Proud to announce that our wedding photographer directory, WeddingPhotoLove, is officially live! Like our other directories, WeddingPhotoLove is dedicated to only the best wedding photographers. Special shoutout to Aaron Riddle Photography, our featured photographer for the month for being our first approved photographer!

Our main focus in the next few weeks is getting as many amazing photographers on there as possible, so pass along any amazing photographers, and thanks to all the photographers who signed up already.

Check out WeddingPhotoLove!

I love my job. I seriously love it. I started this as a small project and it’s turned into the best job ever. However, with the bigger the directories grow, the busier I get. I’ve haven’t been able to focus as much on the community features of WeddingLovely and WeddingLovely’s directories, which has been a tragedy. Interacting with vendors and bringing on new vendors into the community is so important, so I’m hiring a community manager and evangelist to help me out!

Specific details:

  • You’re friendly, likable, and an all-around awesome person.
  • Keep track and post to the WeddingLovely social media accounts (so far, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest), and interact with vendors and customers.
  • Help review and approve vendors for the directories.
  • Reaching out via email (nicely, not sales-y) and social media to vendors to join.
  • Help coordinate posts with me on the blog. If you’d like to write full posts yourself, that’s awesome, but it isn’t necessary! A lot of the blog is coordinating posts with vendors, figuring out who’ll be the featured vendor for the week/month, and promoting existing vendors on the directories.
  • Help plan and run local meetups and WeddingLovely parties.
  • Figure out how to make WeddingLovely and our directories even more awesome.
  • Coordinate advertisers for the blog.
  • Work wherever/whenever you like!
  • Design skills isn’t necessary but let me know if you have any experience.
  • Bonus points if you worked in the wedding industry or have extra experience there.
  • Hours: Part-time (20hrs/wk) or full-time, if that’s what the right person wants!
  • Pay will based on experience and will also receive milestone bonuses. More details privately.

These all sound rather clinical — essentially it all boils down to growing and interacting with the community! It’s been important to me to be human and friendly with everyone that I’ve worked with so far, and I’d love it if anyone who worked with me has those same values.

Interested? Questions? Email me at [email protected]!

Update #1: Non-local and remote applicants are totally okay!

Update #2: Send along your resume and why you’re interested in the position in  the email. :)

Just an FYI to anyone who is linking to the WeddingLovely Blog that our URL has moved! We used to be and now we’re Update your links! Links to the blog. address will continue to work but it’ll redirect, so it’s a lot better if it’s correct. :)

Quick story about why it’s changed and a bit about the disasterous process I went through this weekend:

  • I moved from blog. to /blog due to SEO reasons. Even though Google has gotten a lot better, there is still a chance that would be considered a whole different site than, and therefore any SEO that the blog accrues would not apply to That’s why I moved it over, and FYI to any other blog owners out there!
  • However, I would not recommend the disaster I went through this weekend while moving it. I created a new directory on my server and was copying my files over, then went downstairs to make some dinner, and somehow my cat managed to shut down my computer in the middle of it, disrupting the process. Stupid cat.
  • I manually started figuring out which files transferred and which didn’t, which also included all the images uploaded to the blog. I decided it would be better for the images to start from scratch, and set the directory to delete… deleting the wrong directory. Instead of deleting the new directory, I started deleting the existing directory of images and didn’t notice until halfway through (and you should have heard my reaction when I noticed…)
  • I ended up losing two full months of images and was considering that I’d probably have to rebuild those images for those posts from scratch, but the lovely Diane from Faye & Co. reminded me that website hosts usually do backups, and lo and behold, Dreamhost had a button so I could pull a backup from a week ago and retrieve all the deleted images. Phew.

So I spent about all Saturday having a heart attack. How was your weekend?

weddinginvitelove premium lookbook

I released the WeddingInviteLove lookbook through Issuu earlier, and there was an option to buy though a saddlestitched print version through Magcloud. However, the quality of the saddlestitched version wasn’t as high quality that I would have liked, and that’s just not acceptable.

Check out the new print WeddingInviteLove Fall 2011 Lookbook — perfect bound with a heavier cover weight, plus a whole new beautiful photographed cover. I am frankly amazed by the quality of this version and I’m so excited to share this with you!

More photos:

weddinginvitelove fall 2011 premium lookbook

Whole new cover!

weddinginvitelove premium lookbook fall 2011

Contains three amazing articles by WeddingInviteLove vendors.

weddinginvitelove premium lookbook fall 2011

Separated into US and International vendor sections.

weddinginvitelove premium lookbook fall 2011

Big, beautiful photos for wedding invitation inspiration.

weddinginvitelove premium lookbook fall 2011

All vendors are listed in a directory in the back so you can head straight to their website for more.

Even if you’re not getting married, it’s so fun to flip through and just immerse yourself in beautiful wedding invitation design. Interested? Buy today on Magcloud for $22. If you want to just flip through online, see it all here. Next version coming Spring 2012!

Did you buy the previous version? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll hook you up with a discount.

weddinglovely on techcrunch

Today’s the official announcement day for 500 Startups (if you recall, I made a post about it last week) and WeddingLovely is popping in all sorts of news outlets:

Not sure if being the last startup on a list of 34 companies is bad or good! Let’s go with good. ;)

500 startups and designer fund

In the past few months, some really awesome things have happened for me (Tracy) and WeddingLovely, and I’m so happy to finally announce them publicly! WeddingLovely is now a part of The Designer Fund, a community of designers who invest in designer founders through mentorship and a small grant, as well at 500 Startups, a startup accelerator that provides even more mentorship, funding, and one hell of a support team. I’m so honored — it’s rare for solo, designer founders like me to be accepted into awesome organizations like these.

What does this mean for WeddingLovely?

I’ve been working on WeddingLovely and building specialized websites (such as WeddingInviteLove and WeddingPlannerLove) part-time for about the last year and full-time the last six months or so using my own funding, and this means that I have the support network to make sure that I can continue building as fast as possible without having to worry about running out of money. I can dedicate 100% of my efforts to building other specialized directories and adding more awesome features to the existing directories as fast as possible. This also means I’m officially looking for expand the full-time WeddingLovely team, and first on the list is finding a partner to start building and leading with me.

This doesn’t mean WeddingLovely is going to go the way of many of those other directories and wedding websites who grow more corporate and faceless as they grow larger. I am not hiring a sales team to start hounding vendors to join my websites. I won’t launch features that’ll compete with my listed vendors. It’s important to me to continue the personal, vendor-focused support that has made the WeddingLovely network so awesome so far. My goal is to make small and independent wedding vendors easier to find in this world of huge corporate brands, encourage community, and make vendors lives easier.

I love what I’m doing (it’s the best job ever), and I’m glad that I have two amazing organizations supporting me. Thank you to all the vendors I’ve worked with so far and everyone who has supported me, and here’s to the future!

Follow @WeddingLovely on Twitter · Like WeddingLovely on Facebook

With WeddingInviteLove already doing amazing things, and WeddingPlannerLove off the ground, the next step was obvious. Next up is, a directory just like our other properties — emphasizing the best vendors, putting the focus on profiles, and hopefully giving about-to-be-wed couples an easier way to find the people who will work with them on their amazing day.

We’ll be taking emails of interested parties now — either wedding photographers who want to be the first to join (basic profiles will be free, of course), or anyone who wants to be alerted to win we launch (which’ll be soon, we promise!)

Head to today and share with your friends!

weddingplannerlove wedding planner and coordinator curated directory

After weeks (months?) of hard work, I’m proud to announce that has launched! WeddingPlannerLove strives to be as awesome as WeddingInviteLove is — listing only the best wedding planners in the industry and make it easy to narrow down your choices to find the best person to help you plan your wedding. Additionally, the blog (here!) will be adding planner and coordinator interviews soon. Our goal is to make the business of being a planner easier, and to make the process of finding a planner for a bride more fun and less stressful!

Are you a wedding planner or coordinator? We’d love to have you join! Basic listings are free (and always will be), simply sign up at

Thank you all for the support and ♥! Any suggestions you have, happily accepted in the comments. :)


The WeddingInviteLove lookbook is here! Over 300 WeddingInviteLove vendors are listed by location, along with several awesome guest articles that have appeared on the blog. All vendors get both an image listing with online linking to their WeddingInviteLove profile and as well as directory is in the back linking directly to their websites. 72 pages, 300+ images, and 1000+ links of beautiful wedding invitation goodness!

View and download online for free from Issuu, or get a high-quality print version from MagCloud for $20. Send to any friends and family looking for invitation inspiration or need wedding invitations — or pass along just to promote the beautiful designs by the amazing WeddingInviteLove vendors.

I’m so excited that this has finally launched — I love running an online directory, but it was definitely time to start expanding offline. The next version will be printed in Spring 2012, and I already have a slew of things to improve on — that said, would love any suggestions, requests, anything, in the comments!