordinating photo save the date as well. These designs would be gorgeous printed in letterpress, but a budget-friendly flat printing option still does them justice!

weddinginvitelove invitation designer foglio press

Thanks Sarah!

View Foglio Press’ profile on WeddingInviteLove here or their Etsy store, here!


Today’s featured invitation is by the fabulous Preppy Paperie, a Washington D.C. invitation studio with beautiful clean designs on luxe cardstock. Ashley is here to talk about their Chesapeake Bay-inspired save-the-dates!

I just completed a Save the Date that I am particularly proud of and would like featured. I’ve been working with Lisa and Mike since the middle of the summer to create the perfect Save the Date for their Bay-side affair.

Lisa is a avid sailor and Mike is still learning. But Mike knew Lisa’s love for the sport so much that he even proposed to her while sailing (and was so skillful that he didn’t drop the ring in the bay!).

They have a nautical bayside chic feel in mind for the September ’12 nuptials. To gear their many out of town guests up for the big day, Lisa and Mike wanted a antique nautical chart Save the Date. This save the date was a a challenge to create the right mix between nautical prep and antique cartography.

I had to do a bit of research and obtain a few nautical charts of the Chesapeake Bay. From there I hand sketched the land and water masses. I also wanted to incorporate a design aspect that could be carried through in the wedding (which was the hand drawn compass). Lisa even provided me with the coordinates for her wedding location!

To finish it out, I printed on my luxe ecru felt to give an antique texture. Not sure how I am going to follow this up with matching wedding invitations!

Thank you Ashley! For more about Preppy Paperie, see their profile on WeddingInviteLove or head straight to the Preppy Paperie Etsy shop.

This week’s featured invitation comes from the creative duo behind Allison Kate. Not only are their invitations beautifully designed and crafted, but the ladies at Allison Kate also focus on the story behind the invitation, making them true keepsakes for brides-to-be. Katie, half of the duo, is sharing one of their invitations with us today!

weddinginvitelove invitation allison kate

This is Katie, the ‘Kate’ side of Allison Kate.  My uber talented partner, Allison Tosti, designed this ‘Raymond & Katherine’ invitation!

weddinginvitelove invitation allison kate

The colors and class set the tone for the big day and the classic patterns wrapped around the center of the invitation give the event a subtle theme.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer allison kate

We create custom made wedding invitations, specializing in helping brides set the tone for their day with an outstanding first impression.  As I am on the business side of things, I love watching the creative side!

weddinginvitelove invitation allison kate

When we sit down with a bride, it amazes me how quickly our designer Allison can identify that bride’s specific style.  Because of that ability, she just ‘gets’ what that bride wants and is able to design a unique invitation perfectly suited for the bride.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer allison kate

Be sure to check out Allison Kate’s profile on WeddingInviteLove, or go to their website for more information!

weddinginvitelove wedding designer savor the date 1

Hailing from our homebase of the Bay Area, Savor the Date makes beautiful handcrafted invitations that incorporate custom invitations, hand painting and classic calligraphy. Toby Simon tells us more about her company and how she creates these works of art:

Savor The Date was created for the giddy, excited bride who savors the planning process, yet never loses sight of what her wedding is all about.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer savor the date

Each illustration starts off as a pencil sketch, then is inked with a calligraphy nib and colored with paint or Prisma Color marker. Capturing tiny details is really important to me, which is why I incorporate everything from pets and hobbies to hairstyles, accessories and scenery. It’s what makes the illustration so unique to the bride and receiving the announcement so much fun for her guests.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer savor the date 3

weddinginvitelove invitation designer savor the date 4

weddinginvitelove invitation designer savor the date

I’ve been sketching since early childhood, but it was in high school that I took my first nude figure drawing class and discovered my love of illustrating people. With these portraits I am able to continue capturing human gestures: namely (clothes-wearing) brides, grooms and families. I run Savor The Date out of my home in San Francisco, and when I’m not working in my studio I’m usually shooing my inquisitive toddler, Mona, out of it. Those markers are messy.

weddinginvitelove wedding designer savor the date 2


To learn more about Savor the Date and see more examples of their invitations, take a look at their profile on WeddingInviteLove or go directly to their website.

weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer creative co claremont collection

Today’s featured invitation blends the sophistication of letterpress and calligraphy with clean design and beautiful details. Brooke of Curious & Co. Creative tells us more about their wedding invitation line, the Claremont Collection:

weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer creative co claremont collection

Hello, readers! My name is Brooke Forry and I co-own Curious & Co. Creative with the wonderfully talented Terry Baker and Maggie Moore. Day in and day out, we create websites, logos, brochures and the like for clients, but we also love to dream up wedding invitations and paper goods for couples everywhere. We created Claremont Collection, a line of customizable letterpress wedding invitations, for the design-minded couples out there looking for something fabulous to set the tone for their big day.

With twelve designs to choose from, customizable with 30+ ink colors and a slew of paper and envelope colors, there is something for everyone in Claremont Collection. One of our newest designs that may appeal to a couple hosting a very formal or black tie wedding is the lovely Isabella.

For the girl who has everything — Isabella is classic, understated elegance at its best. A diagonally striped border paired with sophisticated and formal typography set the stage for a simply beautiful affair. We love it when our customers add an envelope liner for a pop of color; making this one-color design into a two-color piece would also give it a whole new feel.

Thanks Brooke! For more about the Claremont Collection, take a look at their profile on Wedding Invite Love or head straight to their website!

Photos by Trevor Dixon – http://www.dixonphotography.com/

Merrymint Designs makes such beautiful invitations, and today we have more pictures and the story of their Manhattan invitations! I personally love the long invitation and the typefaces. Take it away, Cheryl & Sherie:

Manhattan is one of our newest designs and already a favorite of ours! It is inspired by the classy sophistication of the big city (hence the name) and we were going for a very formal, black tie affair type of look.

We printed the set on our new and quite lovely textured Felt stock because of it’s rich look and feel and slightly off-white tone.

We decided to make the typography the focal point to keep the set clean and elegant!

Thank you Cheryl & Sherie! For more about Merrymint and their beautiful designs, check them out on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to their Etsy store.

Today’s featured invitation is by { little toad }, inspired by the Pixar movie “Up” (one of my favorites!) Such darling illustrations and a beautiful finished invitation set — I love that these are so silly yet loving, a really wonderful departure from the typical classic wedding invitation. Michelle, take it away:

Well first off I love all things Disney & all things Pixar but when I saw the movie “UP” I felt a whole different level of respect for these animated films. In the first 15 minutes it managed to beautifully illustrate the full depth of a marriage, needless to say I was balling my eyes out (to the dismay of my boyfriend & my fellow movie goers.) Fast forward a year later and I came upon two engagement shoots inspired by “UP” and I was blown away by the artistry, the creativity & interpretation of the film. I also loved that so many other couples were so moved by the film that it has become a very popular wedding theme. This along with my love for the movie inspired me to create these invitations and Save the Dates.

In creating these my biggest challenge was making sure people would recognize parts of the movie in my illustrations but also making sure to make them my own interpretation & in my own artistic style. I always start with a pencil and my sketch book. This is where I can experiment, screw up (yes it happens) and really work out how they are going to look.Once I have chosen & refined my sketches I scan them in and use Adobe Illustrator to create the final digital artwork. Another challenge is mixing your illustration with all the necessary text that has to be included and leaving enough room for the couple ordering them to feel they can include as much information as they need to without losing any of the design. The couple was modeled after me and my boyfriend but with all my designs they can easily be personalized to look like & match the couple’s individual wedding. Right now I’m in the process of creating “UP” themed thank you cards, table numbers and anniversary cards.

I always love invitations that tell a story and the more you look at them the more you discover in the illustrations. So look closely and you will see the following little “UP” touches:

  • The groom has a grape soda badge.
  • Balloons are present in the Save the Dates & on the RSVP.
  • There are handprints on the mailbox for the RSVP.
  • The groom has a bowtie.
  • The color purple is used throughout (even in the envelopes) to represent grape soda.
  • In the background you can see “My Adventure Book” which was a huge part of the movie but also makes great guest books & couples photo albums.
  • The detail on her dress and on the envelope make a heart pattern.
  • The colors used in the type represents not only the different color of the balloons but also the different flavors of soda pop.

I LOVED how these turned out as much as I LOVED making them. I hope they will be a great addition to a couple’s special day and will mark their lifetime of adventures ahead of them.

Thank you Michelle! For more about { little toad }, check out their profile on WeddingInviteLove, their Etsy store, or their Facebook page for more!

When I was growing up, I completely rebelled against pink, and now that I’m comfortably in “adult” territory, I now adore pink! These invitations are so perfect for this obsession, especially the beautiful pink calligraphy on the black envelopes, and the perfect contrasting washi tape on the invitations. Thank you to Teresa from b.t.elements for sending these to me! More about the invitation in her own words:

Tine actually is a designer at b.t.elements so we really wanted to give a her something special for her shower. It’s a parisian inspired theme. Everything is black and shades of pink.

It’s a pretty common color combo but we really wanted to play up the boldness of the black doing a really striking pattern like the striped liners.

This photo was in Brides Magazine several years back. They featured our pedestal favor boxes (the pink boxes with black and white polka dot ribbon). Even after all these years the concept and colors are still fresh and stunning.

So I really took this idea and formed Tine’s invites around it.

I’ve also been practicing my calligraphy. So I mixed light pink ink for the black envelopes. The contrast makes the writing really stand out.

Thank you Teresa! For more about b.t.elements and to see more of their beautiful design, check out b.t.elements on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to their website.

Photos provided by b.t.elements.

Beautiful classic invitation feature today, starring Stelloberry Designs from Sydney, Australia! Stephanie is here to talk about the process and the design — take it away Stephanie!

This wedding was by far one of the most interesting ones I’ve had to design for in awhile, partly because it was such a small wedding (only 20 guests were on the invite list) and partly because of the time-frame. I first met Yasong and Yi in early June this year and found out at our first consultation that their wedding was in early July – only 5 weeks away!

The pressure was on to create a beautiful custom designed suite in less than a month — lucky for me, the gorgeous couple and their wedding planner Jen from Bells N Whistles Events were an absolute joy to work with, making the design process a breeze.

Yasong and Yi wanted their wedding to be natural, elegant and sweet, which immediately brought to mind visions of a timeless and classic invitation design. Although the couple had initially settled on white as their theme colour, after browsing through my portfolio, the groom took to a dusty pink flower in one of my previous designs, so I ended up using that colour throughout their suite.

Included in the design of the stationery were two monograms that I created for the couple – one with the initials of their first names for the front of the invitation and one with the initials of their family names that was used inside.

The combination of the decorative borders, damask, and a lovely script font gave the invitation classical prettiness. Most importantly, the bride and groom loved the design of their stationery, which made me very happy indeed!

Thank you Stephanie! For more of Stelloberry Design’s invitations and design work, head to their WeddingInviteLove profile or straight to their website.

Photo Credit: All images provided by Stelloberry Designs.