When I was a child, I was obsessed with princesses—what woman wasn’t? (Though, sidenote, funny how being a princess was more desired than being a queen!) The headpiece of the princess was usually a gorgeous and delicate tiara, and now brides everywhere can finally be the princess they wanted to be on their wedding day with a gorgeous headpiece.

SimplyBridal is here with an awesome infographic to help you choose a headpiece for your wedding day:

Intro to Headpieces

We also got a wonderful preview of SimplyBridal’s new headpiece collection:

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9 Wedding Hairstyles to Say “I Do”

Every bride wants to look gorgeous from head-to-toe on her big day, so let’s start at the top! BHLDN Stylist Angela Nunes shares her picks for the prettiest hairstyles. Once you’ve found the style to suite you, top it off with a wedding hair accessory: Jeweled hairpins or a crystal halo for bit of sparkle, a feather clip for rich texture, a floral crown for a wink of whimsy, or a blusher or veil for a romantic touch.

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”.  This is SimplyBridal’s very last infographic in the SOMETHING series, and we couldn’t be more proud of it! Our designer, Crystal, really put some glitz and glam into it. Selecting your “blue” item is probably the easiest of the four, with endless opportunities. The item could be anything, as long it’s got blue in it.  If your looking to put some color into your wardrobe, add a blue sash, or had your bridesmaids wear blue dresses. Ask your grooms party to chose blue boutonnieres. There are a million more ways that you can incorporate blue; we’ve just organized the most popular ideas into one infographic!

Click image for full size:

Something Blue for Your Wedding — Infographic

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What To Know When Buying An Antique Engagement Ring Photo Credit: Erstwhile Jewelry

Buying an engagement ring is a scary business. Whether you are buying for your future fiancee or if you are one of the 65% of brides who are involved in the purchase. Either way, it is the abiding symbol of the most important relationship of your life. So you want to make sure you get it right!

Today we’re going to be focussing on what you need to know about buying an antique engagement ring. But before we delve into this there’s a quick recap on a couple of important points to be done! Seeing as 75% of engagement rings purchased have a diamond gemstone, here’s a quick rundown of the 4 key factors to know when purchasing an engagement ring with a diamond:

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The saying goes “Something old, something new, something borrow, and something blue”.  To have all four items will bring you luck and fortune on your wedding day in hopes of a happy marriage! For the next four weeks SimplyBridal will be celebrating this saying by creating fun inspiring visual to help the bride add a little bit of each for her big wedding day. This week we have thought up of a few ways you can add a little “something old” into your special day.

Click image for full size:

Something Old for your Wedding — Infographic

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Hey ladies, have you ever considered not just the dress, but what goes under? Especially if you have a backless or strapless silhouette — you want to make sure you’re supported as well as making sure your lingerie is hidden (at least until the wedding night, wink.)

Check out this infographic from Herroom.com with some great tips to find the best lingerie for your dress!

Choosing The Perfect Bridal Lingerie - Infographic
Find your perfect bridal lingerie at Herroom.

Ever wonder where the white wedding dress came from? Simply Bridal has created their first ever video infographic.  All you fashionistas and history buffs are sure to enjoy!

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5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding JewelryPhoto Credit: Cariberry via Flicker

Jewelry, quite surprisingly, seems to be an afterthought, rather than a priority, when it comes to planning a wedding. Big mistake! The right jewellery should show off your beautiful dress and make you feel fantastic, all day long.

It’s easy to get carried away with your budget, because you want everything to be perfect, but everyone has to rein it in a little. Your wedding jewelry doesn’t need to eat away at your bank balance – there are so many options and solutions for accessories on a budget. Ahead, we’ve narrowed down some tips and tricks to bear in mind when you’re picking out your w-day jewels.

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4 Unique Engagement Ring Trends for Spring 2013 (2)

When it comes to engagement rings, there are a variety of options, styles and colors that can fit any bride-to-be’s wish list. Some women might like something simple and understated, while others might want a one of a kind look that really pops. No matter what you desire, there’s a special ring out there just for you. One thing that’s for sure is that once you’re engaged, you’ll have friends, family and coworkers “oohing and aahing” over the ring, so why not inspire yourself with some truly unique options? Here are 4 unique trends to take into consideration if you’re hoping to get engaged this spring:

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