One of the hardest parts I’ve found about being a “founder” is the rollercoaster of emotions. Some days there are exhilarating highs, and then the very next day can make me want to crawl into bed with my covers over my head and not come out. Ever.

As a founder, is that you’re always expected to answer, “How is your startup doing?” with, “Fabulous!” You’ll almost never get a straight answer out of a startup founder — it’s always going to be roses and awesomeness, even if that founder woke up that morning worrying about the present and dreading the future.

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Hi — Tracy, founder of WeddingLovely here!

One of the things that I have not done but have always known I should do is write personally on the blog here. We run interviews with our vendors, showcase products, announce new launched products and features, and talk about the wedding industry — but there hasn’t been a real personal element. Why? I’m not sure — perhaps the fact that we’re super busy, or lazy in a weird way, or perhaps a bit of fear. Today, I’m going to change that, and I’m hoping to write every week about something. The progress of WeddingLovely, what we’re trying to do, what our last week was like, what our next week will be like, something. They won’t really have a point, but you’ll get insight into WeddingLovely and what we’re trying to do, and get to know us

Sidenote: Julia has been a lot less lazy than me and has already been writing about her wedding planning progress. So there has been some personal content, but it hasn’t been from me (whoops!)

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hello cupcake pr

As a professional in the wedding industry, be it a stationer, photographer, videographer, venue or event planner – you have the opportunity to pitch your work or service offering to editors in hopes of securing coverage.

It is of the utmost importance that you get your pitch right and you do so on your first try. To help you put your best pitch forward, I’m sharing some tips to help you secure the coverage you deserve!

Know what you’re going after:

Do your homework. I can’t stress this enough. Familiarize yourself with the outlet or company you are going after. Don’t waste their time or yours by pitching something that is not a fit. To ensure that this doesn’t happen you need to read articles if you’re pitching a publication, walk the store if you’re pitching a shop or company and familiarize yourself with the types of stories they typically cover.

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We’re happy to help spread the word of this awesome event again — Committed! is back for the Portland-area brides and grooms! Committed is a Portland’s indie and alternative wedding event, and is produced our favorite planners, Luxe Event Productions. Check out our coverage of the previous event back in April.

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Color picker — now update our wedding website templates with your wedding colors

Our wedding website templates may have nice colors on their own, but they’re not your colors. Now you can choose to change the two primary colors on a design, so you can truly personalize each wedding website for your own personal wedding!

RSVP — guests can now RSVP for your wedding directly from your wedding website

Another oft-requested feature, now you can have guests RSVP for your wedding directly from your wedding website! All you need to do is set an RSVP passphrase (so, if your wedding website isn’t locked, random people can’t RSVP!), send to your guests via email or in your invitations, and guests can enter it on your wedding website and reach the form above to RSVP!

On your end, you’ll get a list of all respondents, the ability to email all your RSVPed guests at once, edit existing RSVPs, and download the entire list as a CSV.

Coming soon: Turn off or on certain pages (so if you don’t want to use RSVPing, you can turn it off) — check back in a few days!

Planning your wedding? Sign up for a 14-day free trial of here!

Today’s guest post comes from Genevieve Coates and we’re so pleased to have her reviews of the most popular wedding planning apps!

Whether you are currently planning your wedding or plan to plan a wedding in the near future, chances are that you will need a little help. Keeping track of guest lists, ordering the cake, finding a venue, saying yes to that dress, and keeping your mother off your back can be exhausting and frustrating. But you can alleviate some of that stress with a little help from these seven crucial wedding apps.

myPantone Wedding & Events (iPad)

I’m a little color blind (not actually color blind – more color challenged). If you’re looking for a little direction on which colors to use in your wedding, look no further than myPantone Wedding & Events. The color experts from Pantone and the wedding style specialists from The Dessy Group teamed up to bring you this cheap app, which helps you coordinate colors, apparel and accessories for your wedding. The app includes thousands upon thousands of images to help guide you, as well as the option to upload your own images to get that custom feel. I hear seafoam and salmon are really in this year.

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We love this guest post all about finding a band/entertainment for your wedding. Keep these tips in mind!

Photo from Licence To Ceilidh

Planning your wedding can be a pretty stressful time if not handled properly, and although I am only tackling one element of planning your wedding day, I think it well help make the process as stress-free as possible.

You want a wedding band that looks great and suits the style of wedding you are going for, you want them to sound great and perform amazingly, and finally you want them to be professional. Professionalism is a topic I will come onto in a moment, but first how do you even find a wedding band?

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Are you looking to be married in Tahoe? Here’s an amazing deal for you from Juniper Spring Photography!

Hello! I’m Liza from Juniper Spring Photography, and I have an offer I’d like to share! As a Russian native, I LOVE winter. My Ruski heart longs for snow-covered forests and crackling fire places, and the photographer in me desires to work at a wedding in that environment.

As it happens, I now live and photograph in San Jose — a place where there is no end to beautiful locations and beautiful weather, but wintery weddings are hard to come by. This is why I am offering an amazing 30% off of my Premium wedding package for the first three Tahoe winter weddings who book me for next year.

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We’re continuing our monthly blog series: PR Tips 101 from Hello Cupcake! See last month’s post, Grow Your Readership, for more great PR tips!

The other day I was on a call with a client explaining that she needs to set up a Twitter account for her photography business and her response was, “Stacy, you’re going to have to sell me on twitter because I don’t think I need it”.

My client, as well as some of you may be familiar with this line: “I don’t need to tell the world what I’m eating for breakfast, so why would I be on Twitter?” Right – you don’t need to post a play-by-play of your day but you do need to leverage Twitter and its powerful capabilities for your business.

Used correctly, Twitter can position you as a thought leader in your industry, land you enviable job opportunities and allow you to connect directly with your customers.

Top Benefits of Twitter:

  1. Twitter is mobile: Many people stay up to speed on Twitter through their phone or tablet – your followers may be on the go, but they are staying connected
  2. Twitter has a 140 character limit – Because Twitter limits the number of characters per tweet, your feed is not being bogged down and people are forced to be thoughtful with their tweets
  3. Twitter is instant- Because Twitter updates are instant you are on the pulse of news and industry opportunities
  4. Twitter has a captive audience – Your followers are waiting for your information and Twitter provides a great platform for you to connect with people who are a good fit for your business
  5. Twitter is a networking tool — Twitter allows you to connect directly with others you may want to work with, a magazine where you would love to have your work published, or even a silent follower who is considering booking you!

Hopefully I’ve persuaded those of you who may be skeptical of Twitter or think that it’s not necessary for your business to hop on the bandwagon!

What are you waiting for? Go sign up!

Afraid of Twitter? Not sure how to use it? Click HERE

Stacy Wichelhaus is the owner of Hello Cupcake Public Relations – a boutique public relations firm for the Wedding Industry.  Stacy is also a stationery designer for Hello Cupcake Creations and she, her husband and their furry baby Ginger live in San Francisco.