Fourth of July celebrations have just begun! It’s your chance to embrace the summer festivities and soak up some sun. I plan to spend a fabulous weekend with the family exploring the coast of Northern California, so it will definitely be fun! In case you  missed out on what has happened this week, let me give you a quick rerun…


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Happy Friday everyone! This week was so busy, I had an outpouring of submissions for our blog. It’s so exciting to see WeddingLovely grow and we LOVE to share the amazing work of our talented vendors. Keep the submissions coming! Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful Maine sunset photo taken by yours truly. :)

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Happy Friday everyone! It’s officially summer, so I hope that you have fun plans to celebrate. My husband, our sidekick Pete and I will likely hop in the car and head up the coast for a little road trip. I think wine + fresh oysters might be in our future.


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  • Great article on Every Last Detail: “Do we have to feed our vendors?”
  • SAVE THE DATES! EPA chapters launching: Miami 7/30, Cleveland 8/1 & Denver 8/2. Doing launch parties and mini intensives with ThePartyGoddess! Details to come. Join their email list to get invite! 
  • Did you see this zombie apocalypse engagement shoot?
  • Have you watched the marriage proposal from William Inness on YouTube that’s received over 22.8 MILLION hits yet?
  • Best makeup tips and tricks from NYC bridal makeup artist, Stacy Doolan.
  • It’s ‘Stationery’ not ‘Stationary’ This free download mini-poster from em papers will help you avoid this mistake for good!

If there’s one thing I miss about the Midwest (other than my amazing friends!), it would be central AC. We don’t have it in the Bay Area, which is apparently very common since things tend to stay pretty temperate. However, there are days that are SOFRIGGINHOT that our house turns into a makeshift sauna. So, we got Pete a pool to help him cool off. I may or may not join him on occasion. Look at that face, how could you not want to join him?

Pete in his pool

First things first…have you entered our giveaway?

If not, don’t walk…RUN and enter. There are only a couple days left to win a box with over $200 of paper goodness. You have no idea how bad we would love to keep all of this, but we’re taking one for the team and giving it to one of you! Enter by Sunday, June 17th. Good luck!

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Hey look, it’s me and Tracy at the 2012 National Stationery Show Meetup. You might not see Julia’s pretty face next to us, but I promise…she was there in spirit. From the entire WeddingLovely team,  we hope you had a wonderful week and that next week is even better. Cheers!


Tracy and Marit

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Hey 2012 SLOW THE HECK DOWN ALREADY. I feel like I’ve said that every Friday since the year started out. I’m not sure what is going on with this quick passing of time, but I feel like I am in some crazy movie. I’m sure most all of you are feeling the same way now that wedding season is in full swing!

Brooklyn, NY

Check out this photo I took when I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

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The hustle and bustle of NYC life was a lot of fun, I wish I had a pedometer to log all the miles I walked around the city. Hopefully all the walking made up for the great food and beverages I ingested over the last 5 days. At the same time, it’s so nice to be back on the west coast!

Tuesday morning, I walked the Brooklyn Bridge – it’s a must do if you have never done it. Make sure you stay out of the bike lane though, I saw a few tourists almost get run over.

Brooklyn Bridge

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Tomorrow morning, Tracy and I will be heading to NYC to attend the National Stationery Show. We can’t wait to meet many of our WeddingInviteLove vendors, and tell other stationers about WeddingLovely. If you are there, leave us a comment with your booth number! Also, come to our Shindig!

Photo via flickr by sackerman519

Photo via Flickr by Sarah_Ackerman

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Happy Friday! WHAT. A. WEEK. It was a crazy one with the release of the Lookbook. I’m pretty sure that poor Tracy can count the total hours of sleep she got on one hand. While we are so so so so so proud of how the Lookbook turned out, we’ve already got so many ideas of how to make it even better this Fall.  If you have ideas/suggestions/tips, let us know!

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Thank GAWD it’s Friday. This week has been so busy, how busy you ask? Let’s just say that I have not put a lick of makeup on all week. I also may or may not have only showered a few times. But my filth and hard work comes with good reward because the Spring 2012 WeddingLovely Lookbook is coming out soooooooon! And you guys and gals, it is pretty dang awesome.

And check out Tracy’s cat, Westley. He was tired of seeing Pete get all the attention, so I thought I’d spread the WeddingLovely pet love his way!

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  • Today is the deadline to submit your ad artwork and payment to be in the Spring 2012 Lookbook! Specs and info can be found here.
  • The SF Bay Area Wedding Pros put together a Relay for Life Raffle with over $10,000 in prizes from local artists and vendors! All proceeds go to support the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life and tickets are only $5 each. Buy as many as you’d like!
  • Having kids at your wedding? Here’s a great idea from the Inspired Bride.
  • WeddingInviteLove’s Pickett’s Press is on GILT!
  • The Spring wedding trend is vintage!