Wedding vendor suggestions included in's online wedding planning app

So excited to announce something I’ve been working on for a few months now! Our online wedding checklist and wedding website application,, now includes vendor suggestions from our vendor directories! Once a bride or groom inputs their wedding location, they’ll receive a list of local wedding planners, photographers, videographers, stationers, and venues direct in their wedding planning advice suggestions.

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For a limited time only, we’re extending a 33% discount to all new signups on! If you don’t know our main product, we’re giving ad-free, stress-free wedding planning advice and guidance through our online wedding planning system. We don’t sell the emails of our signups, spam with products, or give biased advice — we want to help people plan their wedding with more love and happiness. We’ve also added a wedding website generator, so you can share your wedding with all your friends and family easily!

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Thanks everyone. :) -Tracy

Hi — Tracy, founder of WeddingLovely here!

One of the things that I have not done but have always known I should do is write personally on the blog here. We run interviews with our vendors, showcase products, announce new launched products and features, and talk about the wedding industry — but there hasn’t been a real personal element. Why? I’m not sure — perhaps the fact that we’re super busy, or lazy in a weird way, or perhaps a bit of fear. Today, I’m going to change that, and I’m hoping to write every week about something. The progress of WeddingLovely, what we’re trying to do, what our last week was like, what our next week will be like, something. They won’t really have a point, but you’ll get insight into WeddingLovely and what we’re trying to do, and get to know us

Sidenote: Julia has been a lot less lazy than me and has already been writing about her wedding planning progress. So there has been some personal content, but it hasn’t been from me (whoops!)

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Continue reading, our online wedding planner and wedding website app, got a couple more features this weekend!

Color picker — now update our wedding website templates with your wedding colors

Our wedding website templates may have nice colors on their own, but they’re not your colors. Now you can choose to change the two primary colors on a design, so you can truly personalize each wedding website for your own personal wedding!

RSVP — guests can now RSVP for your wedding directly from your wedding website

Another oft-requested feature, now you can have guests RSVP for your wedding directly from your wedding website! All you need to do is set an RSVP passphrase (so, if your wedding website isn’t locked, random people can’t RSVP!), send to your guests via email or in your invitations, and guests can enter it on your wedding website and reach the form above to RSVP!

On your end, you’ll get a list of all respondents, the ability to email all your RSVPed guests at once, edit existing RSVPs, and download the entire list as a CSV.

Coming soon: Turn off or on certain pages (so if you don’t want to use RSVPing, you can turn it off) — check back in a few days!

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