A lot of effort is usually put into planning a wedding. Whether its the location, the guest list, food, or decorations, everything adds up and it makes sense why people plan this event so far ahead of time. No matter how much effort is put into all of these things though, the dress remains a huge focal point of the event. And how can it not, right? The bride has an entrance, and everybody watches in awe as she walks down the aisle.

It’s particularly interesting to see how celebrities have done the wedding dress since we’d expect they can go extravagant and do whatever they’d like based on their own style. The Shari’s Berries team made a cool graphic that shows the most interesting of these dresses since the 1950s. Some of these older dresses would probably look great even today. Check it out for yourself:

Celebrity Wedding Dress Infographic

Great infographic; thanks to Shari’s Berries for sharing! For more information about Shari’s Berries, please visit their website.

With so many great gowns it’s hard to pick a favorite! Which one is yours? Let us know in the comments below!