When I was growing up, I completely rebelled against pink, and now that I’m comfortably in “adult” territory, I now adore pink! These invitations are so perfect for this obsession, especially the beautiful pink calligraphy on the black envelopes, and the perfect contrasting washi tape on the invitations. Thank you to Teresa from b.t.elements for sending these to me! More about the invitation in her own words:

Tine actually is a designer at b.t.elements so we really wanted to give a her something special for her shower. It’s a parisian inspired theme. Everything is black and shades of pink.

It’s a pretty common color combo but we really wanted to play up the boldness of the black doing a really striking pattern like the striped liners.

This photo was in Brides Magazine several years back. They featured our pedestal favor boxes (the pink boxes with black and white polka dot ribbon). Even after all these years the concept and colors are still fresh and stunning.

So I really took this idea and formed Tine’s invites around it.

I’ve also been practicing my calligraphy. So I mixed light pink ink for the black envelopes. The contrast makes the writing really stand out.

Thank you Teresa! For more about b.t.elements and to see more of their beautiful design, check out b.t.elements on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to their website.

Photos provided by b.t.elements.

Beautiful classic invitation feature today, starring Stelloberry Designs from Sydney, Australia! Stephanie is here to talk about the process and the design — take it away Stephanie!

This wedding was by far one of the most interesting ones I’ve had to design for in awhile, partly because it was such a small wedding (only 20 guests were on the invite list) and partly because of the time-frame. I first met Yasong and Yi in early June this year and found out at our first consultation that their wedding was in early July – only 5 weeks away!

The pressure was on to create a beautiful custom designed suite in less than a month — lucky for me, the gorgeous couple and their wedding planner Jen from Bells N Whistles Events were an absolute joy to work with, making the design process a breeze.

Yasong and Yi wanted their wedding to be natural, elegant and sweet, which immediately brought to mind visions of a timeless and classic invitation design. Although the couple had initially settled on white as their theme colour, after browsing through my portfolio, the groom took to a dusty pink flower in one of my previous designs, so I ended up using that colour throughout their suite.

Included in the design of the stationery were two monograms that I created for the couple – one with the initials of their first names for the front of the invitation and one with the initials of their family names that was used inside.

The combination of the decorative borders, damask, and a lovely script font gave the invitation classical prettiness. Most importantly, the bride and groom loved the design of their stationery, which made me very happy indeed!

Thank you Stephanie! For more of Stelloberry Design’s invitations and design work, head to their WeddingInviteLove profile or straight to their website.

Photo Credit: All images provided by Stelloberry Designs.

One of my favorite artists and designers on WeddingInviteLove, Courtney Khail Stationery & Design, is here to talk about a beautiful new invitation design of hers! Such beautiful paint and handwriting — this invitations would blow me away if I got them in the mail.

I created these invitations for Stephanie and Josh’s summer wedding. They knew they wanted to use my bee/honeycomb design (which I was very excited about because it is one of my favorite designs to paint) but virtually let me have free rein on designing the different layouts options. I personally love the look of combining type with handwritten elements so I made sure to include that in one of the design options I sent them and happily they loved it as well.

By having their names handwritten, they not only jump out at you first, but they also bring a more intimate feeling to the invitation. (And because I printed the pieces from an original as opposed to hand writing each one, I was able to provide them a touch of my handwritten option without the handwritten price tag.)

As an extra touch, I carried the honeycomb design over onto the back of the invitation where my logo sits. This way, if their guests did the Hallmark card flip (something I’m very guilty of) they would be met with an unexpected burst of color instead of just a plain white back. It’s all about the little things, right?

Thank you Courtney! See more of Courtney’s beautiful stationery work on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to her website.

Beautiful invitation set today, from Chocolate Paper Boutique! It’s a beautiful day where I am in California, and these seaside-inspired invitation suite is making me want to go to the beach! Take it away, Mary:

Hello!  My name is Mary and I am the sole designer and creator of invitations at Chocolate Paper Boutique.  I have a passion for all things paper and all things chocolate, hence the name “Chocolate Paper.”  No, my designs aren’t made of chocolate (I’ve found it makes a mess of the printer), but I do like to use only the most fantastic paper I can find. Enter:  the “cocktail beach chic” invitation.

Rachel came to me from St. Louis for her destination wedding with the idea to have a “cocktail beach chic” style (her exact description, which immediately had me enthused). And of course she needed a spectacular invitation to introduce her guests to the idea.  She wanted starfish, coral, brown and a touch of blue, all mixed together to create an elegantly modern design conveying the point that this was a classy beach wedding.

At the request of the bride, we went with a square shape.  From there, I created an illustration of a classic starfish as the feature design element.  The invitation and all the enclosures were printed on an exquisite champagne cardstock, with a subtle shimmer reflecting the sandy beaches of the venue.  To make the text of the invite really pop and add a bit of texture to the inside, I included a brown linen matte in between the invite card and the coral interior of the folder.

For the pièce de résistance, I found this absolutely marvelous basketweave fiber paper, which we used for the outside of the folder.  The wonderful texture of the woven folder, combined with the majestic starfish and the double-layered ribbon with the touch of blue had me swooning!  Add a starfish patterned envelope liner and coordinating thank you card and I could almost smell the crisp ocean air and hear the sounds of the waves dancing across the shore.

By far, one of my favorite designs I’ve had the pleasure of creating.  Although if you ask my husband, all the invitations I’ve worked on are “my favorite.”  What can I say?  I love what I do!

Thank you Mary! See more on Chocolate Paper Boutique’s WeddingInviteLove profile, or head straight over to her website.


Happy Tuesday! Alicia from Akimbo is here to talk about her Regency invitation line, inspired by one of the cards donated in our July WeddingInviteLove paper goods giveaway. Gorgeous illustrations and typography here — enjoy!

I’m delighted to share with you how one of my latest invitation lines came to be.

Akimbo Regency cards

Late last year I launched the Regency collection, the first items being some fun greeting cards that combined old-fashioned Victorian engraved illustrations and text with modern sayings and colour combinations.

Regency engagement invitation

The cheeky ‘It’s about time’ engagement card worked so well it was begging to be made into an engagement party invitation.

Regency bicycle invitation suite

From there I decided to create a full wedding stationery line.

Regency RSVP 2

One of my favourite ways to personalise invitations is to make the RSVPs a bit more interactive, like this fill-in-the-blank story.

Regency save the date

I prefer save the dates that don’t totally give away the design of the invitation, so this one is purely typographic.

Regency thank you note

There’s only so many times you can show a bicycle in your wedding stationery without the theme being complete overkill, so the reception details are in the same style but with varying illustrations.

Regency menu

Regency seating chart

Regency escort cards

As well as the penny farthing design, I also have two other styles and plan to add more to suit every wedding theme.

Regency daffodil invitation

Regency shell wedding invitation

Thanks for having me tell you all a little bit about Akimbo’s Regency collection.

Thank you Alicia! Find out more about Akimbo on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight over to the Akimbo website.

This is one of my favorite invitations on WeddingInviteLove (really, go see my Pinterest board of all my favorite WeddingInviteLove designs). Amanda from baci designer stationery + events did such a great job — it’s so lovely to see full invitation suites that work so well and compliment every piece in the batch. The rustic brown, tree motifs, and seeded paper are right up my alley, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Hi!  I’m Amanda of baci designer stationery + events, a custom stationery and event planning boutique located in Northeast Ohio. Every day I have to pinch myself because I absolutely love what I do! Making brides and grooms squeal with delight when they see their invitations for the first time is awesome, especially when it’s your friends. That’s where this invitation started, with our dear friends, Jesse and Laurinda. They were planning an October wedding with a warm and rustic fall theme (you can see what inspired us when planning here on baci’s blog!). After our initial meeting we had everything set in stone, then my husband and I went to the National Stationery Show in New York and found what has now become my favorite thing ever — handmade seeded paper, you plant it in the ground and wild flowers grow. It is amazing!!! As soon as I saw it, I knew Laurinda would fall in love and she most certainly did! So much so that we threw our initial plan out the window and began again with the seeded paper as our main inspiration. And that’s how their beautiful stationery suite came about :o)

I began the design process by creating Jesse and Laurinda’s tree logo that ending up on everything from the save the date to the programs. I even “carved” their initials, J + L, into the tree trunk. Since we did a save the date postcard, we couldn’t use the delicate seeded paper. Instead we choose a thicker stock that was made to look recycled, but was thick enough to survive the mailing process.

I printed each piece of Jesse and Laurinda’s stationery in-house due to the unique, handmade nature of the seeded paper (if you look close you can see the chunks and flecks of the paper in the photo above), it was so much easier to control the quality of each piece that way.

The suite consisted of an invitation, a two-sided directions/accommodations card, complete with a custom designed “road map” of the area, and a reply card.

We used recycled brown bag envelopes for the reply card, complete with vintage postage (hands down my favorite thing EVER!), and for the outer envelope, which I printed the couple’s tree logo onto.

We finished off the suite by hand-tying it into a beautiful little package with twine and a planting tag that read, “In memory of our special day, plant our invitation suite in your garden, keep it moist, tend it with love and watch it grow!” This let each guest know just how special the invitation really was :o)
Jesse and Laurinda really started a trend, too — I now have two other October weddings that are using seeded paper!  I can’t wait to see them finished!

Thank you Amanda! See more on baci’s WeddingInviteLove profile, or on www.bacidesigner.com/.

Beautiful invitation feature today, starring Alicia and Akimbo! Alicia specializes in one-of-a-kind invitation designs guaranteed to be gorgeous, eye-catching, and perfect for your one-of-a-kind wedding. I love these beautiful purple literary invitations — thank you for sharing them with us, Alicia! Without further ado…

Well hello there. I’m Alicia, the chick behind Akimbo. How better to introduce myself as an invitation designer than to show you my own wedding invitations?

Last October I married the most amazing man at the most amazing venue. The State Library of South Australia features a mixture of Victorian and neo-classical architecture and original decorative street lamps.

In keeping with the venue’s era, the poster format and typography was inspired by the advertising posters of the Victorian age. I’m a total type nerd so I was in my element playing around with the variety of decorative typefaces.

I had it in my head that I would hand print our wedding invitations so I took a short course in screenprinting while already up to my elbows in wedding planning. The invitation I ended up designing didn’t suit this printing method, but I still wanted to incorporate some of my new skills so I screenprinted these cute belly bands with our initials.

As a nod to the venue’s literary theme, I lined the envelopes with vintage book pages (you can find my tutorial here).

The venue is also home to some of the state’s archives, including a fabulous etching of the then new library, which was perfect for our RSVP postcards. I also included space for guests to write us a note, which was great to feel the joy and build the excitement in the lead up to the day.

I finished off the envelopes with some vintage stamps purchased on eBay and this DIY envelope calligraphy trick.

They say designers are own worst client but thankfully that wasn’t the case with me. I loved every bit of it and am delighted with the result. I developed it into a collection called Mortlock, named after the wing where we had our reception.

I was already a graphic designer who loved designing invitations for friends, but it was only when I threw myself into planning my wedding that I discovered just how passionate I am about stationery and weddings. That’s how Akimbo came to be.

Thanks for letting me share my story, Tracy!

Thank you Alicia! Find out more about Akimbo on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight over to their website.

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Good morning everyone! Today we have the pleasure of featuring Imbue You Wedding‘s beautiful Indian-inspired folding invitation. I love the deep, autumn colors and the clever flap fold that holds more information!

This folded Indian print invitation resulted from a mix of our love for globally inspired prints and a desire to create an alternative to the pocketfold invitation.

My husband and I created our wedding invitation business after a friend asked us to brand her Persian wedding. We fell in love with researching global design in fabric, architecture and decorative items, and putting a modern spin on it.

I was really loving Indian archways and block print design, both of which inspired this print. They were modern and classic at the same time.

When I design I like to put myself in the guests’ shoes: What would I like to get? What would surprise me? What would tell me about the couple’s wedding style?

I love the look of layers and folds because they seem more personal, like “someone cared enough to make that and send it to me”. So I came up with this flap fold to tuck behind it a mini booklet for directions, events and accommodations. Everything stays together for the guests, held in place with the tag and ribbon.  Simple, yet personal.

Thank you Kemba! Visit Imbue You Wedding’s WeddingInviteLove profile, or head straight to their website for more.

Australian designer Rosalind Wong has a beautiful, restrained aesthetic — I love her graceful, simple, and classic invitations. Paired with warm colors and hand-stitching, out featured invitation today has big impact with great texture and feel.

The Aves design features two love birds perched on a branch together. As a designer, I have always wanted to design an invitation with birds as I love the silhouettes they create.

To give the invitation additional character, the branch element is created by sewing yellow thread.The thread ends are intentionally left uneven to give a rustic, hand-made feel. As each stationery item is sewn individually, every card is unique.

Bright Summer-inspired yellow, orange and red tones are incorporated within the invitation set. Textured, matte, white card and metallic red card are used to enhance the tactile nature of the printed invitation and makes the vibrant colours stand out.

Beautiful invitations, thanks for sharing them with us, Ros! Find out more about Rosalind Wong on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to her website.

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Have you ever seen a bilingual invitation? I hadn’t (until now), and Julie from Cartoules Press did a great job handling two different languages, two different character sets, and twice as much information that is normally needed for a wedding invitation! The result is really beautiful:

Bilingual invitations are always my favorite jobs, mostly because it’s one of the reasons I started Cartoules. When my husband and I were to be married in Greece, we needed bilingual invitations in Greek and English, but I couldn’t find a printer or designer who matched our style. I decided to take some classes, and worked with my instructor to print our own invitations – and the rest is history. I was so in love with the letterpress process, and the tactile and old-world nature of the stationery that I started Cartoules with the intention of helping other brides who had the same needs as we did when planning our destination wedding.

Since then I’ve done a number of Greek/English bilingual wedding invitations (by the way, I’m totally open to doing other languages too and welcome the challenge), but Despina and Gioti’s are one of my favs. Despina wanted to incorporate a map into the invitation somehow. Even though this was not a destination wedding for her, it was for the groom and most of his family. She wanted to illustrate that even though they were half a world apart, they would come together after so many years to become one. We took this idea a step further by incorporating the red and blue, a postal stamp with their wedding date and location, and I had a lot of fun styling the suite with vintage stamps, envelopes and a Polaroid camera. Despina and Giotis loved how they turned out, and nothing pleases me more than a happy couple.

Thanks Julie! Go see more of Julie’s work on WeddingInviteLove, or go straight to the Cartoules Press website.