Happy holidays everyone! I’m off to head to my mountain retreat (I’m so excited — it’s actually going to be snowing this year! Let’s see how my trusty Prius handles the roads.) The blog will be quiet through next Wednesday, and I’ll be posting my year end updates Thursday and Friday before the New Year. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

With love,

PS: Above is one of the more hilarious outtakes from my holiday photo shoot. The dog was obviously very confused, and the cat was meowing bloody murder and was about to slice me into pieces. Fun!


We’ve chosen a winner for the First Annual WeddingLovely Reader Survey and they have been emailed! Just an FYI for all that entered, and to everyone who did: thank you so much. I’m looking forward to using that data to build a better WeddingLovely Blog!

The survey is still open to those who’d like to give their thoughts — it’s anonymous (if you don’t leave your email) and it’ll share the future of the blog. Add your response here!

I’m hoping to get a few more responses to the WeddingLovely First Annual Reader Survey, since I totally fell off the ball on promoting it this week (I blame the holidays + being sick the last few days!)

As thanks for taking the time to fill it out (should take less than 10 minutes), respondants who leave their email will be entered in a giveaway for five beautiful letterpress Thank You cards from The Aerialist Press (seen above).

–> Fill out the survey here! <–

Winners will be randomly chosen at 9pm on November 30th. Good luck and thanks for your response!

If you have a blog, it’s reeeeally important to know who your readers are, and in the last 1.5 years that the WeddingLovely Blog has been around, I haven’t gotten to know y’all yet!

If read this blog (hi!), even sporatically, it would be so wonderful if you could take the time to fill out this small survey so I can get a feel for the overall demographics of our readers and figure out how we can improve for the future. The survey is anonymous, but if you want to be entered into a contest for five beautiful letterpress Thank You cards from The Aerialist Press (seen above), you can add your email to the survey for a chance to win!
Fill out the survey here.
Winners will be randomly chosen at 9pm on November 30th. Good luck and thanks for your response!

One thing I get asked a lot is how did WeddingLovely start, especially since I’m not married nor engaged, nor have I ever been! It all started when I left my one-and-only “real” job I’ve ever had — I’ve worked a variety of service positions like most teenagers/young adults, but my only “real” job was working during and after graduation from college (with a BFA in Art & Design) as the “Lead Design & Optimization Manager” of an online education startup. I was there for 4.5 years, and after leaving, I tried freelancing web design for a bit until I got it in my head that I wanted to do a startup. This jump was a bit less scary since my significant other was running his own startup at the time, and I got to see him go through working on it and learned a lot from him.

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One of the hardest parts I’ve found about being a “founder” is the rollercoaster of emotions. Some days there are exhilarating highs, and then the very next day can make me want to crawl into bed with my covers over my head and not come out. Ever.

As a founder, is that you’re always expected to answer, “How is your startup doing?” with, “Fabulous!” You’ll almost never get a straight answer out of a startup founder — it’s always going to be roses and awesomeness, even if that founder woke up that morning worrying about the present and dreading the future.

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For a limited time only, we’re extending a 33% discount to all new signups on! If you don’t know our main product, we’re giving ad-free, stress-free wedding planning advice and guidance through our online wedding planning system. We don’t sell the emails of our signups, spam with products, or give biased advice — we want to help people plan their wedding with more love and happiness. We’ve also added a wedding website generator, so you can share your wedding with all your friends and family easily!

Already included in the signup flow is our coupon for 33% off, “FALL33”. Sign up today for a 14 day free trial to try us out!

Also, if you’re not getting married but you like the product, we want say thanks to those that share — we have a referral program!

Thanks everyone. :) -Tracy

Hi — Tracy, founder of WeddingLovely here!

One of the things that I have not done but have always known I should do is write personally on the blog here. We run interviews with our vendors, showcase products, announce new launched products and features, and talk about the wedding industry — but there hasn’t been a real personal element. Why? I’m not sure — perhaps the fact that we’re super busy, or lazy in a weird way, or perhaps a bit of fear. Today, I’m going to change that, and I’m hoping to write every week about something. The progress of WeddingLovely, what we’re trying to do, what our last week was like, what our next week will be like, something. They won’t really have a point, but you’ll get insight into WeddingLovely and what we’re trying to do, and get to know us

Sidenote: Julia has been a lot less lazy than me and has already been writing about her wedding planning progress. So there has been some personal content, but it hasn’t been from me (whoops!)

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