5 Wedding Boutonniere Ideas (1)

Today’s fun and informative guest post comes to us from Danial of Darkershadesofbrown Photography, based in Scranton, PA! Enjoy:


Weddings are all about the little things! From the table settings, to the vows, all the way down to the invitations, weddings are made of many lovely tokens that make up your special day. In fact, it’s easy to get lost in them, especially if you’re the groom caught up in the whirl wind of a partner’s party! But fear not, this blog finally gives the guys a chance to have some fun with their own little detail, the fabulously dashing boutonniere!

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DIY Flower Centerpiece Tutorial

This DIY centerpiece post was submitted by Joe Schembri of Bridesign Wedding Flowers. Joe writes about wedding topics such as creating wedding centerpieces, which bulk flowers to use and more. Feel free to reach out to him at http://blog.bridesign.com.

Today we are sharing a DIY centerpiece tutorial, where with the right flowers and a little imagination, you will create a beautiful centerpiece for any occasion and showcase the wedding floral designer in you! Keep in mind that you can use any vases, flower types and accessories! So let’s get creative and have some fun while making these beauties!

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Chapel Designers


Brides and grooms visiting WeddingFlowerLove.com can now see instantly who is a part of the premier florist designer group for wedding and events, The Chapel Designers, lead by Holly Chapple! More about the group from Holly’s website:

The Chapel Designers group is another miracle in Holly’s life and one of her favorite “babies.” As Holly was one of the first in her field to utilize social media as a part of her marketing strategy, she had the opportunity to develop close relationships with floral designers worldwide. These designers began to regularly seek out her advice, guidance and moral support. Based on Holly’s ability to deal with a really big family, nurturing and supporting these designers was a natural love for her. It was very clear to Holly that a network of like-minded floral industry professionals needed to be started earning her the name “Flower Mamma.”

Annually, The Chapel Designers gather in NYC to tour the flower markets, have creative & business workshops, and most importantly to collaborate and share new inspiration with each other. These relationships have become invaluable to each of the Chapel Designers as both strong industry relationships and close friendships have been born. Throughout the year the group stays connected through a forum that is built to support one another and the group has also committed to a new standard of excellence when it comes to expanding our horizons, and setting industry standards in wedding and event design.

Seeing the Chapel Designers badge on a florists profile is an instant badge of approval for that florist — you know you’re going to get amazing quality and workmanship.

Are you a florist and interested in joining Chapel Designers? Apply here!

This week the SimplyBridal creative team has put together a list of great alternatives to the traditional flower bouquet.  There are so many to choose from, which one is right for you?

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Alternatives to the Traditional Bouquet - Infographic

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It’s the month of April, and SimplyBridal is celebrating flowers this season!  There are so many options to the classic flower bouquet, so check out this infographic to see which is the best for you.

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If you’re anything like most brides, you’ve seen enough cookie-cutter floral arrangements or square vases wrapped in banana leaves to make you roll your eyes. You’re way more creative than that! Planning and designing your unique and personal wedding is tough, but sticking to a budget doesn’t mean your décor has to be blah. Here are a few tricks that we’ve got up our sleeves to help inspire you the next time your bridesmaid shows you another boring bouquet.

Six DIY Wedding Flowers Trends for 2013 (6)

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Welcome to the flower school, a place where you will discover the secrets of flowers and where you will find tips and answers to your questions!

Most brides-to-be are faced with the question of how to find a florist they can trust, how to choose the most beautiful wedding flower bouquet, which flowers are available at that time of year etc. Before we answer all your questions, read the professional’s tips.

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