I LOVED going to the National Stationery Show. My first time was two years ago, when all I had was WeddingInviteLove and didn’t know many people in the industry, so I snagged a press pass on a whim (in fact, I created this blog at first solely to get that guest pass) and flew myself out there. I met SO MANY amazing stationers, made a ton of new friends, and really started to grow my connections in the industry.

Last year, I went again — WeddingLovely now had a bunch of different wedding vendor directories, not just stationery, and I even had an employee. This year was also our big WeddingLovely Shindig (planned with the amazing 5th Avenue Weddings & Events) — we held a huge party at Etsy Labs, met MORE people, and had an amazing time again.

Each year was a smashing success for WeddingLovely. So why am I not going this year? It’s been breaking my heart to get email after email from friends asking to meet up. The big reason has been a major change in direction for WeddingLovely — last year, we had a small bit of funding from 500Startups, but the business as a whole was losing money (ah, the joys of a traditional startup). Rather than raising money again (and potentially getting investors on board pushing WeddingLovely into a bad direction, you know the weddings industry), I decided to lower our expenses drastically (one reason why the full-time WeddingLovely team is just me again), bootstrap the company, and run a much leaner business.

The good news is that WeddingLovely is now profitable (though I have a teeny-tiny salary) which is pretty much amazing — the bad news is, I won’t be able to go to NSS while also pinching pennies. Being a West Coast gal, it would involve flights, food, lodging, and probably a slew of miscellaneous expenses, and I’ve made the decision to stay at home and watch the goings-ons from afar.

Like I said, it breaks my heart — I’ve had such a good time at NSS over the years. That said, if any stationers at the show want some coverage-from-afar, I am more than happy to blog photos or anything else sent to me from the show or after! Just send an email over to [email protected].

I hope all my lovely friends at NSS have a great time, and hopefully I’ll be there next year!


We shared the lovely details of our Shindig with you yesterday– today it’s on to the party! It was so exciting to see Etsy Labs fill up with talented wedding industry folks. We were able to meet so many vendors that we only knew through email and twitter. It is SO NICE to be able to put faces with names. It was wonderful to meet you all. We hope to see you again next year!

WeddingLovely ShindigWeddingLovely Shindig

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We shared the awesome video from Fairfax Films, the oh-so-fun photo booth images from The Magnolia Photo Booth Company and now it’s time to share the entire event with you courtesy of WeddingPhotoLove’s Carrie Draghi Photography. Before I bust out the photos, I want to share this little tidbit with you about how awesome Carrie is. The poor poor girl got food poisoning the night before our Shindig. If anyone has ever had this horrible thing happen to them, you must know how much you feel like dying. But Carrie, she was a trooper; She came, she smiled, she photographed – she rocks! It truly shows her love and dedication to her job. THANK YOU Carrie.

Carrie Draghi Photography WeddingPhotoLoveCarrie Draghi Photography WeddingPhotoLove

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Last year, Tracy was a one woman show with WeddingLovely. She went to NYC for the National Stationery Show and held a meetup for a handful of WeddingInviteLove vendors – at the time, that was our only directory. If she only knew what would come in 2012!

Fast forward a year, and our team has tripled. Our vendor directories went from only invitations to photographers, planners, videographers and venues. Our little meetup turned into a full-fledged party with close to 100 RSVPs. But wait, it gets better– not only did Etsy donate their space and money, but we also had an amazing team of some crazy talented wedding industry folks offer up their services to make our shindig THAT much more awesome.


A BIG thank you to:

Etsy donated money for food and drinks and also let us use Etsy Labs for our event space. Sara and Julie were so gracious and helpful. We love love love Etsy and are flattered that they were willing to help us out.

5th Avenue Weddings did a fabulous job putting together our event details. I have two words to describe Meena: PLANNING ROCKSTAR. When she called me and said she wanted to do “everything,” I will admit – we were a little nervous. But then we got to Etsy and Meena was already there turning the space into something more beautiful than we ever imagined.

Fairfax Films created the awesome video for us. Jeremy White and Stephen Depp, – you are SO TALENTED. Having a video truly is the icing on the cake, we were all giddy with excitement when Meena told us that Fairfax Films would be there.

Carrie Draghi was our paparazzi for the evening. We’ll see sharing her gorgeous photos soon. She did an amazing job to say the least. No detail was left behind – in fact, she even has photos of things I didn’t even notice.

X Quisite Flowers & Events provided flowers. And more flowers. And more flowers. Seriously – we had SO MANY FLOWERS. They were so lovely and quite honestly, the talk of the party!

There is some major eye candy in your future! Stay tuned, because we’re going to be sharing the Etsy Labs photobooth pictures from Magnolia Photo Booth Co. and photos from the Shindig by Carrie Draghi.



Are you back for more Ladies of Letterpress? Good, because we have some great stuff to share with you today. I tell you what, this group of ladies is oozing with talent!

HawkGerber, Ink

HawkGerber Ink WeddingInviteLove

At first, I thought that this card from HawkGerber Ink was a biology lesson. Then, I saw the payoff and laughed. I <3 this card.

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We love Ladies of Letterpress! It was a highlight in our trip to the National Stationery Show to see these talented ladies all lined up and showing off their designs. If you are interested in joining them and adding their lovely badge to your WeddingInviteLove profile, you can learn more here.

Tella Press

Tella Press

I love love love the type treatment on these cards by Tella Press, they are even nicer in person – this photo definitely doesn’t do them justice. They were all perfectly letterpressed.

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We brought you part one and part two, now it’s time for the third installment of WeddingInviteLove at NSS! It was so much fun to see all the great designs of things other than invitations from our stationers. But of course, the wedding stationery was pretty awesome too.

Fine Day Press
Fine Day Press WeddingInviteLove

I love how this invite from Fine Day Press is so simple with a one color design, but then the envelope is so colorful. What a wonderful combination!

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Yesterday we shared Part 1 of WeddingInviteLove Vendors at NSS, today we’re onto more vendors. SECRET: tomorrow, there will be a part three – gasp! We are so proud to have each and every one of these vendors in our directory. :)

Chewing the Cud

Chewing the Cud WeddingInviteLove

The bold prints from Chewing the Cud totally caught my eye and left me feeling VERY inspired to spruce up my gift giving. Not only are these wrappings unique and beautiful, but I am sure you could reuse them over and over again!

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It was AWESOME to get the program guide for NSS and see so many of our vendors. Tracy and I made sure to do the rounds and put faces to the names of our amazing stationers. I love email, but nothing beats a little face time–so nice to meet each an every one of you!

Dingbat Press

Dingbat Press WeddingInviteLove

First up is Dingbat Press. Adrienne’s booth must have taken her an eternity – she lined all the walls with lovely kraft paper coasters, which so fancily held her stationery! Isn’t she brilliant? Her cards are quite awesome too.

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