Are Custom Invitations Right for Your Wedding? (5)

We’re so excited to bring you a guest post today from Persnickety Invitation Studio! Enjoy:

With an infinite amount of options to choose from, deciding on a wedding invitation is tricky. Choosing whether to go with an album invitation or a custom invitation can make the decision even more of a challenge!

What do we mean by an album invitation? Persnickety is pleased to offer several lines of invitation designs from different national manufacturers, including Carlson Craft, Designers’ Fine Press, William Arthur, and Crane brands.

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All You Need to Know About Colored Engagement Rings (4)

Attention engagement ring lovers: white is out, colored is in!

There is no denying to the fact that we all love jewelry. We’d be happy to choose diamond jewelry over any other piece of junk or artificial jewelry. And why not? It’s an investment for a lifetime, its luxury and complements any clothes, occasion and can be worn up and down.

Now let’s focus on the fact, what if we add a little color to diamond jewelry, isn’t it going to make it look wow. Yes, it not a bad idea, to focus on colored engagement rings. Who can resist the fact that your precious piece of jewelry is made with colored and white diamonds or precious gemstones.

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Best Classical Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding (2)
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Planning your wedding or setting the scene for your perfect wedding can be a daunting task. With wedding trends changing so rapidly over time, the decision making becomes even harder, especially if you want to give your wedding decoration a little classical touch. A wedding decoration is a very integral part of any wedding as it helps in setting the right mood for the wedding as well as makes your guests feel welcome and warm. It is one such thing that needs ample attention and time so that it sets the right atmosphere and helps you create the perfect memories on your big day.
So, if you are looking for some classical decoration ideas for your wedding, here we are listing the best ideas that you must try to set the right feel and mood:

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Big thanks to Tre Bella for sharing this infographic with us! From Kim:

Changing your name after marriage can be very overwhelming. With so many steps to follow and so many accounts and institutions to update, it can feel like a never-ending project. I’ve heard of many brides waiting a year or more before getting it done!
Well, recently we made this process a whole lot easier. When my team and I were creating a local guide for how to get married in Arizona, we decided to put together a handy little name change checklist of all the places we could think of where you might need to update your name. Hopefully, this will cut your research and brain-scratching time down by a lot so you can get it done and get on with your married life.

Kim is the founder of Tre Bella, an Arizona wedding venue that delivers platinum-style weddings affordably. With a true love for design and a stress-free coordination process, Kim keeps gorgeous urban weddings within reach for busy couples.

We’re so excited to bring you this guest post by Juliet, founder of Everly! What an important post — prioritizing what matters most for you and your wedding will help you apply your budget to things that matter. Thank you for the post, Juliet!

Managing the budget tends to be the most dreaded part of wedding planning. Not only must couples decide on a total amount to spend, they must also determine how to allocate the money across the many different expenses associated with a wedding.

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The Most Romantic Ways to Propose in New York (7)

How important is a wedding ring? Depends on your beliefs and your wallet. Beliefs vary from one couple to another.

Some couples feel it shows one’s commitment to each other. They believe the ring represents the beginning of their lives together and a commitment to one another. The ring symbolizes two hearts beating as one. A statement that expresses not only love, but also a daily reminder that every decision affects one another. A ring is a form of silent communication that says how important each other are. A reminder of both happy and sad times.

Some couples feel there is no need or reason to wear a ring. They find rings are more of a nuisance and an expense that hinders a marriage during the early years. Others feel it is a sign of ownership more than commitment. What is in their heart is all that that matters, and a ring does not show those feelings.

How much should couples spend on wedding rings? Be careful. Many couples begin a marriage in debt due to ring price. There was once a diamond company that suggested a ring should cost two months salary to get more people to invest more money into diamond rings. When buying your partner a wedding ring, spend only what you can afford. Remember, the true meaning of what the ring stands for, your undying love, devotion and commitment to one another.

Which now leads me to a company that understands the importance of a wedding ring, and looks to please and satisfy your fashion and budget. Manly Bands works with you to find that important and perfect ring. There are many styles to choose from: They offer a one year Warranty, 30-day return policy and painless exchanges, if needed. They have a ring for every type of person and the collections prove it: The Adventurer, The Entrepreneur, and The Creative. Find the perfect ring for yourself or someone you love. Receive 15% off with code WEDDINGLOVELY and all rings ship for free.

Once you see their quality and price – you too will agree they have a good understand of the importance of wedding rings. At Manly Bands, ‘boring’ and ‘overpriced’ are not in their vocabulary. Their rings are made from the manliest materials, including tungsten carbide and titanium. Their shipping is, free for all rings, stupid fast and their customer service is downright delightful. To read more about how they got started, click here.

Thank you to Manly Bands for providing this important post! Again, don’t forget to use the code WEDDINGLOVELY for 15% off.

If you’re thinking of having a luxury wedding abroad, the most important thing to decide is where in the world should you tie the knot? When the world is your oyster, you may just feel like closing your eyes, spinning the globe and choosing at random!

To help with this tricky question Matthew Oliver Luxury Weddings have designed a quiz that can help to point couples in the right direction for their big day.

The interactive quiz poses a number personality questions about you and your partner’s interests as well as the perfect music, food and even the type of flowers for your ideal wedding. The Matthew Oliver Weddings team have used all of their experience of planning luxury destination weddings to pick out some wonderful international wedding locations for the quiz results.

So will you end up in a luxury resort in the Caribbean or in a magical Austrian alpine lodge?

Take the quiz and let us know where you ended up!

83 Awesome Printable Photobooth Props by Zola (1)

Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way to help wedding guests let loose and get involved in the wedding festivities. And what’s even better, you’ll have a selection of hilarious photos to always remember the night by. These are perfect for a wedding book or scrapbook for you to look back on for years to come. To ignite your guest’s silly side, you’ll need creative and unique photo booth props for them to choose from.

This collection of printable wedding photo booth props made by Zola, has over 80 different printables spanning over 11 different themes. From rock n’ roll sunglasses to disco-themed bow ties, these photo booth props will spark guests of all ages imagination. Ane what’s more, they are super simple to create! Just download your favorite design, print on cardstock paper, cut along the dotted line , and glue each prop to a wooden dowel. Four simple steps for a night of endless fun.

Check out preview of their printable props below or head over to their blog to download your favorite designs. You and your significant other are going to love looking through all the photo booth photos days after the big celebration.

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How Not to Lose Your Engagement Ring (3)

Today’s helpful guest post comes to us from Primestyle, based in Guttenberg, NJ. Enjoy!

An engagement ring can be one of your most important possessions. And it can be shattering if you damage it or, worse, lose your ring completely. Fortunately, as long as you’re careful and follow these pieces of advice, it’s a guarantee that you won’t lose such a precious item unless extenuating circumstances happen.

Make Sure It Fits Perfectly

Your fiancé is only human, and they can get the wrong ring size. They very likely got one that was a size or two bigger since that is easier to resize. It’s not a bad metaphor of how, since your ring doesn’t, you don’t fit together. It’s a simple problem with a simple solution. Get it resized. Go back to your ring’s jeweler or go to the closest one near you to have it resized immediately.

A loose ring has a greater chance of being lost. If you don’t want the same issue with your wedding bands, you may want to learn how to measure ring size and teach your partner how to do it (for future references).

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9 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring (3)

Today’s lovely guest post comes to us from Javian of Draco Diamonds, based in Singapore. Enjoy!

As a guy, I know what it feels like when you want to bring your relationship with your girlfriend to the next level. That is, to create a personal and memorable proposal for your girlfriend. To create an experience that is pleasant to reminisce about in the future. To set the context, I’m Chinese, living in Singapore. As far as my understanding of the traditions goes, there are many things that need to be done even before I can propose to her. Things like finding an auspicious date, getting permission from her parents, and so on. If you are an introvert like me, perhaps the most difficult task is getting permissions from her parents. Despite having a good relationship with them, it is still not easy to ask.

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