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Of course, you want a wedding that’s perfect to the last detail. It’s that big day that you’ll want to look back on with fondness. This means that you may need to enlist the help of experts in making it more memorable. This would most commonly include experts in photography, video, catering, and entertainment.

Getting the right supplier or vendor can be tricky though. There’s a plethora of available wedding planners and event organizers, and finding the right ones can be, at times, frustrating; especially with such a crucial day at stake. Discerning the excellent ones from the mediocre herd involves a degree of trial and error, and perhaps a number of lackluster meet-ups.

Here are a few tricks to try out, in order to curb the number of dead-ends. You’ll find that it’s a lot like modern dating:


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Honeymooning in the British Countryside – from Cosy Suffolk Cottages to Scottish Ecopods

Jennifer Acton is a UK-based travel writer who loves going on walks in countryside and scouting out special places for romantic breaks or big trips with the family.

Boasting glorious bays, picturesque woodland and spectacular cliff-top views, the UK countryside has a wealth of breath-taking scenery. An ideal backdrop for any romantic getaway, Britain’s green expanses are a picture-postcard honeymoon location. Instead of blowing your wedding budget on an all-inclusive trip to the Canaries, why not skip the cost of flights and take your pick of some beautiful Suffolk cottages to while away a week? The weather may not be the most reliable, but a sprint in an unexpected rain shower back to your cosy houseboat or luxurious Yurt will just be another romantic memory from your trip.

The UK has some wonderful options for unusual accommodation, perfect for a memorable honeymoon and a unique experience for you and your partner:

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It’s just about that time of the year in the U.S.A, our Independence Day.  If your big day happens to fall on the 4th, we’ve created a list of tips that you can reference to share your big day with America’s special day.  To show your true patriotism incorporate the American colors, red, white and blue into your wedding theme. From your wedding decorations, and flower choices, to apparel, and even your food venue SimplyBridal has helped you brainstorm possible options.

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Fourth of July — Infographic

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What Does a Full-Service Wedding Planner Do?Photo Credit: dreamstime

Planning a wedding is one of the most difficult tasks a couple will undertake during their premarital relationship. The venue, flowers, dress and band; the list goes on and on, and unfortunately, so does the stress. A surefire way to eliminate a portion of your stress is to hire a wedding planner. Whatever you can afford and whatever you need, a full-service wedding planner can help make all your wedding dreams comes true.

Wedding Lovely regularly highlights wedding planners, sharing their personal story of becoming a wedding planner. As you may have read on WeddingLovely or WeddingPlannerLove, a lot goes into planning a wedding, but you also may be left wondering what a full-service wedding planner does. The details, decisions and involvement can be overwhelming, but in steps your fairy god mother in the form of a full-service wedding planner to save the day, or rather wedding.

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I’ve been working with social media for years and years now (egads) — from my job as the “Lead Creative & Optimization Manager” at a startup to now at WeddingLovely. I believe so much in blogging and social media, and you can definitely see the results here at this blog, but it’s also extremely important that I don’t spend all day on it because I’m also building a company too.

So, with that in mind, I’m building an eCourse to teach you all I know! The blogging and social media eCourse will specifically go over how wedding vendors can promote their products (whether physical or things like a new photoshoot) through their blog and tie that into Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest (and going into depth on the whys and the hows for each service.) Specifically, this will be a 4 week course with a week dedicated to blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest each — with PDF deliverables, easy homework, chat sessions with me for questions, and access to a forum dedicated to the course.

I’m building the course materials now, so if you’re interested, sign up here or below — I’ll be sending out a discount code to all early bird signups! Also, if you’re an upgraded vendor on the WeddingLovely directories, the course will be free.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

How nice would it be to be so rich?! When celebrities get married, they have the pick of anywhere in the world for their honeymoon, so it’s interesting to see the luxurious destinations they choose. Thanks to Simply Bridal for the infographic!

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TypesOfWeddingPhotography V1.0

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Know what you should be paying

While every wedding service will advertise as being “priceless”, don’t be a pushover and research exactly what you should be paying. Get multiple quotes and negotiate. The average hourly rate of a wedding photography is around $50 an hour (editor note: including time spent behind the scenes, not just shooting photos!) but this obviously varies depending on skillset, equipment and props provided by various wedding photographers. Go via portfolio not pizazz. There are a lot of budding photographers who will provide a great price for a chance to expand their portfolio. Research is your best budgeting tool here; find a photographer whose style you really love. If you’re really set on someone expensive then add wedding photography to your gift registry.

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