Hi lovelies,

I’m here with a heavy heart to let you know that I’ll be shutting down WeddingLovely at the end of the year after nearly eight years in business.

I taught myself how to code and launched WeddingLovely by myself in January 2011 because I wanted a wedding vendor directory that focused on local and small businesses. I’ve learned so much from running WeddingLovely and loved all the stories and successes from vendors in our vendor network, and the brides and grooms using our online wedding planner.

Unfortunately, this year we’ve had a lot of problems with revenue due to some major Google SEO changes. I’ve also looked back over the last few years and found WeddingLovely’s features have been out of date and have grown stale, and there have been many new vendor-focused businesses that have launched that do what we’ve been doing and doing it better. And I personally lost my passion for the wedding industry and decided that it’s time for me to spend my focus elsewhere.

I’m still looking at how the business will shut down — at the moment, the plan is to close our properties (https://weddinglovely.com, https://weddinglovely.com/vendors, as well as our specialized directories like https://weddinginvitelove.com and others) at the end of the year. Ideally I’ll keep the blog up so you continue to get traffic to your websites through that, but that may have to close as well when I dissolve the corporation. Regardless, I’ll be in touch with more detail later once everything is figured out.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years!



We’ve launched a mini-redesign of the design of our vendor profiles on the WeddingLovely Vendor Guide and on our specialized directories (like WeddingInviteLove!) It’s amazing how fast design trends move and we’re so pleased to launch a new, modern design to showcase our vendor’s work.

Another new feature you might have noticed in the screenshot — vendors can now upload a “mini description” to their profile! These are in addition to the main description on vendor accounts, and will show above the profile image at the top of the page as well as in the search results. The length of a tweet, this’ll allow vendor’s to add a quick blurb about how they’re awesome, making it easier for our engaged couples to narrow down the search results to find the vendor best for them.

Excited to launch these — would love to know your thoughts in the comments. :)

Advertise on the WeddingLovely Blog

We’re looking for new sidebar advertisers for the WeddingLovely Blog! We have several slots open, so if you’re interested, please email [email protected] for our media kit (snippet above) and mention the coupon “JULYADSALE” and we’ll extend a 20% discount on all our sponsored post and advertising rates!

Top wedding website builders

To our American readers — hope you had a lovely holiday weekend!

We’ve updated our most popular post, Top Five Wedding Website Builders, today with information to match 2015. Most of our recommendations have stayed the same (congrats to those companies for maintaining an awesome product!) and added a few more to the list. Check it out if you haven’t already!

WeddingLovely wedding industry jobs board

WeddingLovely wedding industry jobs board

We love our near-5,000 wedding vendor partners! The other day, we realized that quite a number of you would be looking for employees — sales, interns, partners, you name it.

We’ve just launched our WeddingLovely Wedding Industry Jobs Board so we can aggregate all of our job listings in one place, making it easier for applicants to find awesome wedding jobs in their area! Right now we’re using the Simply Hired company to run the board, but if interest is high enough, we’ll move to a custom solution.

Are you hiring for your company? Use launchday to get 50% off your listing on our job board, valid until July 22nd!

Photo credit: Meg Courtney Photography

We’re bringing out the bubbly and celebrating yet another fabulous year for WeddingLovely! Can you believe we’re now working with almost 4,000 wedding vendors worldwide and that our blog is getting 40,000 views per month? Pretty exciting!

We’ve also increased our blog readership and social media following — and as a result we have raised our prices to advertise with us in 2015. Wishing you had snuck in earlier? We’re offering a 30 day grace period where we’ll honor our 2014 prices for ads and sponsored posts. :) Continue reading

Certified Lovely Vendor

The wedding industry, as I’m sure everyone knows, runs off of advertising. The vast majority of vendor directories are pay-for-play, meaning that they only list vendors who can pay their rates.

Here at WeddingLovely, admittedly we started out with that model — but I’ve never felt comfortable with it. That’s one of the reasons why we will always have free profiles on our directories, because why advertise yourself as having the best vendors when you exclude those that can’t pay?

We’re taking another giant step forward to our goal of being the most reputable and comprehensive wedding vendor directory in the world. Our former “upgraded” accounts are going away, replaced with our new Certified Lovely Vendors™ program.

Each and every vendor accepted into this program will be personally reviewed and reference-checked by one of WeddingLovely’s staff, and will be subject to quality standards.


  • Your company is reviewed personally by WeddingLovely staff.
  • Certified Lovely Vendor badge after approval.
  • Top placement in our search results.
  • Add up to 10 additional photos to your business profile.
  • Multiple location support so your profile shows up on searches for all your business locations.
  • Placement on the WeddingLovely and WeddingLovely Vendor Guide homepages (rotated with other certified accounts)
  • Access to WeddingLovely’s Pinterest group board where you can share up to 5 pins per day with our 26,000+ Pinterest followers.
  • Yearly interview and every-other-month wedding features on the WeddingLovely Blog  (currently 50,000 views/month)
  • Dedicated promotion the day of blog features on our social media accounts — up to seven dedicated days per year. Access to nearly 45,000 followers across WeddingLovely social channels.

See our full media kit here.

There is a $190/year fee to become a Certified Lovely Vendor, to cover the time spent by our staff reviewing vendor applications. Denied applications will have their fee refunded. We find this price to be fair and worthwhile, but if there are any amazing vendors who need some extra help, we’ll be rolling out an assistance program soon that will reduce or waive this fee.

Interested in becoming a Certified Lovely Vendor? Sign up for a vendor profile here if you’re not already a vendor in our network, and if you’re already with us, log into your account to apply.

WeddingLovely Blog new design

WeddingLovely’s properties all have had some sort of facelift recently and it was beyond time to finally redesign the blog!

Cleaner, crisper, responsive (so you can look at the site on your phone!), faster, and prettier — we’re pretty proud of what’s up so far. We’re still adding some small touches and fixing a few small bugs and design issues as they pop up, so if you see if anything you think we should improve, don’t hesitate to reach out or leave a note in the comments with what you think!

Vendor reviews now added to WeddingLovely!

Now on all WeddingLovely vendor profiles, you can leave full reviews complete with star ratings!

WeddingLovely used to have a simple comment form, but we were plagued by spam — sometimes over 100 spam reviews a day were added from bots. We’ve worked hard to build a solution that is both easy to use as well as useful to both couples and wedding vendors.

Newly wedding couples can leave star ratings about their experience, as well as a public review (shown on the vendor’s profile page), a private review that is shown only to the vendor through their dashboard, as well as a private-to-WeddingLovely review that only we will see.

We’re dedicated to honest, real reviews, and we’re excited about bringing this crucial piece of information to all vendor profiles!

Married and want to leave a review for your vendors?
Login or create a WeddingLovely profile here to start adding reviews!

We’ve also added an email feature for vendors to request reviews from former clients —
click here to login and request reviews for your vendor profile with WeddingLovely!

What do you think? Would love your thoughts on this big feature release!

WeddingLovely's Planning Guide is Now Free

We love our online wedding planning guide — launched awhile ago, we help couples walk through their wedding planning online and connect them with some of our most awesome vendors that we work with through our wedding vendor guide.

Up until now, it was a paid product with a free trial, but we have decided that it was time to work with as many wonderful couples as possible — so we’ve made our planning guide 100% free.

The planning guide comes with a ton of amazing features, including:

  • Walk through the biggest steps in planning your wedding, like finding a venue.
  • Local venue and vendor recommendations included in your task pages.
  • Vendor favoriting and reviewing all integrated.
  • Note-taking — keep track of all the little things you need to remember.
  • Printable checklist so you can keep track of everything you need to do at once.
  • Partner and planner integration — invite others to help plan with you.
  • One-on-one wedding advice — ping WeddingLovely with specific questions and we’ll help you out.
  • Email reminders to ping you every few weeks with inspiration and ideas.
  • Pinterest board integration — keep your inspiration in mind as you plan your wedding.
  • Partnership with Appy Couple — get an Appy account for just $35 through WeddingLovely.

Think that’s pretty awesome? Now it doesn’t cost a cent.

Plan your wedding with WeddingLovely today!