Woke up this morning to the best surprise — WeddingInviteLove was featured on TheNextWeb!

This is particularly exciting for me because it’s the first tech blog to cover WeddingInviteLove. Most of them are dominated by guys who aren’t exactly dreaming of wedding invitations (like me), so I’m super happy to get the app in front of some new eyes. It’s always been my dream to get an app onto some of the big names like TechCrunch or Mashable and this is the first step.

Have a great day, everyone!

So happy to announce that the redesign for WeddingInviteLove has launched! We’ve redesigned a lot of the site — profiles, homepage, website header and footer all got major design updates.

We’ve also launched a lot of new features, including:

Pro accounts

A basic profile on WeddingInviteLove is free, but now we’ve launched an upgraded version for those that want more features!

Pro accounts include:

  • Bigger results in the search results (shown above).
  • Additional URLs for their profile (Twitter, Facebook, and another miscellaneous URL for a blog or Etsy).
  • Upgrade from one to ten portfolio image slots.
  • Optional banner option to further customize the profile.
  • Image slot for a logo or a picture of the account owners.
  • Featured status on any WeddingInviteLove advertising.

Profile tags

Profiles can now tag themselves under specialties like, “eco-friendly”, “letterpress”, “illustration”, or “calligraphy”. In addition, profiles that are chosen to be featured on the homepage will be tagged with “featured” to further highlight how awesome they are!

More ways to browse

In addition to the drop-down search, we’ve added more ways to simply browse the site, such as the browse-by-budget page shown above.

There are still tons of new features in the pipeline, and I’m really excited! WeddingInviteLove is growing every day (we’re up to 154 vendors as of this moment) and things will only get better.

Have a great day!

First, WeddingInviteLove has been blogged about in SwissMiss.com!

WeddingInviteLove on SwissMiss

As well as a few other places!

The past month has been awesome — we’re up to 125 designer and studio profiles on the site, growing every day. Lots of plans for the future as well, focusing both on getting more couples and customers as well as pulling in new vendors to feature!

If you’re a designer or studio who specializes or even just dabbles in wedding invitations and you’re looking for more visibility for your business, don’t hesitate to apply to WeddingInviteLove. As always, feedback (positive or negative) is encouraged — send an email to [email protected] anytime! :)

Proud to announce the launch of WeddingInviteLove, an online directory of wedding invitation designers!

screenshot of WeddingInviteLove

While we were working on WeddingType, we decided to build and launch WeddingInviteLove as a side project since it was so difficult to find wedding invitation designers through Google and other services.

We’re spending the next few weeks working on designer acquisition for WIL, then we’ll be back at it on WeddingType.com. If there are any designers out there who would like to be listed on WIL, let us know!

Here at WeddingType we’re dedicated to bringing typography to wedding invitations, and while we’re waiting for development to finish up on our full application, we decided to launch a very very minimal product just to fill in the gaps.

Basically it has all the function of the full WeddingType application with none of the features like previewing or full font choice, but if there is a couple that is looking for a quick theme of their invitation, Tracy is here to help! Simply fill out the form and Tracy will handmake the template for you to print at home (or take to any professional printer).

As always, if there are any questions, let us know, otherwise we’ll head back to working furiously to launch WeddingType!

(Flickr photo by alist)

That’s the plan, at least!

I’m Tracy, founder of WeddingType. Excited about the future. Enthusiastic to get things done. Not that there is a lot there yet — WeddingType is solidly in production stages and haven’t launched anything of note — but I have a lot of confidence that we’ll have something awesome soon.

Backstory: A few years ago, like many people with a wedding on the horizon, joined a bunch of wedding communities primarily to ogle over pretty weddings and plan my own. I was also a designer-in-training (have since graduated), and loved looking at DIY invitations. I’ve never been a fan of “plain” or “typical”, and DIY is typically where creativity shines. However, people with fantastic DIY skills suffered by a lack of tools and knowledge, in particular with clean and beautiful typography. I have beautiful and professional fonts, but that’s because I’m a professional designer and I’ll reuse them over and over, justifying the cost. Someone building their invitation has no reason to buy an expensive font, and therefore, a lot of these invites were done in typical system fonts like Times New Roman (arrrrrrgh). That’s where this all started — why couldn’t we have an easier, online editor for creating wedding invitation typography?

I have a lot of ideas and lots of directions to go, but first I just want to launch a service to give DIYers beautiful fonts and typography in the next few weeks. Big picture, we’ll create a community of designers and couples, break the mold of the typical flower-with-text invitations, and make invitations cheaper in the long run for everyone. There’s a lot of competition in this space, but there are a lot of reasons why I think WeddingType will succeed (I think “simple-to-use” is a dirty word with wedding vendors). Stay tuned!