Basic Invite wedding stationery

Wedding invitations! Does the thought make your palms sweaty? Or are you excited and can’t wait to start on your design? Either way, Basic Invite has everything you need to walk you through the process of creating your wedding stationery. Basic Invite helps you create customizable stationery, from your wedding invitation, and save-the-dates, to your birth and graduation announcements. We love that it walks you through the process of creating something completely unique to you, while also having a plethora of designs to start with!

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12 Of The Most Creative Wedding Invitations Ever (1)


Sarah works as a wedding planner in the UK, but also has an avid interest in graphic design. She absolutely loves weddings, and is looking forward to her own wedding (although she’s still looking for Mr. Right).

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning a wedding: you’ve got to arrange the location, venue, catering, transportation, and most importantly, the wedding dress (seriously, guys, don’t forget this one!).

It’s quite easy to get carried away with the big things (there’s certainly a lot of them), and often, some of the smaller details simply don’t get the attention they deserve because of this.

Your wedding invitations almost always fall victim to this problem, which is a shame, as there’s some super-creative stuff you can do with them; it just requires a bit of effort.

I’ve seen a tonne of creative wedding invitations in my time (yep, I’m the sad person who spends hours browsing through them on Pinterest!), so I thought I’d round up some of my all-time favourites below for you need a printing company to have them made we recommend fastprint for invitations.

I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did!

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Engagement ring


Yellow diamond rings
photo credit: Leibish

With the advent of the internet, shopping has become so much easier — no need to leave your couch to purchase your groceries from Amazon or buy shoes from Zappos.

Here at WeddingLovely, we’re huge fans of the internet and how much easier it has made our lives (which is why we do what we do!) But there has always been one category that seems the most scary to trust a website for, as it’s one of the biggest and longest lasting purchases for your wedding: your wedding rings.

Modern jewelry and diamond websites has improved in quality, trustworthiness, and experience. Thinking of buying your engagement or wedding rings online? We’ve partnered with Leibish & Co. with to provide a few reasons why you should:

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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Band in 3 Simple Steps

photo credit: augschburger

Vince La Rosa has been matching couples with their perfect wedding band for over five years at You can see more of his tips and advice on all things tungsten carbide, cobalt, titanium and weddings online at the Tungsten World Education Center.

Since I started working in the wedding industry, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to thousands of brides and grooms about their wedding bands. And in that time, I’ve helped every type of customer from the picky bride to the ambivalent groom, the big spender to the bargain-conscious couple and everything in-between.

While I’ve quickly learned no two couples are alike, over time I’ve gained enough experience to know the best way to help narrow down the vast array of wedding bands choices out there to help find The One. And it really boils down to three simple questions: color, budget and lifestyle.

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Get $30 off your first ride with Uber

I love Uber. I love Uber. If you haven’t heard of Uber yet, Uber is an awesome app you can use to call a taxi, private black car, or rideshare. Instead of calling a traditional taxi service, you can use the app on your phone to set your destination, see nearby drivers, track your driver heading towards you (no wondering where the driver is as you’re waiting) and pay automatically for your fare (no calculating tip awkwardly at the end of the drive!)

In San Francisco (near where I am from and Uber’s original launching city), grabbing a taxi is pretty much near impossible. With Uber, I’m generally guaranteed a ride with no hassle within minutes of requesting a car. Amazing. It’s pretty much my fav new app.

More and more awesome couples are using Uber for their wedding transportation, for themselves and their guests, especially now that Uber has launched in most cities and countries worldwide. Even if they aren’t launched in your city yet, it’s worth it to grab the app since it’s invaluable when traveling and you’re in a strange city with strange cab companies.

Just imagine how pleased I was when Uber approached WeddingLovely for a great partnership — Uber is offering all new users $30 off their first ride.

  1. Simply download the app (available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone)
  2. Enter the promo code WLOVELY
  3. …and you’ll get $30 deducted from your fare. Most rides will come in under than amount, so it’s basically giving you a free ride!

Not only can you use this code for yourself, but you can also print out the flyer above (download a large printable version here) and pass out to your wedding guests, friends, family, clients, and customers.

Love Uber like I do? Let us know your stories in the comments, and happy Uber-ing!

Look for that Perfect Ring Abroad

Look for that Perfect Ring Abroad

What could be more romantic than getting engaged while travelling with your sweetheart? Not much — and today’s post shares some great tips about buying the perfect engagement ring abroad.

One way to make your holiday with your girlfriend truly special is to buy her a diamond engagement ring to show her exactly how you feel. If you are looking to surprise her, then this could literally blow her socks off. There are some really good locations where you can not only have a great holiday together, but also get yourself a great deal on an engagement ring.

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A Gift Registry With Heart: Sokind (1)A Gift Registry With Heart: Sokind (2)

Good morning! Today we’d like to introduce you to a really innovative, alternative gift registry called SoKind that allows couples to register for gifts from the heart rather than a bunch of blingy stuff. From SoKind:

Friends and family. That’s what wedding receptions boil down to, right? It would be a lot less work and cost if a wedding consisted solely of a ceremony. No need to worry about finding a venue or coordinating entertainment. No need to worry about menus or seating arrangements. Yet despite the hassle, many people still choose to commemorate one of life’s biggest events with a celebration.

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Invitations by Dawn (6)

For your fall wedding, now is the perfect time to search for your wedding invitations, and Invitations by Dawn is here with a great new collection! It might be tempted to be inspired by the wonderful spring and summer weather we have right now, but it’s a great idea to set the theme for your autumn wedding using your invitation design. We love rich autumn colors, nature, fall leaves, and rustic themes for our autumn weddings, and these invitations definitely fit the bill!

Invitations by Dawn has shared with us their collection of beautiful invitations and we are excited to share with you these stunning designs that are sure to fit any couple’s style:

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His and Hers Wedding Bands by Angara

His and Hers Wedding Bands by Angara (1)

Good morning lovelies! As I’m sure you’re more than aware, there are a lot of details that go into planning a wedding, not the least of which is where to buy your wedding bands. Here is an option for you to consider: Angara is an online retailer with decades of experience in jewelery and fine gemstones. From Angara’s website:

Angara is a word in ancient Sanskrit that means “the fire within.” It is with this Angara that the Earth has created our magnificent gemstones. Our family has been in the fine gemstone business for generations and has deep roots in gemstone cutting, polishing and design. We specialize in Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tanzanites, Diamonds and other precious gemstones.

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partneredpost Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses, and More From The Cotswold Frock Shop

The Cotswold Frock Shop is a wedding gown and fashion shop located in Gloucestershire, England with a great online presence, with free UK delivery for orders over £100.00. From their website:

The Cotswold Frock Shop is an inspiring space full to the brim with beautiful designer wedding gowns, Special occasion outfits for Mother or the Bride or Groom including dresses and suits for wedding guests or a day at the races, shoes and accessories.

You can rely on our staff to guide you gently through choosing an outfit for your special day whether it’s for a wedding, prom, graduation of any occasion where you want to look amazing.

Privately owned and managed by Christine, The Cotswold Frock Shop was established in 1988, so you can befit from almost 25 years of experience in fittings brides and their Mums with their prefect dress.

There are some stunning dresses by The Cotswold Frock Shop — here are a few of our favorites:

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