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WeddingInviteLove, our curated directory of wedding invitation designers, has been growing smoothly, and since it’s been so successful, it’s time to launch in another vertical!

Announcing, a better list of the top wedding planners and coordinators. If you’re interested in the launch, or would like to join when it does, sign up today! Wedding planners, we know you know other awesome wedding planners in the industry — tell others about the launch! We’ll give you six months of a free pro account to the top six sharing accounts.

WeddingPlannerLove is definitely inspired from WeddingInviteLove, but there will be some big changes to make it perfect for wedding planners.

Join the invite list for WeddingPlannerLove today!

Woohoo, this has been a long time in the making. Now on WeddingInviteLove, you can favorite all your favorite designers, and it’ll create a list for you to share with your friends and family!

In the search results, you can click the star to add to favorites (like above), or favorite on the profiles (like below).

Then you can go to the “Favorites” link at the top of the page and see your new favorites page!

Then you can use the link at the bottom of the page to share with others, no signing in required. :)

Enjoy! Let me know of any other must-have features for WeddingInviteLove in the comments. :)

Who doesn’t love tasty drinks, food, and pleasant company? It seemed like a great idea to hold a meetup of invitation designers and people in the invitation industry so we can meet each other, chat, and have fun!

Date: July 31st

Location: back patio of Radius SF (seen above — located mostly between Bart and Caltrain, but closer to Bart)

Time: 7pm-9pm+

Food: Drinks + food can be bought through Radius but I’m going to do my best to bring some tasty dessert munchies. ;)

Tickets: Register here or RSVP through Facebook just so I can keep track of who’s going and who isn’t!

Wedding bloggers and invitation enthusiasts welcome as well — email me at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Finally I get to announce a new project I’ve been working on! Having an online directory of wedding invitation vendors is great, but I want to take it one step further.

Bi-yearly, WeddingInviteLove will release a PDF lookbook of all WeddingInviteLove-listed vendors! Vendors will be categorized by location as well as special listing areas for custom illustrators and hand calligraphers. All listed vendors will have an image slot much like the search listings on WeddingInviteLove, and upgraded vendors will get jumbo half-page listings.

If you have a full-size single image on WeddingInviteLove, then you’re already good and you don’t have to do anything. Upgraded accounts will be contacted for print-quality images (since their listings will be so much larger), and if your portfolio image is a collage, you’ll be contacted to supply an alternate image for the lookbook.

I’ll be posting preliminary screenshots soon. The first lookbook will be released online for free this fall, and a small number of printed versions will be provided to local Bay Area wedding boutiques as well as for sale online.

If you’re a designer and not listed on WeddingInviteLove, now is the perfect time to do so (not to mention we’re running a prize this month for all new designers). Sign up soon to be included in the first lookbook!

We’re also looking for a few advertisers for quarter-page, half-page, and full-page advertising. Contract Tracy for rates and guidelines.

I love providing a resource for finding wedding invitation vendors and I’m so excited about providing another way for couples to peruse and find their perfect designers, printers, and calligraphers!

WeddingInviteLove wouldn’t be around and as awesome as it is if it wasn’t for the awesome vendors listed, and this month is my month to give my thanks to those that have signed up and to welcome new vendors into the fold! And what better way to support those vendors than to do a dedicated giveaway?

To win, I’m giving away…

Two prize packages, each package worth $360, each including:

  • 1 year free of a WeddingInviteLove upgraded account. Upgraded accounts allow for more URLs and profile customization in WeddingInviteLove profiles, 10 portfolio images, higher and larger listings in the search results, and priority advertising here at the WeddingType Blog. For a year, you can be one of the top listings on all of WeddingInviteLove. Worth: $300
  • 6 months of a Social Butterfly account on SocialGrapple is a Twitter analytics service (that I personally use and adore) and the Social Butterfly account allows you to track two Twitter accounts (who follows, who unfollows, how long they followed you before they unfollowed, who the important accounts are that follow you, and much, much more) as well as Twitter keyword tracking (who’s mentioning you or your brand? Are they important?). Social media and Twitter are important to any company and SocialGrapple will help you use Twitter more effectively! Worth: $60

BONUS, from my own collection, only one:

Cameron Moll’s 16x24in typographic letterpress poster. It’s an amazing piece to see in person. Worth: $100

How to win:

Existing WeddingInviteLove-listed vendors:

Congrats, you automatically get one entry! Thank you *so much* for signing up to WeddingInviteLove and supporting us. But get more entries by doing the following:

  • Are you an upgraded account? You get two more entries for a total of three! Also, any account that upgrades during July will automatically get the extra entries as well.
  • Get an extra entry each time a new invitation vendor signs up to during July and mentions you as the referral! Unlimited, invite as many people to join as possible. :) I’ll email to confirm the extra entries for every accepted referred vendor.

New WeddingInviteLove vendors during July (join for free here!):

  • Every new vendor during July gets one entry.
  • Every new upgraded vendor gets three entries.
  • New vendors also get an extra entry for every new account they refer!

See who’s listed on WeddingInviteLove easily here.

I will draw a random person from existing WeddingInviteLove vendors to win one package, and another random person from new vendors to win the other package. Then, all entries will be combined, and one person will drawn to win the Salt Lake City letterpress poster.

Contest ends July 31st at midnight, open internationally.


Are you excited?

I’ve made hints about an upcoming giveaway to start today, but due to some donations taking awhile as well as the holiday weekend (that I completely forgot about until now), it’s been booted to next week. The great news is, this gives me more time to prepare and make it as awesome as possible!

Current value of the giveaway: Over $150. Wow.

In other news, the WeddingType email newsletter just launched! The newsletter is a weekly email digest of blog happenings (design roundups, interviews with studios, invitation tips and tricks) as well as invitation news, interesting links, and other wedding-related topics (no spam, guaranteed!). Sign up if you’re interested!

(Crappy photo of the stack of giveaway goods brought to you by my iPhone 3G!)


I’ve been keeping track of WeddingInviteLove vendors on Twitter awhile now — it’s the best way to continue interacting with people when you don’t know them in person! It occurred to me that people might want to see that list on the blog as well so I created a special page just to list the Twitter accounts of all those great vendors.

Let me know if there is anyone I’m missing or if anyone is mistakenly on there, otherwise, go follow all those great stationers!

Happy Thursday everyone!

The National Stationery Show is just around the corner, and WeddingInviteLove is on track to have over 200 wedding invitation vendors by the time I fly out! I’m so excited about meeting the awesome stationers I’ve seen online in person, plus surround myself in wonderful paper goodness.

I’m working on a great giveaway in honor of reaching 200 vendors, and I’m looking for some help putting it together! If any stationer has any paper items to donate — greeting cards, post cards, tiny pieces of art, etc — email me at [email protected]! I want to feature the great vendors on WeddingInviteLove, promote both their WIL profiles as well as their websites, and in exchange for the awesome paper goods, I’ll be happy to give 30 days of an WeddingInviteLove upgrade account in exchange.

I’ll in NYC from May 12th – 18th, and in addition to NSS, I’m going to be running around Brooklyn doing studio tours and meeting other paper artists who won’t be at NSS. I’ll also be giving away giftbags of Whimsy & Spice cookies, so definitely find me during the tradeshow!

Almost the end of the week, almost NSS, and almost 200 vendors on WeddingInviteLove. I’m a happy girl!