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Now on WeddingInviteLove, reviews! Vendors can have clients and coworkers review or leave a testimonial about their services, and customers can get a closer look into how a vendor works and how happy their customers are — check it out on all WeddingInviteLove profiles! Have you worked with an awesome vendor? Leave a review for them so they get more business!

In the comments — any other features that you’d like to see on WeddingInviteLove?

The WeddingLovely Blog is getting some extra help! I love posting every day, but I’m going to be taking a small step back from the blog so I can fully concentrate in building all the awesome features for WeddingInviteLove, launch WeddingPlannerLove, and finish up and launch the WeddingInviteLove lookbook!

Lindsay Goldner has been a friend of mine for awhile (we met at BlogHer last year!), a kickbutt designer, and a great blogger. She’s coming in to continue (and perhaps expand) our daily posts and the weekly newsletter.

Please welcome Lindsay onto the WeddingLovely team! In the comments, is there anything new that you’d like to see here?

Just FYI — we announced the WeddingLovely name change from WeddingType, and today, our Facebook page has officially switched over! Just like the blog, we’re going to continue to feature all the best in wedding invitations, but starting to add more information about wedding planning as we prep for the launch of WeddingPlannerLove.

“Like” WeddingLovely today if you haven’t — it’ll help you keep up to date on our features and announcements, and at the very least, it guarantees you entries into any contests we run! ;)

I’m prepping to go to the airport to fly to Portland and to speak (aaah!) at DjangoCon tomorrow! I’ll hopefully have a post up late tomorrow — US residents, enjoy the holiday, and everyone else, happy Monday!

Thanks to the amazing Michele from Meant To Be Calligraphy, (and the blog, check out above!) now has a new, gorgeous, amazing logo! The logo is hand-lettered using a modified version of Michele’s “Edwards” lettering style (and you have no idea how hard it was to choose a style out of all the amazing calligraphy styles that she does).

I’ve had my heart set on a calligraphed logo for a long time and I am so pleased at how this one turned out. Hit up Meant To Be Calligraphy if you ever want a calligraphed logo — Michele was great to work with!

The last few days I’ve been inspired and made a few radical and exciting changes to WeddingInviteLove:

  • Portfolio images are now first in profiles, since the design work of the vendors on WeddingInviteLove should be number one! I’m really excited about how this looks — a screenshot of the switched placement of the description and image can be seen above.
  • The profile’s sidebar is a’changin’ — as seen above, links are now located on right right, but most importantly, vendors can now add their real address and their phone number. Upgraded accounts also don’t have to choose between one extra URL on their profile, and instead can add both a “blog” and “online store” link.
  • WeddingInviteLove is now using Typekit. Skolar Web is now used heavily around the site, and it is a seriously gorgeous font. Props to Typekit for making the system so easy to use.
  • New icons everywhere! Seriously cuter. Check them out.

I think those are the major changes of note — I still am adding a few new awesome additions to the profile pages, looking forward to announcing them too!

Big announcement — the WeddingType brand is renaming to WeddingLovely! will now lead to all vendor directories that we launch, and this blog is now There has been a lot of confusion over branding when everything was under WeddingType, especially since is still prepping for launch. But now we’re under a much better name, and we have a lot of tricks up our sleeve over the next few weeks to celebrate!

Please change all links you have to the blog to, and our Twitter account is also changing from @weddingtype to @weddinglovely (all existing followers have been transferred, no worries about refollowing).

Along with the name change, the blog is also going through a major redesign — pardon our dust, and let us know if you see anything wrong!

Thanks all for supporting us!


This is a feature I’ve wanted for a long time but only was able to build it now on WeddingInviteLove! Now any upgraded account with multiple portfolio images uploaded will have a slideshow feature on their search results (so customers can browse all these images immediately!) Check it out on the San Francisco wedding invitation search page.

Now I can check this feature off my list of to-dos for WeddingInviteLove! Are there any other improvements you’d like me to make?

The last invitation meetup on July 29th was very small, intimate, and fun (thanks again to Marit, Stacy, and Karly for coming — see the pictures on Flickr.)

Time to organize another one!

On Wednesday, August 31st, come chat with other fun folks over wine and appetizers, again at Radius in SoMa, San Francisco. RSVP on Facebook (or email me if you’re not on FB!) Hang out with other invitation/stationery enthusiasts, designers, wedding vendors, and make some new friends. Anyone welcome!

I’m driving from the South Bay and more than happy to carpool. Let me know if you want to join!

Apparently I had a huge case of date-dyslexia and decided that July 31st was a Saturday instead of a Sunday for the meetup! No meetup that involves wine should ever occur the day before the work week. ;) The date has now been changed to Friday, July 29th, still at Radius in San Francisco.

RSVP via Eventbright or Facebook — I’ll definitely be buying at least one round of drinks for everyone + appetizers, so come out and hang out with some other awesome invitation folk!