Today’s guest post comes from Sara of Modern Weddings Hawaii, and she’s here to tell us about some awesome offbeat Hawaiian venues!

When brides-to-be think of a Hawaii destination wedding, they oftentimes think only of high-end resorts. Yes, we’ve got loads of those, but Hawaii also has lots of rustic venues that are absolutely perfect for the cowboy boot wearing bride.

Sunset Ranch on Oahu offers picturesque photo opportunities for your bridal portraits and a gorgeous barn right in the middle of a tropical paradise.

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Jessica from Odd Duck Press put together this seriously helpful post about wedding stationery. She previously shared a great post about etiquette and invitation wording, check it out if you missed it! Thanks Jessica, you are a wealth of knowledge. :)

Odd Duck Press WeddingInviteLove

Photo by Lindsay Docherty for Odd Duck Press

Ok, first take a deep breath. This will be painless, I promise! I know that with the myriad of to-do’s involved in getting ready for the BIG DAY, planning the invitation suite can be daunting. (How do you tactfully let people know their kids aren’t invited? What is an escort card?) Let’s take it a step at a time and begin by breaking down the invitation suite.

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Lisa from Petals and Promises put together today’s guest post for us. Thank you so much for your great tips and advice, Lisa!

Couples preparing for their wedding will need to make multiple decisions regarding their wedding day and the choices and options may seem overwhelming. We suggest an initial consultation after your venue has been chosen and advise as early as a 9-12 months in advance for busy months such as May, June, September and October and 6 months in advance for any other time of the year.

Petals and Promises
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Welcome to our new monthly blog series: PR Tips 101 from Hello Cupcake! We introduced you to Stacy in an interview at the end of June and we were so excited about her new venture that we asked her to be a monthly contributor. This will be a wonderful series, we will all learn from Stacy!

Hello Cupcake PR 101

It’s no longer 2005.  At that time, when I graduated with a degree in public relations I felt armed to take on the world. Flash forward just a short seven years and you’ll regularly find me at the public library, checking out books that cover topics like online public relations, social media strategies or even, make money off your blog! Public relations in this day in age demands a dramatically different approach – one that was not yet conceived in 2005.

To stay current, YOU need to be flexible and YOU need to adapt to meet the current ways that information is being disseminated.

One of the best ways for people to gather information about your company, see your current work and learn more about your offerings is through a blog. In first starting out, it’s hard to stay motivated because you’ve not yet built up your readership. Here are a few tips to help you get found and get a following!

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Jessica from Odd Duck Press put together this post that’ll make sure you use proper etiquette. She also has some wording options for your invitations. This is the first of a series of guest posts from Jessica, we’re so excited to share them with you.

Depending on how traditional your wedding will be will determine how closely you’ll need to adhere to formal etiquette. Another major factor is who is hosting (ie: footing the bill).

Odd Duck Press WeddingInviteLove

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Today’s guest post comes to us from inspiration board extraordinaire Sara of Burnett’s Boards. She was so kind to put together this post and share some boards that she’s put together. We look forward to many more posts from Sara, stay tuned!

A great place to start when planning your wedding is with an inspiration board. What is an inspiration board? Well, its basically one image, with several images within it, that wraps your dream wedding up into one neat little package.

Why is having one important? It’s something to show your wedding planner to give him or her a direction to go (he or she will probably ask you to create one anyway!).

What can you do with it? You can pin it onto a Pinterest board and add from there. Add things that enhance it, add things it might be missing, add pictures of your wedding dress and venue, and you’ll end up with a perfect visual of your wedding that all of your vendors can work from.

Yep, I know. There are a lot of inspiration boards out there to choose from… so which one is for you? It’s the one that stops you cold in your tracks, that you stare at for a little too long, that intrigues you and makes you dream a little. That’s the one.

Lets take a look at a couple of popular inspiration boards and the types of brides that love them.

Bride #1

She’s elegant, sophisticated, educated, and loves a little touch of old world glamour.

Burnett's Boards All That Glitters

Photo credits: cake, reception, Arabic gold lettered invites, ring, No.5, vintage Dior dress, gold stars, love blocks, mosque

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Thank you Campbell Raw Press for helping us out today and making the letterpress process easier to understand! Letterpress is truly an artform, and after reading this post, our planning couples and fellow vendors will be sure to agree. ;)

You’re curious about letterpress wedding invitations, you love the results, but you’re a little foggy on where to start and how it works, right? There are, indeed, a lot of steps, but the process is pretty simple and once you know a little more about how it works, hopefully you’ll feel a little more sure footed as you navigate invitation options.

Signature Invitations by Campbell Raw Press

Signature Invitations by Campbell Raw Press

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The oh-so-lovely Invitations by Ajalon sent us today’s guest post, thanks so much Katie! You’re going to learn all about letterpress from a true professional. Enjoy. :)

Brides and grooms all over the world are going crazy for letterpress wedding invitations right now and I certainly cannot blame them. There is something about that soft, luscious paper and those deep impressions that send my heart racing. Why do you love letterpress?

The versatility of this centuries-old printing process is another thing I will never get over. Any color in the Pantone rainbow looks amazing letterpress printed, and if ink isn’t your thing, shiny foil or blind impression looks fabulous impressed into paper.

Your options are endless. Let’s take a look at a few:

Invitaitons by Ajalon WeddingInviteLove

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