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Wedding planning always starts with deciding the wedding venue. Without which, the wedding planning cannot proceed further. In the world full of options, it is easy to get lost in the dilemma of how to choose a perfect wedding venue. So, in order to scrap the confusion and save your time, we have listed out few important things to be considered to get hold of the perfect wedding venue for your special day.

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Deciding a budget is the first step in any kind of planning. Your budget will decide what type of wedding you can go for. Discuss with your family and partner whether or not you can afford your dream wedding. Once you get the tentative budget on paper, research online for the type of venues available in that budget.

Number of guests

How many guests are you planning on inviting? After deciding on a budget, discuss the wedding guest-list. If you are planning for a grand wedding, make sure you include everyone. Before going to visit any venue, have a tentative idea about the number of guests attending the event. Once you have the rough guest list ready with you, your job would be easier which will now give you a clear idea of how to choose a perfect wedding venue for you.

Venue type

Do you want a country wedding, grand hotel wedding or a low-key garden wedding? It should be comfortable for you as well as your partner as you both are going to create your biggest memory together. Once you search for wedding venues online, you would get an idea about the various options available for you which can accommodate your guest list. There are a number of couples who choose to go traditional by choosing their parent’s or grandparent’s house as the wedding venue. If you wish to go exotic, you have the option of a beach wedding in beach resorts. The sky is the limit for you!


If you’re not sure how to choose a perfect wedding, location is huge! The location is an important aspect from guest’s point of view. If you want maximum people attending your wedding, then go for a venue which is easily approachable from the place where the majority lives. If you are opting for a destination wedding be ready for lesser guests turning in or make sure to arrange for their transportation.


Some of the venues provide in-house vendors. Ask them if the charges are inclusive or exclusive and whether or not they allow external vendors. Few venues do not entertain external vendors, which makes it necessary to consider this factor. These vendors include caterers, wedding planners, decorators, DJs, etc.

Extra facilities

Is the venue offering any kind of extra facility apart from the space and vendors(optional)? This can include the parking space, valet parking, bandwalas, music system, fulfillsetc. If your venue is situated in the outskirts or a far off place, check if they provide bus or cab service from the nearest public commute service.

Be open to options

Don’t finalize the very first venue you visit. You can research and visit similar type of venues which are supposedly giving you better facilities and deals. No need to finalize any venue right away in the pressure. Take your time. Discuss with your partner and consider all the factors before signing the deal. It is important to know that the venue fulfils all your needs as you are shedding a ton of your money onto it.

Making it official

Note that nothing is official unless it is on a signed contract. You shouldn’t make the payment unless the venue has fixed your date on a paper. Read everything carefully and then sign the contract to avoid any type of fraud. As they say, ‘Precaution is better than cure’!! Along with this, go through their cancellation policy if you happen to cancel or re-situate the wedding ceremony somewhere else.

So, here you have the basic factors regarding how to choose a perfect wedding venue. Consult a wedding expert to understand these factors along with the hidden costs in detail. Research and explore hundreds of Wedding Venues. Contact the experts, visit the places and finalize the venue only after being fully satisfied with it. Don’t forget to note down things while on your visit. Hope this helps you get closer to having your dream wedding!!

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