When we got to the National Stationery Show, Tracy and I made a plan: we were going to start at one end and work our way to the other. That way, we would be sure not to miss a single vendor. And then, it happened…we’d be in one aisle and see something we couldn’t wait to see, so we’d zig zag over. Then we’d zig zag again, and that is when our plan went to the waste side. The exhibitors I am going to share with you today are just a couple of the ones that cause our plan to fail. Enjoy!

Plane Paper

Plane Paper at NSS

Chevron is all the rage in weddings this year, that was evident as we browsed thousands of stationery designs at NSS. Tracy and I loved how Plane Paper changed up the standard chevron pattern in their invitation suite. The varying line thickness added such a nice touch to the chevron pattern we’d been seeing at the show. And isn’t the laser cutting beautiful?

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The first day of NSS, Tracy and I wondered where everyone was – it wasn’t as packed with stationery gawkers as we had expected. Turns out, those smart people must have read the weather report! They were enjoying Sunday’s sunshine as tourists and planning to spend the day at the show while it poured on Monday. Note to self: pack umbrellas and Hunter boots next year. For anyone that saw us roaming around on that rainy day, I assure you that my hair is not usually that out of control. I also don’t typically fashion my pants into high-waters. ;)


Apparently last year was a bit wet as well, causing many exhibitors’ booths to get water damage. Paper + rain do NOT mix. Luckily this year, the people at the Javits were prepared with tarps which seemed to keep things dry and as pretty as they were the day before. Now, onto day two!

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NSSWhew, what a trip! Tracy and I spent a few days in NYC attending the National Stationery Show. It was her second time, but it was my maiden voyage. As a stationer and a lover of all things weddings, it was like a big slice of heaven to be there.

The Javits Center was FILLED with some very talented stationers, many of which we are thrilled to say are already a part of WeddingInviteLove. We also got the opportunity to chat with some new designers who we hope will join so that we can share even more of their beautiful designs with you! It was pretty awesome to walk into a booth and have people recognize WeddingLovely – we’ve grown SO MUCH in the last year and this trip really was proof of that.

We have so much to recap with you, from the great things we saw at NSS and of course the WeddingLovely Shindig! We’ll be sharing recaps over the next two weeks. And since we love our readers, we will be doing some contests/giveaways for our NSS goodies.

We are already looking forward to next year and hope to meet even more of you in New York! Now…onto the recap of Day 1!

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Are you going to be in NYC for the National Stationery Show this year? Or you’re a wedding vendor/blogger/enthusiast? Or just a friend and supporter of WeddingLovely? Come hang out with us at our very first celebratory shindig at Etsy Labs, on May 21st at 7pm! Shake off the “Mondays” with us — the shindig is free, it’s in an amazing space, there’s a photobooth, we’ll have alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and delicious desserts (thanks to Etsy for sponsoring the space, food, and drinks!)

Please RSVP (for free) on Eventbrite, so we can track who is coming and make sure we have enough tasty treats and drinks.

Big thanks to 5th Avenue Weddings for being our other, amazing sponsor, and will be ensuring this event is amazing!

Hope to see you there!

– Tracy & Marit


WeddingLovely Meetup

We’re headed to NYC for the National Stationery Show again this year! Last year, it was just Tracy (you may have seen her running around with cookies!). This year, I’m going along with her – we’ve grown SO MUCH in the last year and want to make sure we stop and say hello to as many of our vendors as possible. Have we mentioned that we are over 1k vendors now? While we’re there, we hope to meet even more new stationers to add to the WeddingInviteLove directory.

We’ll be having a WeddingLovely Meetup at Etsy Labs in Dumbo/Brooklyn on May 21, 2012 from 7pm-9pm. We’re stoked that Etsy is letting us use their space and can’t wait to meet all of you! The WeddingLovely team is thrilled to celebrate how far we’ve come in the last year and thought that NYC would be the perfect place to do just that! My birthday is the next day, so I’ll consider it my birthday party too (I’m so excited to turn 29 again!!)

WeddingLovely vendors, want to help with our meetup? WeddingLovely, 5th Avenue Weddings & Etsy are sponsoring this wonderful event.  We’d love it if you have any ideas, want to donate some stuff for a giveaway, know of a great cupcake bakery, or anything else related to throwing an amazing party! Just email us at [email protected]

I attended the National Stationery Show for the first time this last May on a Press pass, which was stressful enough — I could only imagine what it’s like as a first-time exhibiting vendor! Here’s my collection of advice posts and recaps from this years show:

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Please pass along any other posts on NSS 2011, especially advice and preparation posts!


Here’s my last roundup of WeddingInviteLove-listed vendors! I hope everyone had a successful time at the show. :)

Syd Design — one of the friendliest people at the show.

Chewing the Cud wasn’t showing off their great invitation designs, but instead featuring their fabric wrap and stamp collection. I’m in love with the prints on the fabric — buy a wrap here.

That’s it! A special shout-out goes to Tag & Company since I missed taking pictures of their booth. If you’re listed on WeddingInviteLove and I missed you (my worst nightmare), please let me know and I’ll at least give you a shout-out as well. :)


I think the Let’s Talk Stationery forum is the nicest place on the internet for anyone involved in the stationery industry. The stationers there were some of my earliest vendors on WeddingInviteLove, and have been so supportive. I’ve also learned a ton about the stationery industry on there since I’m still quite the newbie — I’ve been doing web design for too long!

I attended the brunch on Tuesday and took some photos of the fun:

(Group shot taken by Cherish Paperie)

Highly recommend any stationers to join the forum — it’s $50/year and it’s a really great group of people!


I love that there are WeddingInviteLove vendors at the National Stationery Show, since it meant I could run up to them and thank them in person for signing up for the directory! Here are some of the lovely booths I saw on Monday. :)

Oblation Papers — how cool is that sign?

Bella Figura — so much gorgeous design.

Thomas-Printers Invitations — top-notch letterpress printing, and they work with such fantastic designers.

Another round up of WeddingInviteLove vendors will be posted tomorrow!


The picture above must be, maybe, a tenth of all the booths at NSS. It’s huge!

I took a lot more picture of my favorite booths featuring wedding invitations (WeddingInviteLove vendors are coming in another post!).

I loved Dauphine Press‘s background, and they had amazing examples of their custom wedding invitation suites.

The I also loved the design of the invitations at Designer’s Fine Press.

Studio Slo Mo had one particular invitation that I fell in love with.

Last but not least, Grapevine Paperie.

Next — featured invitation post and the photos from the WeddingInviteLove vendors at NSS!