Today’s featured video comes to us from Brighter Lights Media. I absolutely love weddings like this, where the couple spends the day grinning ear to ear. Love was definitely in the air, and the talented people at Brighter Lights Media did an amazing job putting it together.

“One thing we definitely wanted to show when editing this wedding video was how often the couple had a smile tattooed on their face. From the moment I first met them, to the last song of the evening, they were nothing but smiles. They had a great sense of humor, and they also love documenting their travel and vacation adventures. The goal for us was to add yet another keepsake to their collection of digital memories.”

I bet that got your attention now didn’t it? Today I am sharing a video from Mr. and Mrs. Productions that will totally kick start your week! Somewhere during this video, you’ll see the groom dancing around in his underwear. I just love it when people let loose and have fun on their wedding day! And seriously, could they be any more OBVIOUSLY in love? *swoon*

I love this video from Fairfax Films for so many reasons, but I’ll spare you the rambling and give you five reasons:

  1. The brides dress and fur coat are so ridiculously amazing.
  2. In the couples welcome letter, she said “put a bird on it!” Anyone who is a Portlandia fan will appreciate that. ;)
  3. The venue??? OMG.
  4. The entire wedding is oozing with charm and adorable details.
  5. The videographer is so so talented and is gracious enough to be attending our Shindig to show off his skills. Thanks Jeremy!

See more of Jeremy’s work on Fairfax Films’ website!

When Luis from Innova Video Productions and Design sent over a few of his videos, I just knew I had to share this one with you! We’ve featured videos for different parts of the wedding day, but today I’m going to show you something a little different. This video features a couple after their wedding day having a lot of fun! The bride even looks just as gorgeous underwater, doesn’t she?

Thank you Luis for sharing your work with us today! Check him out on WeddingVideoLove or visit his site to see even more.

I love Mondays, because I know it means that I get to look through all the great WeddingVideoLove vendors and select a video to share with you. Today, I chose Minty Slippers. This video of Andrew and Jessica’s destination wedding is a real tear jerker, get those tissues handy!


So, will you be having a wedding video?

Visualities Videography sent a video to us that I just have to share with you! A lot of videos focus on the wedding itself, but this one highlights the couple getting ready. This is such a great concept, it shows just how much goes into getting ready. I watched it and totally felt the anticipation of their day, see if you feel the same!

Megan and Ted’s vows are so cute, that I can pretty much hardly stand it. Their entire wedding looks so intimate and personal, you can feel the love…and it’s truly amazing. Rodinis Films did a fabulous job capturing Megan and Ted’s wedding celebration. Enjoy!

Happy Monday! Today we are featuring a video from WeddingVideoLove’s oh-so-talented Shutterbliss Cinema + Photo. Ladies and gentleman get out your tissues, I PARTICULARLY needed them at the 2 minute mark when Emily’s dad made the most beautiful speech as he handed her off to her soon-to-be husband. *tears* Watch and enjoy!


Check out Shutterbliss on WeddingVideolove or head on over to their site to cry some more. That’s what I did! :)

We were so excited to launch WeddingVideoLove last week (especially Tracy who worked so hard to get it done!).  I’ve particularly enjoyed checking out new vendors as they sign up. As a result, I think that I am officially addicted to wedding videos now and am experiencing a little regret for not having a wedding video. Okay, so maybe a lot of regret. You’re about to see why, from this video by WeddingVideoLove’s Wes Haley Films. The toasts are totally sob-worthy, so make sure you are armed with tissues.


Learn more about Wes Haley Films on WeddingVideoLove or on his website. Thanks for sharing Halie and Jason’s video. We’re proud to have you!