Holiday Design Card Roundup: Simple & Traditional

We’ve rounded up our fav quirky designs, and now it’s time for the opposite — lovely simple, traditional cards! There’s no harm in wanting a simple and traditional holiday card design — these designers have married simple with gorgeous, creating cards that any family would love.

See all the gorgeous card designs after the cut…

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Holiday Card Design Roundup: Quirky Designs

Thanksgiving is over, bellies have been stuffed, trees are being ordered… and now it’s time for holiday cards! WeddingLovely works with over 800 amazing stationers through our dedicated wedding stationer directory, WeddingInviteLove, and many (if not most!) of those designers are offering beautifully designed holiday cards as well. This week we’re highlighting our favorites, starting with these quirky and fun designs!

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Printing Options for your Wedding Invitations

With so many printing options available it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Barbara Caruso from AvantGarde Design has been good enough to break it all down. From budget friendly and flexible to formal and luxurious, it’s all here!

As you start to explore the possibilities of invitations for your wedding, you will most likely come across terms or phrases that you are unfamiliar with. Among the countless decisions you will need to make regarding your invitations, one of them is how you choose to have them printed. There are many printing techniques that are available; however, we have decided to help you by narrowing down the choices to the best options for printing wedding invitations. Below you will learn more about the printing process for Digital Printing, Letterpress and Thermography. The printing technique you choose will contribute to the overall look and feel you are creating for your event.

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The Paper + The Event: Gillian + Michael

Here is the final post in our series — the paper + the event, showcasing the invitation designs and how they tied into the wedding by I’ll Know It When I See It, a design studio based in Vancouver, BC! Enjoy:

About a year ago we designed a very unique and personalized monogram for our clients Gillian + Michael. This monogram not only reflected the bride and groom but also the other love of their life, their dog Amara. After the dust settled we got in touch with Gillian to follow up.

It turns out they put their embosser to good use! They applied the monogram to their invitations, RSVP cards, programs, thank you cards, all the envelopes and the napkins. But what really put a smile our our faces was that they also used the monogram for an ice luge at their reception!

The happy couple were so kind to share some photos from their special day.

See all the photos and more by I’ll Know It When I See It after the cut!

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Desktop calendars by Kelly Ashworth

Today we have something a little bit different to share with you.  Kelly of Kelly Ashworth Design, in addition to creating beautiful wedding invitations, has been designing tons of fun, downloadable wallpapers!

I started this project two years ago at the behest of my friend. She wanted something cute for her desktop and I was looking for new ways to promote my brand. At the time I figured it would last a few months, but it has really grown into something of a pet project for me.


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The Paper + The Event: Kelly + Simon

Welcome to part four in our series — the paper + the event, showcasing the invitation designs and how they tied into the wedding by I’ll Know It When I See It, a design studio based in Vancouver, BC! Enjoy:

Kelly + Simon’s wedding was most definitely a global affair. Kelly, a Canadian girl met Simon, a New Zealander, fell in love and decided to get married.

With family spanning across the globe (literally) they opted to have their wedding in Hawaii with receptions following in New Zealand and Canada.

This meant wedding invitations that had to do triple duty. While some guests were invited to all three events, most were only invited to the event in their nearest country.

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The Paper + The Event: Lloyd + Raggi

Welcome to part two in our series — the paper + the event, showcasing the invitation designs and how they tied into the wedding by I’ll Know It When I See It, a design studio based in Vancouver, BC! Enjoy:

Iceland holds a special place in my heart. After University, I took a 7 month backpacking trip and Iceland was my first stop. I didn’t really know anything about this amazing country other than it was where the ribbon bookmark of my Lonely Planet Europe guidebook happened to be.

Without a doubt it is one of the world’s most naturally beautiful countries. Black sand beaches, geysers, waterfalls, steaming lagoons, volcanoes, northern lights. You name it – Iceland probably has it. If it’s not on your list of places to visit, add it now. Check out these great photos from National Geographic.

So when Lloyd + Raggi need help designing wedding invites for their upcoming nuptials I was so excited to hear that it would be happening in Iceland! The plan was for the wedding ceremony to be on a ferry en route to Viðey followed by the reception on the island. Like pied pipers, Lloyd + Raggi led the party up to the venue with balloons.

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Invitation by Cartoules Press

The wedding invitations will be the first thing your guests will see, so make a good impression. Start as you mean to go on, as they say. Unless you have a particular theme in mind, it’s a good idea to tie in with the fact that your ceremony is taking place abroad. Here are just a few ideas for designing your wedding invitations:

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Featured Wedding Invitation Collection: Blush Printables (1)

I was so pleased to hear about Blush Printable‘s new 2013 line—a gorgeous set of classy, clean, and sophisticated invitations. Jen says:

Blush Printables is a charming stationery studio, created out of my love for pretty patterns and passion for creating paper goods. We believe in quality, custom design that truly reflects the passion and vision of our clients.  Our newest collection was designed keeping that in mind.  An array of colors, patterns and fonts are available for you to choose from and we encourage you to choose your own color palette and fonts to create a wedding suite that is as unique as you.

We are offering a free art-mounted return address stamp with all orders placed through March 31, 2013!  Kindly mention this offer when placing your deposit, and we’ll make sure your custom stamp is added to your order.  This offer is valid to US residents only.

Check out all of Blush Printable’s new 2013 designs below:

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! To celebrate the day, we have another great infographic by Simply Bridal. So neat to see the Valentine’s celebrations around the world.

Click to see full size:


See our other previous infographics here!

What’s your perfect Valentine’s Day look like? Let us know in the comments!