Weddings are expensive, there’s no denying that fact. And if you’re spending a whole lump of savings on a single day, you’ll want it to be memorable. After all, who wants a boring wedding? But, bearing in mind that every detail of your day will likely find its way onto social media, how do you make your wedding different to the oodles of other ceremonies you and your guests will ultimately attend?

What better way to make a lasting impression than by taking inspiration from a beloved TV show? It’s a growing trend – we’ve seen everything from Friends-themed nuptials to more opulent Downton Abbey style affairs – but one that has not yet been oversaturated. But what do you need to consider for a television-inspired wedding day? Here, we’ll run through everything you should consider, as well as some extra bits to really help transport your guests to another world.

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Fall Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Ahh yes, you can feel the warmth already!

Fall is upon us, lovelies… and what better way to celebrate than with pumpkin-styled everything, gorgeous falling leaves, autumnesque decor, dark red and orange florals, warm apple cider, homemade pies and cozy blankets?

… so if you’re planning a Fall wedding (or simply love the season as much as we do), gather all your senses and take a journey with us through this popular time to wed!

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Dogs in Weddings Tips Inspiration

Dogs in Weddings Tips Inspiration

Love dogs? So do WeddingLovely’s bloggers + vendor community!

We’re celebrating National Dog Day this upcoming Saturday with a fun (and furry) dogs in weddings roundup style post sharing adorable photos, videos, ideas and inspiration — all to do with our beloved four legged friends.

Plus, we’re loving all of the rescue stories, endearing moments caught on camera/film, tips for including fur babies on your special day, doggy inspired fashion, stationery, decor elements + more!

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This infographic below created by Becca of Chris & Becca Photography breaks down some of the ways traditions are changing. Here’s Becca to tell us more:

Now more than ever, couples are breaking tradition and doing things their own way. Every couple is unique and may have their own reasons for breaking tradition, whether it’s because they find something too cheesy or they want their event to reflect their unconventional personalities. From major shifts in trends (like not taking the groom’s last name!) to small details like whether people proposing asked for permission or blessing from the father of the bride, brides and grooms are breaking the mold.

This shift in trends could be in part because couples are opting not to stress as much about the details of their wedding day, and instead focus planning an incredible party for themselves and their loved ones to enjoy. And traditions aren’t dying out entirely – many brides still opt to wear all white gowns, despite blush and champagne colors becoming more popular. The most important thing is that it’s become easier for couples to customize their day to perfectly fit themselves, rather than worrying about fulfilling traditional customs!

Great, thanks, guys! For more information about Chris & Becca Photography, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile.

What are your thoughts on changing wedding traditions? Let us know in the comments below!



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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Sorry, couldn’t resist… really though, there’s nothing sweeter than a yummy dessert station at a wedding.

Well, now, you can say “yes” to the … ice cream? This week Blue Bell introduced a Bride’s Cake flavor, and re-introduced their 09′ Groom’s Cake flavor, sure to delight couples looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

What exactly is it? The Bride’s Cake is almond ice cream with white cake pieces surrounded by a rich amaretto cream cheese icing swirl, while the Groom’s Cake is chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces, chocolate-coated strawberry hearts plus swirls of strawberry sauce and chocolate icing.

Uh, sounds delish.

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Photo credit: Sassy Mouth Photography

It’s all the craze right now. Inspired by the newly released adaptation of the Disney inspired fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast themed weddings and wedding ideas have been popping up all over the internet here, here and here. This actually made me reminiscent of one particular styled shoot that was shared with us back in May 2014. Love it! So whether you’re planning a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding of your own or simply want to swoon over some creative weddings, we’ve got it all in this week’s Friday roundups + more.

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Just fired your maid of honor? You’re not alone. It’s apparently common for friendships to be torn apart over wedding requests and certain tensions that can arise between girlfriends throughout the wedding planning process. One business, Bridesmaid for Hire, has recognized this void and is offering to help fill it with, well, your very own “professional bridesmaids” for rent and other offbeat requests. The cost? As little as $150 for coaching to up to $1,500 for a full-service package. So ladies, what’s the verdict? Would you consider it, especially if you had the option to keep it on the low? (They’ll even plan a backstory of how you met and create an alias!) Hah, crazy.

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