Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was wonderful (I ignored the Super Bowl in exchange for helping friends garden personally, and it was perfect.) To wake you up and get you ready for the week, check out this beautiful wedding video by Coastline Studios, who are based in Michigan:

Paula & Matt’s Theatrical Wedding Trailer from Coastline Studios on Vimeo.

For more about Coastline Studios, see their WeddingVideoLove profile, or head straight to their website.

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Happy Monday! Check out this beautiful video by Dave Thomas Visuals, based in Toronto. I’m loving the combination of cultures in this beautiful wedding!

Grace + Marek :: A Filipino Polish Wedding Video :: Toronto ON | Dave Thomas Visuals from Dave Thomas Visuals on Vimeo.

For more about Dave Thomas Visuals, check out his WeddingVideoLove profile, or head straight to his website.

Been awhile since we’ve done a featured video and this Monday seemed like the perfect time to do it! From 3rd Street Films in Michigan, check out this gorgeous wedding — the reception area is so ornate and beautiful, the bride’s details are stunning, and the entire film production is so high quality. Enjoy!

Ali and Alex’s Wedding Film Trailer | Blessed Sacrament Cathedral | Colony Club from 3rd Street Films on Vimeo.

To see more about 3rd Street Films, check out their WeddingVideoLove profile, or head straight to their website.

Something a little different! Today’s featured video isn’t a wedding video — we were contacted by Phillip of Blume Photography about a very important story: children fighting to survive in Guatemala’s violent, post-civil war slums.

Well, in that interview I mentioned our conviction that artists ought to use their gifts for good — to make a real difference in the world, to inject into it some of that beauty we celebrate through art. Over the last year, my wife and I embarked on a very unlikely journey that resulted in us (still photographers with no video experience whatsoever) filming/directing/and producing this feature documentary film: Lost Boys of Paradise.

People have responded to the film in a HUGELY gracious way, which we couldn’t have imagined. We’re suddenly seeing lives changed through people all over the country, who are latching on to this project and to a very special organization that’s providing family life and an education to kids who previously were bound by extreme poverty and gang culture.

It doesn’t fit the typical wedding theme; although it represents a pro-bono project that our studio and clients made possible. I wonder if the story may find a place on your blog, where it might inspire some readers to get their own hands dirty to help the helpless.

See the trailer for the film below:

Lost Boys of Paradise: Official Movie Trailer from Phillip Blume on Vimeo.

How to help and promote:

You can request a free DVD version of the film by writing to them at [email protected]! You can also donate to Engadi Ministries (US 501c3 non-profit) by clicking “Donate” on the movie’s Web site.

More information below!

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