Our First ever Videographer Interview in the history of Wedding Lovely! We are so excited to welcome Visualities Videography today. Thank you for guiding us through the ins and outs of capturing the magic of Wedding Videos! Nothing is more precious than watching some funny and memorable moments in Weddings.  Agreed?

1.Tell us about your company, how did you get started?

Visualities Videography started in 2010 after I followed my dream. But I think I did it backwards! I knew I wanted a job where I could combine my creativity, my background in TV news and my love for weddings {{and seriously, who doesn’t love weddings?!}}.

One day, I turned to my husband and shouted excitedly, “Visualities…Visual Realities!!

He said, “Huh?” And that’s when I said, “That’s my name! I’m going to start my own business!” Then I just needed the equipment, logo, name ownership, legal backing, website, editing software, etc. But it was that moment – when my business name popped into my head — that I knew Visualities Videography was the perfect gig for me. And, as they say, the rest is history…!

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