Camping Your Way to Post-Wedded Bliss!

Today we have another treat for our UK readers; the inside scoop on some of the best honeymoon camping around! Enjoy:

Recent research by Best of British, a high end campsite company, suggests more newly married couples each year are plumping for camping, caravanning, chalet or camper van style honeymoons. Rather than the usual tried and tested overseas destinations, staycation type ‘moons are becoming more popular and it’s little wonder why.

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As well as looking forward to a future with the partner you love, it’s said that there are other advantages for couples choosing to tie the knot. Studies suggest that married people tend to live longer, and (though unromantic) married couples enjoy better financial benefits, thanks to tax breaks for wedded couples. A wedding day is a much anticipated, enjoyable event that hopefully runs smoothly for all guests.

But planning the perfect wedding takes time and effort. Here are a few things that you will need to think about:

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Fashion Forward Accessories for Your Wedding Day...and Beyond!

Hello Lovelies! Today we’re sharing a selection of bold accessories from New York based designer Proenza Schouler. These are more than just statement pieces for the big day. These are investment pieces that you’ll treasure for years. From Proenza Schouler’s website:

Proenza Schouler is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail with a sense of refined ease. Inspiration drawn from contemporary art and youth culture is combined with an emphasis on tailoring and the use of custom developed fabrics.

See all the pretty must-haves after the cut!

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A Guide to Engagement Ring StylesA diamond is forever, which can make choosing one difficult. Genesis Diamonds has created this visual guide to the different styles available by some of the best designers. Enjoy!

There are perhaps three times in your life when events are concentrated solely on you – when you are born, when you are engaged to be married, and at the conclusion of your life. Chances are that the middle period is the one that you best remember and the one over which you have the most control.

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Mothers Day

Here’s another post for our UK brides. Today we’re sharing a selection of bridal jewelry from Jon Richard! Of course, you already have the ring — now all you need are the earrings, necklace and tiara! From their website:

Since its launch in 1985, Jon Richard has become a wide brand portfolio retailer catering for every woman’s Jewellery and Accessory needs. We seek inspiration from every corner of the world, sourcing trends and styles from the likes of New York, Paris, Milan and the Far East.

Malcolm Stark, Founder and Chief Executive, realised the companies potential after discovering a niche in the market for design-led, competitively priced jewellery and accessories. This led to Malcolm teaming up with Managing Director Sarah Frew, in 1990 who had a strong design background obtained from previous roles at Ralph Lauren and Liberty of London.  The brand now boasts concessions in over 110 Debenhams stores and a range of other department stores such as, Allders, Elys, James Selby and Voisins.

See some of our favorite Jon Richard’s beautiful jewelry after the cut:

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When I was a child, I was obsessed with princesses—what woman wasn’t? (Though, sidenote, funny how being a princess was more desired than being a queen!) The headpiece of the princess was usually a gorgeous and delicate tiara, and now brides everywhere can finally be the princess they wanted to be on their wedding day with a gorgeous headpiece.

SimplyBridal is here with an awesome infographic to help you choose a headpiece for your wedding day:

Intro to Headpieces

We also got a wonderful preview of SimplyBridal’s new headpiece collection:

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Need Some Wedding Bling? Turn to (1)

At first glance, you might not necessarily make the connection between designer-style engagement rings with an online retailer. However, one online jewelry retailer is set to change all that, thanks to their incredibly popular jewelry lines of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, stud earrings, and much more.

And that online retailer is

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Samara James is an online diamond and jewelry retailer in the United Kingdom that specializes in high quality engagement, wedding, and other diamond jewelry. From their website:

Samara James produces superb quality jewellery made to the highest possible standards. We specialise in perfectly cut Hearts and Arrows diamonds which are cut to maximise the fire, scintillation and beauty of the diamond.

With trained experts on hand to answer all your jewellery and diamond related questions, we help thousands of customers a year to find the perfect piece, made to their individual specification. You can even arrange an appointment to come and see us at our Shepperton Office for a complimentary diamond and design consultation.

Our team of skilled craftsmen and diamond setters in our Hatton Garden workshop hand finish every piece to the highest quality, making stunning pieces to keep and treasure forever.

Some of their pieces are really, truly beautiful — I went through and found all my favorites:

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Photo by kk

Know what you should be paying

While every wedding service will advertise as being “priceless”, don’t be a pushover and research exactly what you should be paying. Get multiple quotes and negotiate. The average hourly rate of a wedding photography is around $50 an hour (editor note: including time spent behind the scenes, not just shooting photos!) but this obviously varies depending on skillset, equipment and props provided by various wedding photographers. Go via portfolio not pizazz. There are a lot of budding photographers who will provide a great price for a chance to expand their portfolio. Research is your best budgeting tool here; find a photographer whose style you really love. If you’re really set on someone expensive then add wedding photography to your gift registry.

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